Monday, December 19, 2011

ALS Christmas Wish List 2011

By this time of year, I've usually done my Fall Must-haves and I've done my Christmas gift guide, but I'm not gonna lie, y'all.  It HAS BEEN A CRAZY YEAR.  CRAZY, I tell you.  So what I've done is made one big catch-all and call it everything I want for Christmas.  You could also call these your fall and winter must-haves if you want.  I'll just call them "Hey Matt, here's my list."
1.  Old Timey Lady Blouse.  1) Peter Pan Collar Blouse, Topshop, $76.  2) Pussy Bow Blouse, Forever 21, $19.80.  One of these would look super adorbs layered under a grandpa cardi or blazer.
2.  Matte Red Liptick.  Russian Red Lipstick, MAC, $14.50.  I've finally gotten into a phase of loving bright lipstick.  That's well documented.  I've yet to find the perfect matte red, but this is supposed to be the ultimate.  Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney with my tube of Russian Red.
3.  Conversation-Starting Jewelry.  Pygmy Seahorse Open Ring and Crab Claw Ring by Flotsam and Jetsam, both $90.  Don't buy me costume jewelry.  I'll buy that myself.  If you're gonna get jewelry for me, I want it to be precious, and I want it to be interesting.  Either of these sea-inspired rings by Brooklyn-based designer Flotsam and Jetsam would definitely get a convo going.  I recently got one of her rings as a gift, and I LUUURRVVEE it.
4.  Cropped Rain boots.  Hunter Brixton Wellies, Madewell, $150.  I have some knee rain boots, so *technically* I don't need more, but these are just so cute, right?  And with tights, shorts, and a sweater?  Stop it.  Stop it right now.  And it flippin' rains all the time in the winter in Nashville, so I definitely hafta have 'em.  And helloooo, Bonnaroo next summer.
5.  Ultimate Hair Product.  Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry, $28.  My hairdresser used this on me the last time I got my hair cut, and then I brought the sample home and tried it myself.  Fully expecting to completely suck at my at-home blowout again, when I used this product, I really felt like a professional (*almost.)  It eliminates frizz so you don't look like Mufasa from the Lion King when you click the blow dryer off.
6.  Rockin' Leopard Ankle Boot.  Sam Edelman Petty Leopard Ankle Boot, $190.  I do love mixing some patterns.  An animal print shoe is a pattern that can serve as a neutral in my opinion.  AND these serve to help you feel like you could be in the Beatles.
7.  Printed Palazzo Pant.  FP ONE Floral Fields Wideleg Pant, Free People.  $98.  The 70's called.  And they want you to wear their pants.  Ding ding ding!  I'm in!
8.  Perfect Plaid Coat.  Seattle Shearling Jacket, $248.  This is a classic lumberjack looking plaid.  Would work so well over all those American heritage inspired outfits you're wearing right now.  I mean, I hope you are wearing loafers and cuffed dark wash jeans while you're reading this.
9.  80's Blazer.  River Island Blue Tailored Blazer, $64.54, ASOS.  I'm particularly loving this cobalt blue, but any blazer that could have been worn by Julia Sugarbaker from "Designing Women" is definitely one you should own this fall.  And a little pop of color is always good to lift your mood on a dreary January day.
10.  Cheeky Animal Sweater.  Cooperative Intarsia Sweater, $54.  I love how whimsical these cutey little animal sweaters are that are popping up everywhere.  Sweaters can be so lame sometimes, but not when it has a swan, or a glittery fox or a llama on it.  I would layer this over a complementary plaid shirt and wear with jeans or a pleated skirt and tights.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lauren Alaina::American Country Awards 2011

I could not have been more happy with Lauren's adorable look from the American Country Awards this year.  Do you like it?  Her dress is by Maria Lucia Hohan, headband by Courtesan Studio, and earrings by Suzanna Dai. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A fashionABLE Holiday + 27 Ways to Wear a Scarf


Well, if you've ever wondered how in the world to wear a scarf, I've compiled all the ways I could think of.  For real.  27 of them, to be exact.  And fyi, fashionABLE is having some awesome holiday promotions, great for this season; or heck, we don't do these sales often, you could buy gifts for the rest of the year.  Everyone loves a gift with meaning.  Everyone without a cold black heart, that is. We got scarves for guys, girls, and now KIDS!  Today is the kids' mulu promotion--2 for $25!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The One That Got Away::Nan Kelley

Nan interviewing Carrie Underwood at the Opry wearing 
one of my fave outfits from the summer

Nan Kelley is a former Miss Mississippi, who hosts the Top 20 Countdown and Opry Live on GAC, and we get to dress her for those.  Note the wording:  We GET to.  I say that because she also holds the official title of Sweetest Client of Amber Lehman Styling (Nan, gimme a holler.  I need to give you your trophy.)  Really.  Doing a fitting with her feels about the same as drinking a hot cup of  chamomile tea or eating a plate of cookies.  It's that great and about that stressful too.

While there are probably plenty of Mississippi boys who really do think Nan is the "One That Got Away", what I'm talking about is a FAB jacket that just didn't work for us at our last fitting.  Ya see, we pull a TON of clothes for these fittings, and there are some really lovely things that for whatever reason just don't click.  With Nan, it's usually that the jacket or top or pants just look awful on camera.  Nothing to do with her sassy self of course, usually it's a problem with the color clashing with the set of Top 20 or the pattern makes the camera do crazy things, something like that.  But it's different for every artist.  Could just be that we can only shoot so many things on a photo shoot and something had to get the boot.

So with this wealth of knowledge I have about what's out there right now, I thought it would be fun to start a new feature appropriately titled "The One That Got Away" to highlight the items that I LOVED from some of our fittings, but just didn't make the cut. Doesn't mean it couldn't work for you, right???!!  Here's our first installment:

Floral Cropped Jacket, $199, Maison Scotch

Beth and I were totally obsessed with this jacket at our fitting with Nan for the Fall Top 20's. This brocade-y/floral-y/old-lady-y/curtain-y/tapestry-y print is a tiny little nitch trend for Fall.  Frankly, I like how Piperlime has it styled in this pic here.  No need to complicate things.  Let the jacket do the talking.  And since you don't have to try to pull off a small floral print on TV like Nan, you can rock the tail off this baby.  (And here's another one I love at Free People, and it's on sale!)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Lauren Alaina::CMA Country Christmas + People

We work with Lauren Alaina.  You guys know that by now.  And we've been working with her a lot to help create a new look for her that is still young, but classy and fun.  I think we captured this at the CMA Christmas Special, filmed here in Nashville at the Ryman.  She's wearing a Mandalay dress, Swarovski jewelry, and Enzo Angiolini peep toe sequin heels.  Kick back, drink a cider, and if you're feeling extra sentimental, you might just shed a tear during Lauren Alaina's rendition of "Grown Up Christmas List."


And she was also in People this week wearing her flirty CMA Dress.  Yay Lauren!  We love People!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking At Online Today...

Suedette Ankle Strap Platforms, Forever 21, $26.80
Who knows what the heck suedette is, but I'll tell ya what, it's way easier to make
fake suede look good than fake leather.

Beaded Boyfriend Shirt, Victoria's Secret, $79.50
So sue me.  I went online to Victoria's Secret and didn't look at bras.  But I really do like this shirt.  Would look GREAT with a sleek leather pencil skirt and those suedette pumps above OR with a pair of black wide-leg pants for a holiday party. And then pair with boyfriend jeans after the party for every day!

Antler Necklace, Alex and Chloe, $100
I love this necklace so much I don't even really know what to say about it.  It takes me back to my deer-huntin' roots, it's perfectly layerable, it's still delicate.  I mean, throw some diamonds on it,
and it'd be the perfect piece of jewelry pretty much.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Honey I Shrunk the Sweater

Here's Ruthie in that AMAZE sweater, Lelia, me and Caroline post dinner
I spent a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday in Louisiana, and part of my time was in Baton Rouge.  Yay!  Geaux Tigers!  One of the most fun nights I've had in a while was an evening with several of my good friends including two of my besties Caroline and Lelia, and another old friend that I absolutely adore, Ruthie Sayles. You may remember her. I blogged about her awesome hair pieces last year.  Please check out her website and drool over her amazing house on Design Sponge here.   

So Ruthie had on the cutest sweater that I had just seen at Anthropologie.  While I was spending some much-needed "shopping for myself" time there, I couldn't help but notice the racks were LOADED with cropped sweaters, and I thought to myself, "Gah, if I weren't a stylist, I would have NO idea what to do with these."  I mean, you'd be seriously hard-pressed to find a sweater right now that doesn't look like it went through an extra-hot dryer cycle.  Ruthie had the one below on with a striped long-sleeved shirt underneath hanging out the bottom about 6 or 8 inches with black leggings and a burnt orangey-brown boot.  It looked amazing, and that's one way to wear a cropped sweater.  Another way to avoid having your turkey belly hang out the bottom of this season's short sweaters (wait, I'm not the only one with a turkey belly this week, right?) is to wear with high-waisted flare jeans layered over a cute plaid shirt.  I came up with one more way, which I've highlighted below that you may not have thought of yet.
1.  Alabaster Tassels Sweater, $99.95, Anthropologie.  In Ruthie's words, "I've worn this thing three times a week since I bought it."  It literally is perfect, and it's actually shorter than it looks in that picture in person.  Adore the fringe.  
2.  Nine West Janajay Ankle Boot, $129,  One of the big boot trends this season is a hybrid of "I'm going hiking" but I'm still a hot chica.  If you're wanting a new boot to add to your collection from last season, think about this one.  And that fur trim never hurts for keeping your little footsies nice and toasty.
3.  Sugar and Spice Dress, $138, Free People.  Maxi dresses and skirts are still having a major moment.  I especially love the high-low hem of this one, which makes it a little more interesting.  Y'all know that I've been doing Girls of Grace fashion shows this year, and one of the tips I gave in the Fall shows was transitioning your summer maxi dress to Fall/Winter by layering with it.  That's what we're doing here.  We're adding tights and the cropped sweater to warm it up a bit and also to get more use out of a piece you may have put in the basement already.
4.  Annie Embroidered Western Shirt, $78, Levi's.  Talk about having a "moment."  The denim shirt is on fire.  For like the last two years.  Way to go, Denim Shirt!  You totally did it!  So you probably already have one.  Well, to add another texture and another layer for the chill, put it over your dress, button that baby up and then put the sweater on top--the collar should come out the top and the shirt should hang out the bottom.  You'll be like the hippest accountant on top and a Free People employee on the bottom.  Bam.  
5.  Arrow Drop Earring, $19, Urban Outfitters.  I love these earrings.  The geometry of them is great, and they're kinda brassy looking and not all shiny-cheap-I cost 3 dollars gold.  I actually bought them for GAC Top 20 host Nan Kelley, and she wore them last week on the countdown.  So they passed the look good on TV test.  I mean, FYI.  In case you have any TV appearances coming up.
6.  Nordic Fair Isle Tight, $18, Urban Outfitters.  And here we have the tights, which are probably a staple for you this time of year.  These are grey but with a cool "fair isle" pattern, which makes them blend right into our outfit but add a little hit of pattern.  

If you wanna get extra cute and cozy, add a slouchy beanie and while you'll look all OMG look at her just throwing that outfit together on the outside, on the inside you'll know it feels like you're wearing a Forever Lazy cuz you're so cozy. So, there you have it.  How to wear a cropped sweater.  You're welcome.

Lauren Alaina::In Performance at the White House

So I kinda met Obama.  Okay, I didn't.  But I was one degree away from it.  Because Lauren met him and she was wearing a dress I bought her, and so therefore, I met him.  I'm in love with that dress actually.  Like I kinda wanna have a party with those ruffles on the front.  And I wish y'all could see the shoes.  I wanna marry them.  I put a picture of them on the bottom so you can fight me for their betrothal.

Lauren is wearing a BCBG dress and Abyss by Abby earrings. Dierks is wearing his usual dashing good looks. Unfortunately, he looks great, so I can't offer him my services.


Vince Camuto Jamma Platform Pump

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CMA Awards 2011::Who We Dressed + What They Wore

This year's CMA Red Carpet was SO fun for me.  So many artists with different tastes and ages.  It was challenging, but really, really awesome.  Do you have a favorite?  I am in love with Dean's bow tie...and the back of Jana's dress...and Lauren's shoes...and Cherrill's rings...and the color of Hannah's dress on her...and how perfectly Meghan's dress fits her style...and....well, I love it all!  Here we go!

Jana Kramer wore dress by Mandalay and jewelry by David Yurman.

Cherrill wore Mandalay dress and David Yurman jewelry; Hannah wore a dress by Tadashi Shoji, bracelet by David Yurman and earrings by Diana Warner; Dean wore shirt by Ted Baker, tie by Otis James, and three-piece suit by Hugo Boss.

Meghan Linsey wore dress by Nha Khanh.

Lauren Alaina wore dress by Mandalay, shoes by Enzo Angiolini, and jewelry by Swarovski.

And clearly we were loving the Mandalay dresses, because we put Lauren in another one when she presented her Award with Jake Owen. I loved how 
much this one sparkled on the live broadcast!

Monday, November 14, 2011

BMI Awards 2011::Who We Dressed + What They Wore

Y'all.  We have been BUSY.  So busy, but it has been SO fun.  From sewing girls into dresses, last minute Victoria's Secret runs, midnight alterations, it has been nonstop!  Nonetheless, we managed to send some looks down the red carpet.  First up, the BMI Awards!  Here are all our lovelies.
Eden's Edge:  (From Left to Right) Dean in AllSaints jacket, 7 Jeans, J. Lindeberg tie; Hannah in Stella and Jamie dress and VSA necklace; Cherrill in Theia dress 
and Diana Warner earrings 
Jana Kramer in Julian Joyce by Mandalay dress and Jimmy Choo shoes
Meghan Linsey in Rachel Gilbert dress
Lauren Alaina in Rachel Zoe dress, Diana Warner earrings, 
Abyss by Abby ring, and Dolce Vita shoes

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lip Gloss Junkie::Juicy Tubes 9-1-1

I found something so awesome, I felt the need to alert the masses.  ASAP.  Juicy Tubes by Lancome is my all-time favorite lipgloss.  (Considering I AM the "Lip Gloss Junkie", this is saying a lot.)  ESPECIALLY in the color "Spring Fling."  Well, imagine my surprise when I went to the Lancome section at Sephora and see this beauty.  Six GLORIOUS tubes for $29.50????!!! (An $81 value.)  Do my eyes deceive me?  Could this be true?  Run, don't walk, to Sephora and snatch this up while you still can. And if you're in Nashville, go see Joseph.  He's a doll.  Until our next lip gloss emergency, xoxo, Carrie.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lauren Alaina::The Ellen Show

Love how cute and young Lauren looks here in her Leona Collection top, Joe's leopard print skinny jeans and House of Harlowe fringe earrings.  All of these are definitely some of my fave brands!!!

Cozy Cardi Season

You know what I love?  A cardigan.  They're about my favorite piece of clothing.  And this time of year, I love an extra long one because they are the perfect cozy cover-up to cut that Fall chill.  I just wandered around Anthropologie for a few minutes, and saw about six I wanted, but I'll widen my search and show you a few more that I've got my eye on.  The most on-trend cardigan for Fall is probably more of a blanket or poncho style, but let's be honest, everyone shouldn't wear a poncho, so I'm giving you more options if you're not into the super-drapey, unfitted look of wearing an actual blanket.
Patterned shawl-collar cardigan, Gap, $89.95
The positioning of the print is fun and those toggle buttons are so adorbs.  This shape is a great alternative for someone who likes to show off their waist.
Southwestern-Pattern Wrap Cardigan, Old Navy, $54.94
This is SUCH a good deal compared to these others and still completely on-trend.
Knitted Shawl Cardigan, Topshop, $96
This grandpa shawl cardi is in a fantastic color for Fall.
Line-Upon-Line Cardigan, Anthropologie, $39.95
A neutral pattern in such a dramatic length.

Dolan Collared Blanket Cardigan, Shopbop, $231
Not cheap, but oh so gorge and so perfect with a wool floppy hat.  And while quite "man repeller", who doesn't kinda want to wear a blanket? Who? Tell me.

How to wear:  My favorite way to wear a cardigan like one of these is just open over a plain tank or fitted v-neck with corduroys, boots, and a wool hat--a wide-brimmed fedora or floppy hat would be sweet.  I actually wore one similar to the Old Navy one this morning with a flair leg orangey-colored pair of cords and wedge boots.  Skinny cords tucked into knee-high riding boots is also great.  You really can't go wrong, especially if the cord is in a darker color.  And how cozy?  Cords + Cardis.  They make a great team.  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lip Gloss Junkie::Glow Like J. Lo

Lip Gloss Junkie here.  Sorry it's been a while.  On top of being super busy, I have been super sick.  No fun at all.  And you know what goes along with being sick?  Dull, lackluster skin.  UGH.  So I've been on the hunt for some products to help me get my glow back.  I've been trying to figure out how to achieve the perfect dewy/glowy skin for quite some time.  Here are a few of my "skinspirations" to get me started:
J. Lo.  Duh.
Lauren Conrad.  Oh, LC.  Teach me thy ways. 

 Sweet Jules.  Could she BE any more gorge? 

Now that we all have sufficient skin envy, here are some of the products that I'm excited about trying during the long, sunless winter ahead.  

1.  Watt's Up by Benefit.  $30 at Sephora.  I'm DYING to try this!!  How cute is that little tube too?  Benefit's packaging gets me every dang time.
2.  Moon Beam by Benefit.  $26 at Sephora.
3.  Artificial Light Luminizing Powder by Smashbox.  $20 at Nordstrom.  Amber and Amber's mom, Deb, swear by Smashbox products.  I wonder if this one is a winner also.
4.  Bonne Bell Glimmer Bronze Highlighting Dust.  $3.95 at  For $3.95, what do you have to lose?  Except that dull, tired skin.

Do you have any favorite highlighters or other products I should know about?  If so, hit me up in the comments section--I'd love to know!  Until next time, glow like J. Lo.  XOXO-Carrie

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lauren Alaina::Good Morning America

My favorite color is purple.  It's all I can do not to put every client in it.  But seriously, it looks good on everyone.  This purple dress is by Amanda Uprichard.  Love, love, love.  So sassy. (Photo credit:  Watch the whole video of her performance here.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Justin Moore::"Bait a Hook" Video

Beth, testing out the size of our hat flame
I think with this video everyone in a 20 mile radius of my hometown was able to live vicariously through me.  See, I am from the "sticks", as we like to call it in Louisiana.  And I kinda grew up in a racing family.  Basically that means that on the weekends I hung out at the racetrack.  Yes, those who know me in Nashville want to be surprised about this, but you find that you really aren't.  I would sit in the bleachers attempting awkward middle school conversation with friends over the din of some janky old race cars that some good ole boys had built in their front yards.  The perk?  My nana worked the concession stand, so it was all-you-can-eat popcorn.  So, when I got the call to work on the Justin Moore video for "Bait a Hook", I felt uniquely prepared.   All the members of my family still follow NASCAR religiously, so I couldn't have been more excited to meet Carl Edwards. And I got a couple little speaking parts on the ESPN B-roll that was doing behind-the-scenes--that was a little mini-dream come true.  First and last time I'll ever be on ESPN most likely.

In styling for this video, I didn't do a ton with Carl.  He has a great body, so we just put him in a fitted henley, his fishing outfit.  And then the suit just needed to fit well also.  And since Justin is a country boy, snap-buttons were pretty much the only choice.  The thing that I labored INTENSELY over--I mean, 20 straight hours with the help of  one of my assistants, Beth--were the pit crew uniforms.  They got a sweet 5 seconds of glory, but how good do they look?  I would pretty much call myself an expert at cutting out swimsuit fabric now (the flames on the legs and back.)  And thank goodness I'm married to a graphic designer too.  Matt made me some awesome fake logos to jazz up those coveralls.  The take home message here is that with a trip to JoAnn and some excellent hired help, you can pretty much make anything.  Enjoy this very hilarious video (which you will super-enjoy if you're also a NASCAR fan) and some behind-the-scenes photos below.

                            Bait a Hook - Justin Moore - Justin Moore Videos

                         And here are the uni's in all their glory


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lauren Alaina::Live! With Regis and Kelly

Clearly we've been busy with Lauren Alaina lately!  Here she is performing her new single "Georgia Peaches" on Regis and Kelly.  Love the Leona Collection top  (based right here in Nashville!) she is wearing and J Brand Love Story jeans! 


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lauren Alaina::"Footloose" Premiere

The Nashville premiere of "Footloose" happened at the Downtown Franklin Theatre last Thursday night, and we helped Lauren Alaina get dressed for the event.  Doesn't she look cute?!  The event was "country casual," so we wanted to keep the one-shoulder dress by Leona a little more relaxed by adding those amazing red suede Diana von Furstenberg boots and some funky jewelry.  I wish you could see the fringe on the back of those DVF's.  It's to die for! 

Lauren is also carrying a clutch by House of Harlowe and her earrings are by Diana Warner, our buddy, coming through in the clutch for us!  Love ya, DW!

Be watching for more Lauren appearances over the next couple of weeks as she makes her rounds on network TV to promote her new album, Wildflower, which comes out this Tuesday.  That day she appears on Good Morning America. :-)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Heart Rebecca Minkoff

Large Racy Clutch, $395
...I think we would be friends, actually.  If I were gonna splurge and spend $400 on a handbag, which I'm not (I don't think I am anyway), it would be on a Rebecca Minkoff.  The one above, all perfectly studded and rockin', is my fave on her site right now.  But here are some others below that I'll be dreaming about least until that big dump truck full of cash pulls up and makes a deposit on my driveway.

Oversize Cheetah Haircalf M.A.C., $395

Small Boy Toy, $395

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Suddenly So Cute::Nine West

Not that Nine West isn't cute.  It usually has a pair or two of shoes that I would say, hey, that's not your average black pump.  But I feel like they have REALLY stepped it up this Fall.  And since I know I have plenty of readers out there who love themselves a mall store (so do I--that's where the sales are!!), I thought I would point out my favorite 9West buys for FALL!!!  

1.  Unmixed high-heel loafer, $109.  So boyishly cool, totally 70's, and in for fall.  These guys with a pair of teal or burgundy tights are right in line with some of the rich tones that are on their way.
2.  Inthedirt mid-calf boot by Karen Elson, $249.  You cannot go wrong with a flat boot.  I mean, ever.  This one looks legitimately straight off miles on the road guitar-teching for a band.  (sidenote: only someone from Nashville would write "guitar-teching" in a blog post.)  Speaking of Nashville, Karen Elson lives here, she's a super-model and she has curated a beautiful collection for 9West.  There are so many more great ones besides this legit boot.
3.  Mavenue platform bootie, $149.  One of the biggest trends for fall is the stacked heel bootie.  This one would be so perfect with a vintage midi skirt, slouchy sweater and wide-brim fedora.  
4.  Layla boot by Giles Deacon, $149.  This is the standout piece from British fashion designer Giles Deacon's collection for Nine West.  I've been drooling over this bootie for months now.  It's finally in stores, but only 12 nationwide, so you may be better off snagging them online.
5.  Frederica evening pump, $109.  This shoe looks so designer-y.  I could see this shoe in a box of red-carpet loaner shoes from a much more high-end designer.  Hey, with all the events (err, friends' weddings) bound to adorn your calendar this fall, well, you need these red-carpet look-alikes.
6.  The Ghost platform by Karen Elson, $149.  Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH my gosh.  This shoe K-I-L-L-S me.  This would look so amazing, with, oh, everything.  Gym shorts?  Yep, those too.
5.  Nathania satin peep-toe pump, $89.  This shoe is so hot.  Picture this:  holiday party, a festive beverage, little black dress, these the Pistol Annies (see below) would say, you're "hell on heels." (FYI: also comes in grey and black, perhaps more "dinner with the in-laws" colors.)  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

As Seen On AshInteriors.Net!--Outdoor Room to Outfit

Hey y'all.  I wanted to share my guest blog that was recently posted on  Enjoy!

Hey guys!  Just in time for it to be super steamy in Nashville and in Baton Rouge, I told Ashley that I was dying to design an outfit around an outdoor room.  I love so much the idea of an extension of one's house into the fresh air that is cozy and really does feel like another "room."  This room is well equipped with tons of pillows for lounging, a neutral airy color scheme with a couple bright pops, and the perfect amount of seating for tons of people talking by candle light and drinking summer-themed cocktails.  Yum!

I wanted the outfit to be elegantly casual, something that you might wear to a dinner party held in this outdoor room.  You would want to look dressed for the occasion, but in a laid-back, effortless way. 

A.  Free People Festival Belt, $38.  This belt in its natural-looking color palette goes with the pattern in this dress and would define the waist of many a printed top.  This belt could be made into a pillow or rug and fit right into our lovely cabana.  
B.  12th St. by Cynthia Vincent Maxi Dress, $260.  12th St. is one of the best brands out there for effortless chic.  She does shoes and handbags too, which you should for sure check out.  This dress in the cabbage rose print with its diaphanous layers is perfect for the temperature extremes of August. 
C.  Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Gold Dust, $7.49.  In my opinion, unless you are just dying over the unique color of a more expensive brand, you can usually skimp on lip gloss.  There are so many great low-priced ones out there, and this particular brand and color is one of my faves, recommended to me by my hair color girl Anjelica.  It's a beautiful peachy neutral that would work on pretty much anyone.  And when hanging outdoors, you don't wanna go over the top with the makeup.  Pretty and slightly sheeny is all you need.   
D.  Gretchen Jones for Piperlime Intuition Ring, $48.  I wrote a blog about this collection a few days ago.  I just love it.  I love everything about it.  Every piece has great architectural detail and a unique personality.  And the best part is that every one benefits Aid to Artisans, creating economic opportunity for low-income artisans around the world.
E.  Crystal Pendant, Nasty Gal, $20.  This outfit called for pretty simple jewelry to let the dress be the star.  I chose this single necklace because it looks like one of those lovely hanging lanterns.
F.  Seychelles Arden Espradrille, $90.  This espradrille is so darn cute.  The bows add a fun bit of youth and whimsy to the more mature-looking dress.  It helps keep the look not so serious.
G.  JJ Winters Crocodile Envelope Clutch, $59.  You could easily go with a beige or metallic clutch to hold your lipstick at our fictitious outdoor party, but why not add a fun pop of color with this amazing teal.  Kinda like the random bright, patterned pillow in the back corner of the cabana, this clutch is unexpected and fun.
H.  Anthropologie Summer Chill Pullover, $89.  If you're like me, you carry a cardigan or light sweater everywhere.  In Baton Rouge and in Nashville, restaurants are not scared to crank up the A/C.  And sometimes nights can even be a little chilly.  (Maybe that's just us in Nashville though. ;-)  A pullover like this one works perfectly with this dress because it cinches in at the waist and will look like you planned a second outfit once it's layered on top.
I.  Benefit High Beam Luminescent Highlighter, $26.  Like I said before, at an outdoor event, you want to make sure your skin looks flawless--all that natural light--eek!  High Beam is one of my favorite products.  Applied along the upper cheek bone and eyebrow bone, you look perfectly dewy, like you've been drinking gallons of water every day and never indulge in cocktails :-).
J.  Elizabeth and James Figueroa Sunglasses, $225.  Everything the Olsens touch is just cool.  No exception with these sunglasses--they look like they came straight off the set of "Almost Famous."  I love how the colors in these sorta look like the black and brown striped pillows in the cabana.  
L.  Hoop in Hoop Earrings by Elma Blint The Williamsburg Flea Market in Brooklyn is one of my favorite places ever.  It's chock full of yummy, interesting food and equally interesting vendors peddling their wares of handmade and one of a kind items.  I met the designer Elma Blint at the most recent one.  I am obsessed with a snake ring she sells with small real emerald eyes.   

Probably like you guys, I'm so excited for fall!  And for Ash and I, that means me dreaming of cozy knits and boots and her of deeper, richer pallettes and outdoor party planning.  Who knows what the two of us will come up with next, but stay tuned for more room/outfit switcheroos for sure!  xo-Amber

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dember Scarf on ONE website + New Fall Colors

I was super stoked today to find out that a scarf I designed is being sold on the ONE campaign website.  The Dember scarf, one of fashionABLE's best sellers, has been doing really great since ONE partnered with us.  Hopefully you know by now, but every fashionABLE scarf sold helps create sustainable business for women in Africa who are in desperate circumstances.  All the profits go to rehabilitate women and help give them a new choice in their lives.  For instance, Dember says that she is finally ABLE to "feel dignity in her work."  What an amazing difference you are ABLE to make by just buying something cool.  

The ONE campaign website is only selling two styles, but on the fashionABLE website, we just launched all the Fall colors and two scarves in a new infinity style!  I'm obsessed with ALL of the FABULOUS shades.  The Meselu infinity in Black Cherry is to die for.  And oops, will fit in perfectly on my annual voyage to Tiger Stadium.  You also can't go wrong with what has so far been our second best seller, the Kilt Green.  (And great for guys!!)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Amber & Ash Fashion | Home::BEYONCE

I'm so excited about today's guest blog post by the fabulous Ashley of Ash Interiors about the queen of fabulous, Beyonce!  Read on for a room inspired by Mrs. Jay-Z and head over to Ash's blog for a lovely outdoor room perfect for the cooler nights on the way...xo-AL

Well Hello!  Amber and I brainstormed quite a while to figure out who our next style icon would be.  If you have missed the previous installments, basically I design a room based on someone’s fabulous style, and Amber puts together an outfit/look based on a really cool space.  When we thought about Beyonce, we both knew she would be great!  How much fun for me to get to design a room based on this fabulous lady!?!? 

Beyonce’s style is daring, bold, colorful, fierce, and fabulous.  Her personality is lovable, kind, devoted, family-oriented, and she just seems like you could be her BFF.  Both of these must be considered when putting together her room--who is she on stage and who is she off stage?  You will see that the room is a mix of the fabulous and the comfortable.  For the record, those two seemingly opposite qualities can live harmoniously.

A. Besta TV Storage from Ikea ($580) – This sleek piece is simple and perfect for serving its function and not being fussy.  Sometimes the area around the TV can be so cluttered and really just an eyesore.  Mine currently is driving me crazy!  This piece is so darn inexpensive, and really could solve a lot of storage issues while giving an intentional home to the TV.   
B. Simpatico Corner Sectional from DWR ($8,500) – This is a simple perfect sofa.  It is also expensive!  Beyonce would probably splurge on her big items such as the sofa but if you work on a smaller dime than her (um, I think most of us do!), then look for similar options at Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and even Ikea.   
C. Lourdes S├ínchez Bull's-Eye Rug from West Elm ($109-$399) – This rug is graphic and modern, much like Beyonce’s outfits.  She is all about some sharp angles, be it in jewelry or jackets.  Love this rug… 
D. Eva Zeisel Coffee Table from DWR ($1,500) – This piece is a show-stopper, much like B.  It is feminine and beautiful, but the black color really does keep it from being over-the-top girly.   
E. Turquoise Moroccan Leather Pouf from Serena and Lily ($345) -  “perfect as a footstool or extra seating, our poufs are at home in any room of the house…” Poufs are everywhere these days!  They are sort of a modern day beanbag.  I love how this one really does give casualness to the space. 
F. Nube Armchair in Sarah Morris Fabric from DWR ($2400 each) – Very expensive but very, very, very fabulous.  I had a hard time with this room but once I found these chairs, I got a much clearer direction.  They are simple shapes but the fabric just puts them over the top.  If you love the look of printed chairs but do not have $4800 for a pair, check out the huge selection at Target.  Almost any room could use a printed fabric chair and they really do come in at a very low price point.   
G. Bourgie Table Lamp in Gold  ($985) – This lamp has modern day detailing but the shape and materiality are really pretty classic.  I mean, whose grandmother does NOT have a brass lamp somewhere in the house?  I see a cool DIY project here.  Salvage a brass lamp from a thrift shop or garage sale and spray paint a shade to match.  I think the “oldness” is cured by the matching gold shade.  It turns from out of style to totally funky! 
H. Saarinen Tulip Armless Chair with a Red Cushion ($1500) – This is a chair that has been around since the 1950’s.  Classic and modern.  You can find knock-off versions at quite a few places.  Here is a cheaper one in case you are not super rich.  :-)
I. Seychelles Chandelier from Serena and Lily ($1500) – Made from seaglass beads and a hemp-wrapped steel frame, this chandelier is just plain ole gorgeous.  Crystal chandeliers can be found all over these days, and really there is nothing to be afraid of with them.  Buy a cheap-o and hang it somewhere unexpected such as in a bathroom or laundry room.  Why not?! 
J. Abstract painting by local Baton Rouge artist, Doug Kennedy.  So much color and texture and graphics and depth… I could go on and on about his work.  There is nothing like art to really take a room to the next level.  I love helping people select art for their homes, and seeing the new life it gives the space. 
K. Diva Wallpaper from Graham and Brown ($85/roll) – Wallpaper makes such a powerful statement.  Try it out.  Don’t be scared!  I love this gold, which is appropriately called “Diva.”  If I remember correctly, it may just be hanging in Amber’s hallway!  (Yes, it is -- AL :-) 
L. Etch Candleholder ($55) – This candleholder plays so nicely off of the gold lamp.  Touches of gold can do a whole lot to modernize a space and give it personality.  I love silver metals too, but for B, we just had to go with gold! 
M. Jewel Tone Agate Bottle Stoppers from the Rain Collection (price varies) – these are so beautiful, and add a touch of glitz and color.  All of the collection is beautiful.  I also really love the green and blue coasters. 
N. Totem Pillow Cover from West Elm ($29) – Black and white accessories add a touch of “stability” to a room.  The colors cannot go wrong when paired with Beyonce’s look that is edgy, yet familiar. 

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I sure had a fun time putting it together!  Check out my blog and see what Amber is up to.  This time features an outdoor room-inspired outfit.  It is all built around a maxi dress that is to die for!

XOXO - Ash

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Imogene + Willie Summer Sale

Now's the time to buy those jeans you've been eyeing. The I + W folks don't do sales that often, duh, because they don't have to. So now's the time to take advantage! I might go get the Elsie cutoff in Natural b/c I have of late stopped caring what my legs look like in shorts because it is so bloody hot.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's

J. Lo herself would probably never be caught dead in a Kohl's, but I'm sure Jenny from the Block made her way to the Bronx location a few times.  The now Miss Lopez is launching her debut collection there this fall.  Nina Garcia is on board, so it's probably pretty good.  The entire collection includes contemporary sportswear, dresses, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and sleepwear, and the Jennifer Lopez Home Collection consists of bedding, towels and luggage.  Everything will be available exclusively at Kohl’s stores nationwide, and online beginning in September 2011.

Can someone give me a ring when they head to the suburbs to actually go to Kohl's though?  Let's carpool. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Gretchen Jones: Si o No?

Last year's Project Runway winner has released a line of jewelry exclusive to Piperlime.  I think this is awesome, actually.  I love Gretchen Jones' style when it comes to apparel, but I think her jewelry is totally rad.  In fact, during her runway show during the PR finale last year, it was the jewelry collection she created that was the real star.  She has a F/W 2011 collection that you can view on her website.  The piece to the left is one of them.  Again, cool jumper, but that necklace is TOTALLY FAB.

Piperlime is in cahoots with Project Runway in a big way.  So you can not only buy Gretchen's jewelry line on the site, but anything "seen on" the show as well.  How many of you are watching this season?  I thought last season's go-round on Lifetime was MUCH better than the final season on Bravo.  Do you guys like Gretchen's stuff?  A couple of my fave pieces from her exclusive collection on Piperlime are below.

Another cool point about the jewelry is that it is made by artisans in Bogota, Colombia, and 100% of net profits is donated to Aid to Artisans, which supports artisans like these Colombians around the world.  Pretty cool.  A bummer is that if you get something, there are no returns since it's a charity donation.  Oh well.
Before the Dawn Earring, $58

Universal Language Necklace, $98