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I'm so excited about today's guest blog post by the fabulous Ashley of Ash Interiors about the queen of fabulous, Beyonce!  Read on for a room inspired by Mrs. Jay-Z and head over to Ash's blog for a lovely outdoor room perfect for the cooler nights on the way...xo-AL

Well Hello!  Amber and I brainstormed quite a while to figure out who our next style icon would be.  If you have missed the previous installments, basically I design a room based on someone’s fabulous style, and Amber puts together an outfit/look based on a really cool space.  When we thought about Beyonce, we both knew she would be great!  How much fun for me to get to design a room based on this fabulous lady!?!? 

Beyonce’s style is daring, bold, colorful, fierce, and fabulous.  Her personality is lovable, kind, devoted, family-oriented, and she just seems like you could be her BFF.  Both of these must be considered when putting together her room--who is she on stage and who is she off stage?  You will see that the room is a mix of the fabulous and the comfortable.  For the record, those two seemingly opposite qualities can live harmoniously.

A. Besta TV Storage from Ikea ($580) – This sleek piece is simple and perfect for serving its function and not being fussy.  Sometimes the area around the TV can be so cluttered and really just an eyesore.  Mine currently is driving me crazy!  This piece is so darn inexpensive, and really could solve a lot of storage issues while giving an intentional home to the TV.   
B. Simpatico Corner Sectional from DWR ($8,500) – This is a simple perfect sofa.  It is also expensive!  Beyonce would probably splurge on her big items such as the sofa but if you work on a smaller dime than her (um, I think most of us do!), then look for similar options at Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and even Ikea.   
C. Lourdes Sánchez Bull's-Eye Rug from West Elm ($109-$399) – This rug is graphic and modern, much like Beyonce’s outfits.  She is all about some sharp angles, be it in jewelry or jackets.  Love this rug… 
D. Eva Zeisel Coffee Table from DWR ($1,500) – This piece is a show-stopper, much like B.  It is feminine and beautiful, but the black color really does keep it from being over-the-top girly.   
E. Turquoise Moroccan Leather Pouf from Serena and Lily ($345) -  “perfect as a footstool or extra seating, our poufs are at home in any room of the house…” Poufs are everywhere these days!  They are sort of a modern day beanbag.  I love how this one really does give casualness to the space. 
F. Nube Armchair in Sarah Morris Fabric from DWR ($2400 each) – Very expensive but very, very, very fabulous.  I had a hard time with this room but once I found these chairs, I got a much clearer direction.  They are simple shapes but the fabric just puts them over the top.  If you love the look of printed chairs but do not have $4800 for a pair, check out the huge selection at Target.  Almost any room could use a printed fabric chair and they really do come in at a very low price point.   
G. Bourgie Table Lamp in Gold  ($985) – This lamp has modern day detailing but the shape and materiality are really pretty classic.  I mean, whose grandmother does NOT have a brass lamp somewhere in the house?  I see a cool DIY project here.  Salvage a brass lamp from a thrift shop or garage sale and spray paint a shade to match.  I think the “oldness” is cured by the matching gold shade.  It turns from out of style to totally funky! 
H. Saarinen Tulip Armless Chair with a Red Cushion ($1500) – This is a chair that has been around since the 1950’s.  Classic and modern.  You can find knock-off versions at quite a few places.  Here is a cheaper one in case you are not super rich.  :-)
I. Seychelles Chandelier from Serena and Lily ($1500) – Made from seaglass beads and a hemp-wrapped steel frame, this chandelier is just plain ole gorgeous.  Crystal chandeliers can be found all over these days, and really there is nothing to be afraid of with them.  Buy a cheap-o and hang it somewhere unexpected such as in a bathroom or laundry room.  Why not?! 
J. Abstract painting by local Baton Rouge artist, Doug Kennedy.  So much color and texture and graphics and depth… I could go on and on about his work.  There is nothing like art to really take a room to the next level.  I love helping people select art for their homes, and seeing the new life it gives the space. 
K. Diva Wallpaper from Graham and Brown ($85/roll) – Wallpaper makes such a powerful statement.  Try it out.  Don’t be scared!  I love this gold, which is appropriately called “Diva.”  If I remember correctly, it may just be hanging in Amber’s hallway!  (Yes, it is -- AL :-) 
L. Etch Candleholder ($55) – This candleholder plays so nicely off of the gold lamp.  Touches of gold can do a whole lot to modernize a space and give it personality.  I love silver metals too, but for B, we just had to go with gold! 
M. Jewel Tone Agate Bottle Stoppers from the Rain Collection (price varies) – these are so beautiful, and add a touch of glitz and color.  All of the collection is beautiful.  I also really love the green and blue coasters. 
N. Totem Pillow Cover from West Elm ($29) – Black and white accessories add a touch of “stability” to a room.  The colors cannot go wrong when paired with Beyonce’s look that is edgy, yet familiar. 

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I sure had a fun time putting it together!  Check out my blog and see what Amber is up to.  This time features an outdoor room-inspired outfit.  It is all built around a maxi dress that is to die for!

XOXO - Ash

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