Wednesday, December 8, 2010

American Country Awards 2010

The inaugural American Country Awards were held last Monday night in Vegas. So for Steel Magnolia's red carpet look, we wanted to go a little more, well, VEGAS BABY. We aimed for a little more glitz and glamour for this more laid-back Awards show.

All photos courtesy of

Meghan is wearing:
Dress by Rachel Gilbert
Earrings by Diana Warner
Clutch by Swarovski
Ring by Swarovski Crystallized
Shoes by L.A.M.B.

Josh is wearing:
Jacket by Versace
Shirt by Theory
Vest by Topman
And everything else is his own


Kate Spears said...

i always love to see celebs rocking diana warner's pieces....she made a special one of a kind necklace to give away on my blog and i like to pretend we are bffs! love your blog and that scarf ambush was hilarious!

Amber Lehman said...

Thanks, Kate! I do love Diana! She's actually helping us out on the scarf stuff too, which is how I became reconnected with her. I need to head over to your blog too!