Thursday, February 10, 2011

FashionABLE: The Meselu

Like I said in the last post, I've been really busy in my spare time with FashionABLE, taking my second trip down to Atlanta in a month, this time for the Apparel Mart. Lucky for you, I did a little scouting on some of the coming trends for Spring and Summer! First priority was scarf-selling, however, and we did a lot of that--especially the new Meselu style, which we worked on during the winter with the ladies in Africa. We wanted to make the perfect spring scarf, and I personally think we did. Watch the video! You'll see how thin, gauzy, and long it is--making it wonderful for chilly nights (and chilly theaters and restaurants) and perfectly pile-able around your neck. It comes in some really beautiful colors, my fave being the amethyst below. Keep reading in the next few days for all my Atlanta Market reports and go get a Meselu!

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Misty said...

Spring break 98 - panama city rocked!