Monday, December 20, 2010

Point of Grace Christmas

I know I shouldn't pick favorite clients, I shouldn't. It's probably like picking a favorite child. I can't help it though. I LOVE Point of Grace. And it's not because I wore out their CDs in college; I genuinely LOVE them. We have SO much fun when we get together, and they trust me to make them look good, which counts for a lot. Obviously, they like me too because they asked me to go on the road with them next year as the "Fashion Expert" on their Girls of Grace seminar tour. That should be a good time, so stay tuned for more info on that little venture.

I worked with POG on their last two albums, one of which is their Christmas album, "Home for the Holidays". There's still time to go pick it up to play at your family gathering this year! Check out the cover above, and a lil' video of a couple of the songs you'll find on it. Country Weekly loves the album too! I love the outfits we landed on for the girls in the picture in front of the tree. Since this album is a little bit country, we wanted to maintain a relaxed vibe for them with some warmer tones that weren't overtly Christmas-y, but were still festive. Oh, and there was the whole problem of if we wanted them to be wearing full-out Christmas gear, we did this shoot in July, so that would have been a challenge.


Alexis said...

Ha! I came to see what was new in your world and there was the POG album I designed! So glad that it's getting a lot of attention. AND they look so good in all their photos, thanks to you. I love that we somehow still work together, even when I live 2000 miles away!

Meredith said...

Amber - Hello! It's my dream to do a Girls of Grace event or my own version of the events! Have so much fun!! If you or they need help... let me know. I'd be there in a heart beat! Seriously. I may come anyways to the one in TN. Do you know if they are adding more dates for 2011?