Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking At Online Today...[Bright Patterns at Forever 21]

 How great would these two pieces look with bright pink lipstick and and screaming 
accessories for spring?  COME! ON! AND GET HERE SPRIIIIIIINNNGGG!!
(Left:  Stitched Polka Dot Dress, $29.90; Right:  Heart Romper, $22.80)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 Doors Down :: "When You're Young" video

This is the newest video from one of my oldest clients, 3 Doors Down. They have a new album coming out in the next few weeks. I absolutely love working with these guys because they are good ole boys from Mississippi and could not be more laid back. Even in the freezing cold in downtown Nashville a few weeks ago, it was still a great time on the video set. With wardrobe for this video, I feel like we gave them a nice slick vibe while keeping with their rock edge and the moodiness of the art direction.  (Video was directed by Ryan Smith.)

Friday, March 25, 2011

As Seen on Pennyweight: [Wanted This Week]

You know those people that you run into that make you just wanna puke because they they are so gorgeous and creative?  Well, Elise Yetton is one of them (but she's so nice too, so I don't puke after all.)  Her blog blows me away daily (and did I mention that I once chaperoned a youth camp she came to, so that's pretty awesome.)  Frankly, I don't even know where she *finds* half of the awesome things she does!  Either way.  It's a constant source of inspiration.  I featured her on my list of the Best of Summer 2010.  If you didn't bookmark the fantastically beautiful Pennyweight then, bookmark it now.  I'm waiting.  Did you do it yet?  Seriously, do it now.  Below is my guest blog on her site from yesterday which she does weekly--it's my version of "Wanted This Week."  Have a great weekend, y'all!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Two Monday Points Brought to You by Target

Point 1:  Not to be a big-time shoe snob or anything, but it's not that often that I find a pair of knock-offs at a department store that I really feel is legitimate.  You can get away with them sometimes, but so often, they just look cheap and poorly made.  In general, I would much prefer to pay a little more for the real thing.  Well, I finally found a purchase-worthy knock-off.  I just wrote about Dolce Vita a couple posts back--they are one of my favorite shoe lines (you know, that normal people can afford) and they have an open-toed wedge that is just to die for.  Turns out Target has the same wedge for 1/4 of the price, and you can't even tell it's synthetic.  The Pilar wedge by Mossimo comes in black and burnt orange.  Considering the wedge is a major must-have for the warm weather months ahead, you might think of letting yourself veer down the shoe aisle on your way past the detergent and dryer sheets on your next trip.  Who knows if they're comfortable, but they sure are cute.  Anybody out there buy them yet?
 Point 2:  Target has just re-released their most popular dresses from all their GO Collections over the last couple years.  Some of them are just amazing.  Like the Thakoon one below, which is perfect with those wedges from Point 1 :-).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Reba :: "If I Were a Boy" video

When I got the call to work on Reba's latest video, I put the phone down and did a little dance.  You know, like Laura Linney's character in "Love Actually" when she hides around the corner of the stairway when the hot guy comes home with her.  I mean, SHE'S THE QUEEN OF COUNTRY MUSIC!  Meeting and working with her was pretty surreal. 

On this video, I was basically a wardrobe assistant because the talented Sandi Borchetta custom made the green dress.  I helped out with the accessories she is wearing, the shoes, which I'm pretty sure you never see, and the wedding dress.  The dress was a beautiful Amsale from The Bride Room, and she is wearing a Winifred Grace bracelet from The Perfect Pair

Friday, March 4, 2011

Amber Lehman Styling's Spring Must-Haves for Gals

A.  Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors "Chasing Someday", $9.99.  I cannot stop listening to this album.  It's barely been above 50 this week, and I've forced myself to roll the window down even though it's still quite brisk, just so I can turn up the radio and blare this Nashville-based band.  "Fire and Dynamite" has gotta be my song of the year so far.  If you have one dollar to spend today, buy that song.  It'll make your weekend exponentially better.
B.  Blue nail polish, American Apparel, $6.  My "chocolate brown is the new 'You Don't Know Jacques'" prediction for Fall didn't quite come to fruition.  So there are no wagers on this one.  The simple fact is blue is fun.  It's springy.  It's awesome.  You should wear it.
C.  Half-sheer skirt, Urban Outfitters, $49.  The first time I really tuned into this trend was on the Project Runway finale when Gretchen was spotted wearing granny panties under a sheer skirt.  I wouldn't suggest heading to happy hour wearing that combo.  This Urban one would be great however because the underneath skirt is a normal length.  Love it with just a tee and wedges.
D.  Platform wedges, Jeffrey Campbell, $179.  This shoe for spring is truly all the rage.  This wooden one is great because the color and the fringe harken back to the 70s, which is back in FULL FORCE this year.
E.  Big beaded necklace, Lucky Brand, $75.  My spring uniform this year will be a bohemian top, those flare leg jeans and a big beaded necklace. This one from Lucky has a bit of a tribal feel to it, which is also a micro-trend, probably best taken in small doses.
F.  Striped cropped top, Forever 21, $12.90.  I'm not suggesting you wear a cropped top with low-rise jeans.  I am suggesting you wear with high-rise jeans OR a tank underneath.  We're grown-ups, and we don't need to be showing our midriff.  If you're not a grownup yet, you really don't need to be showing your midriff, but probably for different reasons.  
G.  Cat-eye sunglasses, ASOS, $21.52.  Maybe you don't need new sunglasses.  I certainly don't.  I put myself on a "no more sunglasses" diet about a year ago.  IF, and that's a big IF...IF I were to fall off the wagon, I'd buy these.
H.  Lipstick in Hot Sass, MAC, $14.50.  Coral lipstick looks so fresh with sheer layers and florals.  Oh, and a tan.  Aww.  I remember when I had one of those one time.  If you're a little scared of this color, I suggest baby stepping your way into full-blown orange by just dotting it on and then topping with sheer gloss.  
I.  Cold beverage drink holder, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, $7.99.  When it's nice out, I find any excuse I can to stop for iced coffee at Portland Brew in the afternoon.  I'm getting one of these this year to a) cut down on the cups on the floorboard and b) cut down on the cups overflowing from our recycle bins, and c) cut down on petroleum use because I'm using les...okay.  I'll stop now.
J.  Cropped silk pant, Madewell, $125.  I happen to love the print of these pants, but since this style is pretty trendy, you might wanna pick some up at Forever 21 or H & M.  Or there are a ton of cute similar ones at places like Anthropologie in solid colors, which may be more practical for your life.  The key is to be sure and tuck in your blouse or everything will just be balloon-ish.  A heel is always nice too.  Wanna stay as far away from the lounge pant look as possible.
K.  Hi-lo hem dress, Free People, $98.  Kinda like a mullet, except vice versa.  The hi-lo hem dress is a party in the front and business in the back.  Look for skirts and dresses to be sporting this multiple personality hem in the coming seasons. 
L.  Elsie flare jean, Imogene + Willie, $250.  You gotta get yourself a pair of flare leg jeans for the spring.  The shape works on everyone and they're practically timeless.  If you're gonna spend money, may I present you the Elsie from Imogene + Willie.  Us Nashvillians are partial to the store because we also LOVE Carrie and Matt and all the peeps who work there, but I submit to you that it may be the most perfect butt-lifting, lengthening, and flattering jean ever made.  High praise, I know.  The manager Rhett told me the other day he is batting 1000 on people who try them on purchasing them.  Numbers don't lie, people.  If you order online, I suggest going down a size.

Happy Spring's-Right-Around-the-Corner!  What's your favorite trend on the list?  Did I miss one?  If so, what is it?