Thursday, February 24, 2011

Atlanta Market: Lines I Like_Charlene K

When you're at market, and you're working a booth for 12 hours a day, you kinda get to be friends with the folks next door.  On our left was a lady selling boleros made out of coke can tops (we did not become her friend.)  No lie.  And people were *actually* buying them.  I wanted to put a sandwich board on myself and picket in front of the booth to save people from walking in.  Awful.  Thank goodness right there on the other side was a sweet girl with a booth full of feminine but slightly rock-n-roll jewelry by Charlene K.  Charlene K is California based, and we all really fell in love with her dainty necklaces mixed with big stones and big, hand-hammered hoops.  A couple of my favorite pieces are below.  They would look fab pared with all the fun spring florals right around the corner.

The moral of this post is just because things are eco-friendly doesn't mean you should wear them, and look for Charlene K jewelry!  (And, don't judge Charlene on her website.  It's bad.  The photos below are courtesy of Flaunt in LA where you can buy these pieces online.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking At Online Today...[Sale Shoes at Piperlime]

Sam Edelman platform booties, on *sale* at, $99.99
Platforms aren't going out of style any time soon!  These would be adorable 
with ankle socks and little spring dresses too.  
Betsey Johnson Impress heels, on *sale* at Piperlime, $63.97
Love these party shoes!  Would really dress up a basic black dress.
Joie Louie Louie oxford, on *sale* at Piperlime, $59.97
Oxfords are still my go-to for flats these days--they're just a little more special 
than the ballerina version, ya know?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Steel Magnolia :: "Letterman" Premiere

Last week was a big week for Amber Lehman Styling. Oh, and Steel Magnolia. We both had our "Letterman" premiere! I was excited to help them out with wardrobe for their first ever "Late Show" performance. Meg's dress, which looks SO good on camera (you never really know how things will translate to TV), is by BCBG. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Atlanta Market: Lines I Like_DV by Dolce Vita

I have certainly made it no secret that I love Dolce Vita's shoes, and I have a few pieces of their clothing, which I've always, well, just kinda liked. However, I saw their upcoming collection, specifically that of their more well-priced line DV by Dolce Vita, and I fell in love. It's full of tribal prints (very in for Spring), cropped blouses, and fantastic bohemian dresses. Be on the lookout for it--SO. ADORABLE. I got the dress pictured above. Planning on wearing it with a long black blazer and military-style mid-calf boots until Spring really arrives!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Atlanta Market: Lines I Like_Resin Denim

I told y'all last week that I was gonna do a little review of some of my favorite things from Atlanta Market, so here's the first post. I plan to do a series of some of the lines I saw that I really liked, and it will all culminate in a Spring Essentials list in a couple weeks! In the meantime, enter Resin denim. It was co-created by the former head guy at Paper, Denim, & Cloth, which was always known for great fit with classic detailing. Resin isn't classic though; it's denim with a bit of an edge, which I love. We've all got our dark wash J Brands and our good-fitting Lucky's, but Resin is a jean that fits into the everyday wear category like these, but is a little more special. I love the one below, which is re-introduced in the summer line, but is 1/2 off at Shopbop right now! It's a grey jean with a bit of an Aztec print that is ever so barely there. This jean would look amazing with a flowy off-white top and a floppy hat in the spring or now with a slouchy black sweater. Oh, and they do color extremely well too! The colors are often overlaid with black, so they are a bit more muted and fall into what I consider a more neutral category because they look so worn. There's a mustard one coming out for summer that I was drooling over at market. Right now, you can get them at Barney's Co-Op in several washes and colors, and for $138, the price point is far below some of their premium denim competitors.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

FashionABLE: The Meselu

Like I said in the last post, I've been really busy in my spare time with FashionABLE, taking my second trip down to Atlanta in a month, this time for the Apparel Mart. Lucky for you, I did a little scouting on some of the coming trends for Spring and Summer! First priority was scarf-selling, however, and we did a lot of that--especially the new Meselu style, which we worked on during the winter with the ladies in Africa. We wanted to make the perfect spring scarf, and I personally think we did. Watch the video! You'll see how thin, gauzy, and long it is--making it wonderful for chilly nights (and chilly theaters and restaurants) and perfectly pile-able around your neck. It comes in some really beautiful colors, my fave being the amethyst below. Keep reading in the next few days for all my Atlanta Market reports and go get a Meselu!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

FashionABLE at Market

FashionABLE intern Jordan (wearing Etanesh in amethyst), me (wearing Etanesh in natural), and Barrett at our booth at the Gift Market

Someone just come punch me square in the neck. Please. I haven't blogged in like, forever. I feel like I have a decent excuse. (I think.) I usually blog on the weekends--I'll get a few going and put the finishing touches on them during the week. However, I've gotten quite behind because a couple weeks ago, I went to market in ATL to sell scarves for fashionABLE, and I'm going back tomorrow. (!!) I'm playing catch-up, but bear with me, I'll be back soon. And hopefully, we'll be employing tons more women in Addis Ababa because I'm a scarf-selling machine. Machine, I tell you. If you have no idea what I'm talking about right now, please go visit and stay tuned because we have some great spring scarves right around the corner!