Thursday, April 7, 2011

Amber Lehman Styling's Spring Must-Haves for Dudes

Well, guys.  It's time for you to shine.  Here are your ALS-seal-of-approval Spring Must-haves in no particular order of importance.
A.  Ludlowe suit, J. Crew, $248 jacket, $118 pants.  In my experience as a stylist, this is the best slim-fit suit I've ever bought that costs less than $800.  If you're looking for a new suit for spring weddings or for just looking dapper, I suggest the khaki.  I doubt you have anything like this in your closet already, unless you're my friend Justin Holbrook, former guest blogger and frequent suit-wearer.   
B.  Cuffed chinos, Obey, $68.  Jeans are hot.  Like temperature hot.  And if there's anything I know about dressing guys, in general, they just like to be comfortable.  Why not trade out that sticky, tight denim for some lightweight pants?  Make sure they stay pretty trim.  A slimmer silhouette is much more modern than anything you would find at Hollister (unless you're an actual surfer, then wear whatever you want.)  Cuff them at the bottom with the shoes (K) pictured if you want.
C.  SPF 15 face lotion, Every Man Jack, $4.99.  In general, wrinkles are a little more acceptable and "distinguished" on guys than on girls.  However, skin cancer is not cool in any circles.  Man up, boys, and start wearing SPF on your face at the very least. Every day. 
D.  Brightly-checked button-up shirt, Burton, $49.  Change up your boring old plaid with some electric colors for spring.  
E.  Classic Bucks, GH Bass, $69.  'member those shoes your mom made you lace up yourself for Sunday school, guys?  They're back.  I love the idea of these with a slightly rumpled button up, faded jeans and a navy blazer for an easy out-and-about look.  Or for a more hipster vibe, again, cuff those pants and wear with a white-vneck tee and an open plaid shirt.
F. V-neck t-shirt, Urban Outfitters, 2 for $28.  These are the best t-shirts for the price, bar none.  You should have them in every color.  They are so soft and the v-neck is the perfect depth.  You know that "v" can get way too chest-hairy pretty fast if it's too low.
G.  Fitted leather jacket, All Saints, $549.  Nothing gives a guy that Tom Cruise in Top Gun look quite like a leather jacket.  (That look is hot to girls, in case you're wondering.)  Make sure it's nice and fitted and not Bachrach "jazzy dad."  
H.  Brightly-colored cutoffs, Levi's, $49.  These might not be for you bankers out there (cuz I know I have a HUGE banker readership), but there's just something cool and easy about knee-length cutoffs. Pair with lace-up boat shoes and a short-sleeve gingham shirt.
I.  Suspenders, Dockers, $14.  I just watched The Notebook, the movie that's always more traumatic than you remember.  Seriously, it's like I forget and then I subject myself to it all over again.  Anyway, Noah wears suspenders a lot in the movie, and you should too.  Also, I dare you to watch it and try not to cry.
J.  Plaid Tie, J. Crew, $59.50.  Why not spring it up with your ties too?  Easter service at church with the khaki suit or paired with a blue oxford, jeans and bucks--this tie is equally comfortable dressed up or down.
K.  Canvas lace-up shoe, Keds, $50.  Scared of Keds cuz your wife or girlfriend wore them as a fifth grader?  That's legitimate.  But try them, maybe you'll like 'em?  Still not feeling it?  Any sort of lace-up canvas shoe, even Vans with a little more weight to them is a great option for spring with shorts or pants.
L.  Lincoln Lawyer Soundtrack, Amazon, $14.99.  I think the last movie soundtrack I bought in full was Aladdin.  The music in this movie is much more manly than "Arabian Nights', however.  Even if you're not being taxied around in an old school Lincoln town car. 


Ann Kelle said...

Preppy cool. I really like the checked shirt.

Matt Lehman said...

I laughed out loud thinking about the "jazzy dad" leather jacket. This might be worse... "jazzy music industry guy" leather jacket –

I really want that Burton shirt. And really everything on this list.