Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lip Gloss Junkie by Carrie

You've heard me talk about my indispensable assistant/ wardrobe coordinator, Carrie Morgan (pictured to the left with a not-very-talkative Taylor Swift.)  Not only is she excellent at always knowing where my keys are, and a super-get-it-done kinda girl, she's a lip gloss expert.  We are constantly using each other's on shoots and kinda mad when one shows up with a new one that the other doesn't know about yet.  She's recently tried a few, so I told her we must alert the masses.  See her words of wisdom below.  Thanks, Carrie! 

I'll never forget the way I felt the first time I laid eyes on this amazing Hello Kitty lip gloss set. I was 7. It was $ may as well have been $100. But, I saved and and saved and and you better believe I bought it. It was the best day. I mean, it had SIX COLORS! That's where my lip gloss obsession began.

Add a few years (and colors) and the wonderful world of gloss still brings me a special joy!  Of course the only thing that has really changed for me between then and now is a revelation of options for all occasions and a slightly higher price tag :). Check out my latest loves....

Smashbox In Bloom Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss in "Endless Kiss", Smashbox, $21
This lipgloss is AMAZING. *Such* a pretty color. It has the perfect texture and it stays on pretty well. My pet peeve is lip gloss that you put on, and it's gone in like 30 seconds. BUT- I also hate super gooey, thick lip gloss. This one is the perfect balance.
Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in "Just Enough Buff",, $7.99
It's the perfect nude lipstick. Need I say more?
Rosebud Mocha Rose Lip Balm,, $7
It's so yummy. (It even tastes like my Hello Kitty lip balm.)

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