Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Turbanator::Style Your FashionABLE Scarf for Summer

It's rather apropos that I deem myself the Turbanator, wouldn't you say?  Ahaha.  Sorry.  That's rude.  Anyway, I'm way excited about this how-to video on tying your fashionABLE scarf as a turban.  The Meselu Summer is actually the perfect width and weight to wear this way (and lots of others.)  

Turbans are back in style with everything else that is 70's-tinged in clothes currently.  I love the idea of turbanating your outfit when your hair is a little bonkers (read: dirty) or even on the beach.  The pictures at the bottom are from the March Free People catalog, where the turban is styled beautifully.  Oh, and "I'll be back" with plenty more videos where this came from.  

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