Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Perfect Party Polish

Let me tell you. It is a major crap shoot when you get married to get yourself some good in-laws. Thankfully, I have GREAT ones and LOTS of them. Well, my mother-in-law outdid herself for Christmas this year by buying me the *BEST* nail polish. One of the colors she got me would literally be the perfect color for your New Year's party. It says, "I'm kinda metallic, so I'm ready to party, but I'm grey too, so I can have a conversation with you that will knock your socks off." Not only is the color rad, but it has excellent staying-power and literally does go on, like, well "Butter." May I present to you, Butter nail polish in Chimney Sweep. You can thank me later.

1 comment:

Kate Spears said...

Grey is a hard color to perfect so I thank you for sharing your current fave here! I don't have a mother-in-law yet but hoping to get one eventually. Happy New Year to you!