Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On My Radar::[Cream Jeans for Guys] Starring Seth Philpott

I'm really loving the look of cuffed cream jeans on guys right now (usually just undyed denim.)  Try as I may, I haven't been able to talk anyone into wearing them in a photo shoot yet.  But I'll keep trying!!!  However, to tide me over until I actually get them in print, I ran into Nashville indie artist Seth Philpott at J. Crew the other day.  I casually (read: excitedly) told him he should try on their cream straight leg jean.  And, lo and behold, if he didn't totally do it!  I tweeted him a little later to ask how it went and he even sent me a picture!  What a guy.

I love that how to the left over there, Casual Leaning-against-the-Wall Seth is just wearing them with a tee (Alternative Apparel) and Sperry's.  It's perfect, really.  This look says, "Ladies, I'm kinda a hipster because I'm rocking some cream jeans, but look how dangerous I am by just throwing it all together so haphazardly."

Here's another great option at Imogene + Willie as well as a more relaxed fit at Lucky Brand.  Wearing cream on bottom is not scary--it matches everything and would look really great with that denim shirt you're a little iffy about because you're not sure if you can wear it with jeans.  Get on board, guys.  You know you wanna.  Hey, and keep it PG, mmk?  Not too tight.  Remember, they're white.

Oh, and back to Seth Philpott, some-time model and singer/songwriter, enjoy this little nugget from his vimeo site.  You can find Mr. Philpott on Twitter and the world-wide Internets as well.  Happy days--Amber

Never Fade w/ Nathan Angelo from Seth Philpott on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea. Can't find em. Thought they would be better than the bad khaki pants out there.