Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brandon Heath :: Leaving Eden

I woke up January 11th so excited. So ready to download the new Brandon Heath album "Leaving Eden". Except, wait. The album actually came out on the 18th! Yesterday! If you haven't downloaded it yet, please get it ASAP.

I styled Brandon for the album packaging and his promo pics, and I put a couple on this post. We used a lot of Billy Reid, including the shirt below, for the shoot. The jacket on the cover is by J. Lindeberg. We wanted the wardroe to really highlight how handsome Brandon is, and laaaadies, I think we did it. Look at that guy below. What a lamb.

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Kate Spears said...

he reminds me of a young russell crow without all that angsty bad-boy-ness (is that a word?) anywho, you did a fabulous job!