Monday, February 14, 2011

Atlanta Market: Lines I Like_Resin Denim

I told y'all last week that I was gonna do a little review of some of my favorite things from Atlanta Market, so here's the first post. I plan to do a series of some of the lines I saw that I really liked, and it will all culminate in a Spring Essentials list in a couple weeks! In the meantime, enter Resin denim. It was co-created by the former head guy at Paper, Denim, & Cloth, which was always known for great fit with classic detailing. Resin isn't classic though; it's denim with a bit of an edge, which I love. We've all got our dark wash J Brands and our good-fitting Lucky's, but Resin is a jean that fits into the everyday wear category like these, but is a little more special. I love the one below, which is re-introduced in the summer line, but is 1/2 off at Shopbop right now! It's a grey jean with a bit of an Aztec print that is ever so barely there. This jean would look amazing with a flowy off-white top and a floppy hat in the spring or now with a slouchy black sweater. Oh, and they do color extremely well too! The colors are often overlaid with black, so they are a bit more muted and fall into what I consider a more neutral category because they look so worn. There's a mustard one coming out for summer that I was drooling over at market. Right now, you can get them at Barney's Co-Op in several washes and colors, and for $138, the price point is far below some of their premium denim competitors.

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