Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Love the Little Things

Recently, I've been loving dainty jewelry.  I used to think that more was more--you know, the bigger the ring, the better.  The more gigantic the necklace, the bigger your statement.  And I definitely still think that.  BUT, on a daily basis, like when I go to Portland Brew to work with my other freelancer friends, which we lovingly refer to as "meeting at The Maxx"** (name that teenage TV show reference), it's nice to wear jewelry that's a little less in your face.  Aaaah, so many little things, so little disposable income to buy them all.

1.  DC Comics Batgirl Earrings, $55, Noir Jewelry.  Noir makes some of the coolest, kinda edgy jewelry out there.  I love these cheeky little studs too. 
2.  Short Arrow Stud Earrings, $30, House of Harlowe.  These dainty little arrows are only 3/4" long.  And rose gold is my new jam.
3.  Knotted Up in You Rustic Sterling Silver Ring, $18, Muffintop Designs on Etsy.  My friend Lyndsay Rush, freelance writer and funny girl, first introduced me to this designer.  She was wearing it one day, where else, but at "The Maxx."  This ring looks awesome layered with tons of other jewelry.  Muffintop also has other stacking rings of all colors. I adore how simple and organic these designs are.  They would be amazing bridesmaid or hostess gifts!
4.  Snake Ring, $27.99, Rachel Rachel Roy.  Just a teeny weeny bit of bad-A.
5.  Anchor Earrings, $40, Gorjana.  These nautically-inspired drops are adorable.  Gorjana always gets it right with their brand of femininity.
6.  Mini Horizontal Cross Necklace, $121, Jennifer Zeuner.  I love this.  Love it, love it, love it.  You could literally wear this every day with all your other jewelry, and it would totally work.  
7.  Tiny Skully Necklace, $260, Iwona Ludyga.  Emmaline here in town sells this brand.  It's real gold, and this necklace comes in several other iterations--including tiny hearts, tiny diamonds, and the word "yes", which is so fun. 
8.  Obligato Necklace, $50, Diana Warner New York.  The original and the best of the dainty jewelry, the Obligato necklace.  Diana is one of my friends and one of my fave jewelry designers.  This necklace happens to be one of the first pieces she ever designed too.  I've had my Obligato for at least 6 or 7 years.  Each necklace also provides clean water for at least 10 Africans.

**Saved by the Bell


*cami* said...

yessssss. even as a mom of 2, i STILL GOT IT! amber - thanks for making my day! i got a sideways cross for christmas last year. i got mine on etsy for about a 1/4 of the cost. i am SO in. miss you friend!

Ceri said...

I LOVE simple & dainty everyday type jewelry. I wear a very simple gold antique locket and everyone comments on it.

I love your style!