Friday, May 27, 2011

Eden's Edge::"Amen" video

I've recently had the pleasure of working with new artists Eden's Edge, who have just released their first single and their first music video. The song was inspired by small-town life, so we tried to achieve that feel in their wardrobe...a little bit retro-inspired and fun, but still current. These guys are so talented and so beautiful and just the nicest people in the world. Check 'em out. You'll fall in love.  And Happy Memorial Day!  I'm so thankful for all of you and for all the people who have sacrificed to let us all have the freedom to do what we love. 

Here's some behind the scenes from our photo shoot back in the fall. Gorge.

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ashley hawthorne said...

Gosh I love them already! I must buy their album ASAP. The outfits are great too :)