Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Heart Japan

I love fashion for a cause that's actually cool.  When I signed on to help out with fashionABLE, for example, one of my top priorities for the line was that it be a really hip scarf--not just something you buy to "help out" but then never actually wear.  I think Jedidiah has done a great job of this, well, with their whole line, but particularly with the really cool Japan benefit shirts that they've done.  They have several styles for guys and girls that you can buy on their website or in town at 2L.  My fave is the one above.  So simple, yet such a powerful message.  For every 20.00 t-shirt purchase, Jedidiah donates $15 of it (that's a lot) to the World Vision/Japan disaster relief fund. World Vision is a great organization that is trustworthy and does phenomenal work around the globe.  Get one today!

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