Thursday, January 20, 2011

On My Radar: Cool, Cheap Stuff for Dudes

I wrapped a great shoot recently with Building 429, and I realized how much easier it's getting to find cool stuff for dudes for a good price. A few of the pieces that I ordered for the guys is below...when you're working with 4 guys at once, everything can't cost one million dollars, ya know? Some notes in particular: Levi's 511's are the best deal for jeans on the market right now. They're a great price, and they are the perfect skinny, but not-too-emo jean. Bed-Stu is making some really awesome boots that look way more expensive than they are. And Shades of Grey is a men's line that's just come on my radar lately, that is really really on it, with fair prices for items that are quite well made.

Bed Stu Artillery Boot, Urban Outfitters, $125

Levi's 511 Skinny Jean, Urban Outfitters, $54

What's Up Rocker Faux Leather Jacket, Howe, $145

Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen Moto Fleece Jacket,, $73

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brandon Heath :: Leaving Eden

I woke up January 11th so excited. So ready to download the new Brandon Heath album "Leaving Eden". Except, wait. The album actually came out on the 18th! Yesterday! If you haven't downloaded it yet, please get it ASAP.

I styled Brandon for the album packaging and his promo pics, and I put a couple on this post. We used a lot of Billy Reid, including the shirt below, for the shoot. The jacket on the cover is by J. Lindeberg. We wanted the wardroe to really highlight how handsome Brandon is, and laaaadies, I think we did it. Look at that guy below. What a lamb.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy 2011!!

We were inspired by a Charlize Theron Vogue shoot that was very Ralph Lauren Americana for this shot of Joanna by Kristen Barlowe

Hi guys! Happy first post of 2011!
I really can't believe that I've been doing this blog for almost three years. It's nuts! I started it 'cuz I was getting so darn bored with all my down time. Unfortunately, that down time has dwindled over the last few years because I've got a few more clients now, that, well, require my "paid" attention :-). One of the things I like to do for some of these clients is help them with their wardrobe for the road by providing them with ideas to wear the same things over and over again in a fresh new way and for different seasons.

I recently came to the rescue of Joanna Smith and helped her make a lovely summer wardrobe of frilly, girly dresses more winter-appropriate; one of the tours she was on was called "Cold Beers and Reindeers." Sounds chilly to me! Needless to say, a sundress is just not gonna mix well with a December tour so aptly named. So I compiled a few pics (most of which are taken off the Free People website) to show her how she should wear her cardigans over her sundresses and how to put tights and knee socks and boots with those flirty pieces that she might normally wear with an espradrille.

And here are the tips for YOU: It's pretty easy, really...put on your sundress (just make sure it's not an overtly summer print or fabric--like linen), tights (cute textured ones would be fun), top with a sweater cardigan or leather jacket and scarf and end with some knee boots or clogs. If your paws are extra cold like mine, add some knee socks just peeking out the top of your boots. Take a look at the same pics I sent Joanna and while you're at it, I added the video of the photo shoot we did with her last summer! Now get your buns down to the basement and drag out those sundresses!