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As Seen on AshInteriors.net::Kelly Wearstler Room to Outfit

In preparation for a new Amber & Ash post featuring a fun celeb and an outdoor room, here is one of the last posts that I wrote for Ash Interiors.  I absolutely LOVE this room and outfit.  I'm a huge fan of Kelly Wearstler and her career.  I recently read a Wall Street Journal article about her, and it really feels like she's doing it right.  And her style, well, it's impeccable.  Her clothing and accessories line debuts this fall also.  I CANNOT wait.  Check this room out!  Can you imagine having that in your home?  How about the outfit?  Like it?

I love Kelly Wearstler.  I could never pull off anything she does in the spaces she designs, but I appreciate her gutsy style so much.  It's a little bit 1970s glamour, usually pretty bright, and full of pattern-mixing, one of my all-time favorite things to do in decorating and in outfits!  My husband and I actually stayed at a hotel called the Viceroy in Miami last year simply because she had designed the inside.  Oh my gosh.  It was amazing and made our time feel so luxurious.  I've taken her love of bold colors and mixing prints within the same color palette to my outfit.  This might be my favorite one yet!

A.  Diamond Maze Enamel Bracelet, Lucky Brand, $40.
This bracelet perfectly echoes the patterned pillow in the room, and of course works with the other prints because it stays in the same color pallette.
B.  Blu Moon V-Neck Tank, Shopbop, $93.
Cute with jean shorts and great with an Ikat skirt.  This top coordinates with the maxi skirt because the smaller pattern is not competing with the skirt's big print.  
C.  Crown Jewels Chain Ring, Nasty Gal, $18.
If you could use one adjective to describe Kelly Wearstler's style, it might be "daring."  This ring is that also.  Why not throw a little whimsy into your outfit with a double-knuckled ring with a little extra bling?  And I love this Nasty Gal site also.  So many unique pieces at great prices.
D.  OPI "Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em" Nail Polish, Beauty.com, $8.50.
I had to throw some bright pink in the mix because of that throw on the bed.  And why not?  Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em?  Sounds like summer to me!
E.  Fringed Fan Necklace, Nasty Gal, $40.
This necklace is meant to represent the cool lamp in the photo, and it's another great way to make a 70's statement.  I am a firm believer in accessories, whether with your clothes or in your home, really personalizing your belongings.
F.  Rebecca Minkoff Studded Rocker Bag, $295.
Rebecca Minkoff is one of my favorite handbag designers because, well, she uses lots of grommets and studs.  I love bringing a little edge to outfits with a handbag.  When people ask me how to take their look up a notch, how they can look cool without trying too hard, one of the first things I always say is get an awesome handbag!  You would be surprised at how many things in your closet will work with a bright orange one too.  
G.  Leather Chain Pink Bracelet, Fossil, $26.
Fossil is doing some really cute things lately.  I love these bracelets layered with tons more in a haphazard way.
H.  All Saints Alba Skirt, $139.30.
This ikat skirt is the piece de resistance of this outfit.  This ikat design is very current (every magazine has page after page featuring these batik prints right now) and the colors in this skirt perfectly reflect the feel of the room.  I'm in love.
ICheap Monday yellow sunglasses, $30.
In the bright, cloudless days of summer, you hafta think about protecting your peepers and using your shades as just another way to bring your style quotient up.  These are an affordable way to do that.  So cute.  Love Cheap Monday.
J.  Boyfriend Bling Bangle, Fossil, $48.
This is great for everyday and would be perfect for a cocktail party also.  And Fossil, at it again with the cute accessories.
K.  Hammered Band Ring, Lucky Brand, $26.50.
This band is so easy, cool-girl.  You could have bought this at an artisan fair in San Francisco...or, just on Luckybrand.com. 
L.  Pro Longwear Lipcream in Goes and Goes, MAC, $16.
I've been obsessed with purple lipstick since the beautiful spread of Adele in all aubergine shades in last month's InStyle.  A makeup artist on a shoot I did last month wore this shade on herself with tons of mascara and that's about it.  It looked so fresh!  I can't wait to get it.
M.  Pixie Zip Wedge, Jeffrey Campbell, $124.60.
The platform wedge keeps this outfit in the mode of Wearstler's 70's glamour.  However, this skirt could easily go beach style with some epradrilles or flat sandals.  And shoot, for now, I'd wear those pink platforms with some cutoffs and a t-shirt.  I love the light pink!

So, that was my blog over on Ash Interiors.  If you have questions about interiors at all, she's always so happy to help and her blog is GREAT!  Check it out!

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