Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Airport Stalker::BNA from BTR

Standing in the crowd of people surrounding the slow-moving belt of baggage claim was a beautiful girl wearing a perfect outfit.  This was at the Nashville airport yesterday after I landed from my trip to Baton Rouge, and the girl looked like Eva Mendes.  That fact certainly did not hurt the effect of her perfectly put-together white and grey ensemble.  Rather than snap a pic of her with my cell phone, I decided to replicate it below for you.  It was so simple, really.  An all white t-shirt and jeans combo topped with a perfect, cropped grey blazer and finished off with nude espradrilles.  The simple long necklace was a gorgeous finishing touch.  While I wouldn't suggest wearing white on a plane, I wasn't about to tell her that :-).
2.  Topshop Grey Blazer, $116 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Eden's Edge::"Amen" video

I've recently had the pleasure of working with new artists Eden's Edge, who have just released their first single and their first music video. The song was inspired by small-town life, so we tried to achieve that feel in their wardrobe...a little bit retro-inspired and fun, but still current. These guys are so talented and so beautiful and just the nicest people in the world. Check 'em out. You'll fall in love.  And Happy Memorial Day!  I'm so thankful for all of you and for all the people who have sacrificed to let us all have the freedom to do what we love. 

Here's some behind the scenes from our photo shoot back in the fall. Gorge.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Looking At Online Today...

Different Strokes Crop Jacket, $48
Striped Espadrille, BCBGeneration $79

Garment-dyed midi shorts, Madewell, $65

Bitter Sweet Dress, Ladakh, $108

Monday, May 23, 2011

On My Radar: Skorts!

Skorts--like a spoonula or spork, or shacket (a shirt/jacket)--they kinda serve two purposes.  The skort looks like a skirt at first glance but is actually a pair of shorts.  I recently bought a pair at Fossil and wore them for the first time yesterday.  They were comfy and non-confining, allowing the cool summer breeziness of a skirt, but were so much easier to wear getting in and out of the car.  No Lindsey Lohan moments!!!  Here are a few of my faves below.  

Ooookay.  These polka dots win.  Angela Shorts, Fossil, $39.99.

This brand is always good for a trendy purchase at a good price.  
Alathea Skort, BB Dakota, $65

The embroidered hem on these add such a sweet touch.  Free People, $68.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Turbanator::Style Your FashionABLE Scarf for Summer

It's rather apropos that I deem myself the Turbanator, wouldn't you say?  Ahaha.  Sorry.  That's rude.  Anyway, I'm way excited about this how-to video on tying your fashionABLE scarf as a turban.  The Meselu Summer is actually the perfect width and weight to wear this way (and lots of others.)  

Turbans are back in style with everything else that is 70's-tinged in clothes currently.  I love the idea of turbanating your outfit when your hair is a little bonkers (read: dirty) or even on the beach.  The pictures at the bottom are from the March Free People catalog, where the turban is styled beautifully.  Oh, and "I'll be back" with plenty more videos where this came from.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Amber & Ash Fashion | Home::Leighton Meester

Well hello there!  I am Ashley, of the blog, ASH Interiors.  After a big hiatus due to a pregnancy (and now a baby), some major flooding in Nashville, pending flooding in South Louisiana, the holidays (can I blame the holidays when it is already mid May?), and a rockin’ work and travel schedule, we are back!  I really am so thrilled to post a Fashion | Home blog.  It is so much fun for us, and hopefully for you too!  Let’s get down to business.  

For all you Gossip Girl fans, you will be happy to know that another one of their cast will be featured – LEIGHTON MEESTER!  I am not talking about Blair Waldorf.  She is too predictable and sort of stuffy.  Leighton is actually quite different than Blair, in all the right ways!  

This is Amber’s take on Leighton’s fashion:  The first thing that comes to mind with Leighton is her top priority is fashion and on-trend-ness.  Whether an outfit necessarily looks good on her or may be perceived as weird, neither seems to matter to her--she's willing to take risks.  Because of this, and because she's beautiful, for someone who's really not that famous yet, she's gained a following of some big-time fashion designers (Louie Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Missoni) who are dying to dress her and is becoming known more and more as someone to watch on every red carpet.  I wouldn't even say her outfits are predictable because they're not!  The common thread is that most of them seem to have at least some edge, sometimes a lot, and they're never boring!  The great thing about her though is you never know what is coming next--very unexpected on the red carpet, which makes her really exciting to watch!”
First of all, take a look at Leighton.  These pictures say a lot about her style.  The first dress is super edgy and courageous.  I mean, I’d be scared to death to even try it on!  The middle one has beautiful feminine accents in primary classic colors and the one on the right is sort of a combination of those two ideas. 

Let’s look at the room I put together for her.  It is both progressive and trendy, but still anchored by the classic primary colors and simple foundational pieces.
A.  ZGallerie Alister Sofa, $1699.00.  What a beauty!  This sofa is so perfect.  I love the rich velvet fabric and the prissy tufting and pillows.  Think of this as the gray in the middle dress.  It is like a “stage set” for the drama to reflect off of. 
B.  Dark Wood Floors.  These are also part of the backdrop of drama.  I have really dark wood floors in my house, and we have a love/hate relationship.  I love the look but hate that they always look dirty.  However, if I were and up-and-coming superstar I would have someone to clean them so that would be fine :-).
C.  Caramel Leather Chair.  I fell in love with this chair at first sight.  The leather is a perfect camel color, sort of like the perfect purse.  The style of the chair is much more rustic than the sofa, which is what makes it fun.  Totally different… Leighton would never have a “set” in her house!  Too predictable and Blair-ish!
D.    Rothko Painting.  Mark Rothko is a mid-century abstract artist from the New York School.  He is known for his use of color and shape.  I feel like that description waters him down a bit, so if you are interested in reading about a really cool artist, google him!  Prints are available from DWR at a very affordable price.  He does a lot in primary colors and they are just breath-taking in person.  I have had the honor of seeing a few. 
E.  Urban Outfitters Woodland Garden Curtains.  These curtains reminded me of Leighton!  I love the price too!  Keep your eye on Urban as a place to snag great priced window panels.  This is a very quick way to give new life to a room for a very small investment.
F.  Walltherapy Paint-By-Numbers Wallpaper.  Are you ready for something insane?  From the Walltherapy website:  “Walltherapy began in April 2003 and was a collaboration between Rachel Wingfield and flour aiming to bring together areas of design with neuroscience and colour science.”  Basically, you are given wallpaper that is designed according to the results of your test, and can then paint it yourself as a part of the therapy experience!  The colors are selected based on what will enhance your well-being.  Don’t we all need a little well-being-enhancement? 
G.  Big Bang Light Fixture.  I absolutely love this light.  I have used it at many jobs around the US, and have never been disappointed!  It is large and in charge!  These polycarbonate “fins” all interlock to form what acts as a sculpture hanging in the space.  The sharp edges remind me so much of Leighton’s edgy side.
H.  Ralph Lauren Prints Classic!  Classy!  Cool!  How great are these prints?  Art does so much to define the personality of a space.  These are a little pricey, but consider adding a few classic black and white photos to any room.  I think they fit in just about any design.
I.  Anthropologie Candle.  Anthro has wonderful candles.  I have more than I care to admit.  They make me very happy and I burn those suckers all the time.  This one is particularly lovely.
J.  Cleo Table Lamp from Crate and Barrel.  Lamps can be very difficult.  They are expensive, often under sized, and often way too traditional.  No one wants to be replacing lamps when they change their color schemes or update seasonally.  That being said, this lamp is a wonderful choice.  It is classic and simple without coming across as serious or overly traditional.  Even if you have chrome or nickel accents, this one would work!  Mix those metals!
K.  Red Accent Pillows from Walmart.  Who says you cannot find great things at Walmart!?  Because Target is super cool and often a go-to place for home accents on a budget, you often see the same things over and over again in peoples’ homes.  Everyone knows the secret about Target being awesome.  Everyone does NOT, however, have Walmart on their radar!  Check it out next time you have a free couple of hours at 2 am.  Most other times the ones here in Baton Rouge are so dang busy that I avoid them like the plague.  The other option is to shop online. 
L.  Creamsicle Melon Mugs
Speaking of secrets, I think the Etsy secret is out as well!  I often get lost in the Etsy abyss and have a hard time getting out!  These adorable Creamsicle Melon Mugs caught my eye.  Great color, great shape, great price!

Well, thank you all so much for stopping by Amber's blog!  If you enjoy keeping up with the latest in home interiors as well as the life of  a new mom and ranch home renovator, then check out ASH Interiors.  I would love for you to visit me there.  XOXO--ASH

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Brooches and Beaches::Style Your FashionABLE Scarf for Summer

Here I show you how you can wear the FashionABLE Meselu Summer scarf, a sheer, thin yummy scarf that comes in 10 colors, in two new ways for the warmer weather!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fossil: Suddenly So Cute

So the last three times I've been to Fossil, I've bought something for myself. I feel like it's suddenly so much cooler! They have tops with fun prints and modern shapes in fabrics like silk that you could wear to work or out on the weekend. And I love all their options for bottoms right now: from skorts to cute cuffed (read: not too short) shorts, in prices that are easy to swallow. How adorable is this outfit on the mannequin?!  That denim blazer is so versatile for making shorts and a tank a little more tailored, but maintaining that easy-going spirit. This little get-up with an espradrille for a trip to the mall on a Saturday is perfect!  Or replace the shorts with a cuffed chino for church or work. Their jewelry has always been great, but the focus lately seems to be on vintage-inspired pieces that work well together and are perfectly layerable.  The closest one to us in Nashville is in the Cool Springs Mall or obviously, you can find all the pieces below online!

1. Yellow Stripe Boat Neck Top, $34.  Love stripes!  Love yellow!  (And pssst, boat necks are almost universally flattering.)
2. Mystic Duo Earrings, $26.  Look like they were plucked straight from a vintage store!
3. Flora T-Strap Pump, $109.  This adorable little shoe looks like it could be from Anthropologie, but for about half the price!
4. Stella Rose Gold Watch, $115.  Rose gold is making a comeback!  Try this color for a new twist on the boyfriend watch.
5. Juliet Dress, $78.  Another shape that looks good on all body types.  And if you're gonna wear a dark color, why not get it with a cute print for the warm weather.   
6. Lola Frame Clutch, $70.  Fossil always does great patterns for their handbags.  You'll be surprised at how many compliments you will get on a bag that strays from the normal black or brown.