Friday, July 15, 2011

Lip Gloss Junkie by Carrie::Is Hair Powder Magic?

The Lipgloss Junkie and I at Bonnaroo.  Before we got super-disgustingly sweaty and not stylish.

Hey, it's Amber, and I thought I'd pass the mic to Carrie again, the self-proclaimed Lip Gloss Junkie and wardrobe coordinator for Amber Lehman Styling.  Not only is she a lip gloss fiend, but she's super-good at spotting great beauty products.  We liked her first post so much, we decided to branch out into all of beauty, not just lip gloss.  So, take it away Carrie!

Just wanted to take a second to tell you about a couple of my new obsessions. (I'll spare you from listening to me going on and on about Friday Night Lights. OB.SESSED. We watch at least two a night. Ok, enough. Texas Forever.)

So, two words. Hair. Powder. Have you tried it? It's a must! I have flat, thin hair (kinda like Julie Taylor--but enough about FNL.)  Hair powder does wonders for volume. It also helps you skip a day between washes. I've tried every brand under the sun and have found THE best. This brand has also been recommended by a few celeb hair stylists at shoots we have worked on, so you can take their word and mine.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder, Amazon, $11.39. 
Best texture. Best results. Best price.
Next up. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. They are amazing!  Easy to use and last at least a week.  (The box says up to 10 days!) Also, there is no dry time. Who has time to sit around and wait for your nails to dry?  My favorite color is "Raise a Glass". P.S.-Just me, but I would stick to solid colors, no butterflies or flowers. Unless you are 12, in which case, thanks for reading and have at it!
 Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips,, $9.

So, I'll just be trying out products for the next, ooooh, month or so, and of course asking all our hair and makeup friends lots of probing questions about their faves.  Look out for more to come from the lip gloss junkie.  xoxo and clear eyes, full hearts-Carrie
 No good reason to put this here except all Lip Gloss Junkies love Tim Riggins.  The End.

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