Sunday, December 5, 2010

Amber Lehman Styling's Fall/Winter Must-Haves for Dudes

It's that time of year again--time for the Dude Fall/Winter Must-haves! Listen up, ladies--these are also great gifts for your boy, so keep reading!

A. fashionABLE Scarf, Etanesh on, $24. If you read this blog at all, you know I spend a lot of time working with Mocha Club on their new venture, fashionABLE. It's hard to pick a favorite scarf, but if I had to pick a "most versatile" scarf in the line, it would be this one. It's stretchy, has great texture, and works really well for guys.
B. Esquire's Big Black Book,, $14.88. This book is a MUST OWN for all men. It has tons of tips for outfits, answers to questions like "What color shoe do I wear with a navy suit?" and "What constitutes black tie attire?"
C. Shawl Collar Cardigan, Topman, $108. A lot of you probably already own cardigans, but I love this more grandpa-ish/Mr. Rogers spin on it with the shawl collar. A grey or black one would be really versatile over all those plaid shirts you probably own, but I think this rust color feels a little more special.
Whiskey Cocktail Book, Barnes and Noble, $5.99. It seems lately that the hot ticket in all the towns I've been visiting are throwback hang-outs like The Patterson House or cool whiskey bars. Wanna have some people over and just stay in for the wintery night? Brush up on your adult-beverage-making skills with a mini-bar book like this one.
Utility Bag, A. Kurtz, $68. If you are a guy in Nashville, there's a higher-than-average chance that you are self-employed or at the least, aren't hanging in a cubicle that often. Thus, you are hauling around your MacBook and making the rounds at a few coffee shops takin' care of bizness. Might as well be carrying your gear in style in a cool utility bag like this one from A. Kurtz. Not in Nashville? You've still got stuff to carry, right? So get a cool man-bag.
F. Wingtip Boot, Urban Outfitters, $78. I think this boot mixes so well with all the American Heritage styles that are re-surfacing. Translation: that old school J. Crew/Ralph Lauren look.
G. Chunky Fisherman Sweater, BDG, $73.50. A chunky sweater is a must for very chilly winter days. Get one or two in neutral colors and just like the cardigan, layer it on top of all your plaid and checked shirts that you wore out earlier in the year.
H. Red and Black Plaid Shirt, Penguin, $79. You could go all out and get the lumberjack plaid that your dad probably has in his closet or you could get a more modern version like this one from Penguin. There are lots of iterations out there and red looks good on everyone.
I. Classic Watch, Timex, $29.99. Every guy needs a good watch and the one that is on my radar this season is one in a classic shape that will literally last for years.
J. Versatile Worn-In-Looking Tee, J. Crew, $36. Put it under the cardigan, jacket, shirt, sweater...couldn't be easier. Your undershirt should also be cool.
K. Fair Isle Accessories, Hat $34 and Gloves $18 both Urban Outfitters. So "Fair Isle" is actually located in an archipelago just north of Scotland. The eponymous sweater originated here and has been around for hundreds of years. Talk about fashion being cyclical, huh? I wouldn't object to any guy getting a sweater or cardigan with this classic pattern, but for most of you, it's probably safer to stick to accessories like these.
L. Tweed Jacket, ASOS, $89.65.
I love mixing patterns and textures in the winter. This tweed jacket would look great over a dark plaid, a black velvet vest, or again, over your easy, versatile tee.
M. Dark Wash Slim Fit Denim, Levi's 511, $98.
I'm a big fan of the Levi's 511. It's not too skinny for the average Joe, it makes almost every guy look slimmer and taller, and the leg opening will still fit over all your boots. Oh, and it's great for cuffing! If you don't have a super-dark wash pair of denim like this, you need to stop reading right now and go buy some.


Elise / Pennyweight said...

Some great ideas, indeed!! Those wingtip boots are ahhhhmazing.

heather mccloy said...

great ideas! will have to check out the book. just bought a pair of the iconic striped paul smith socks for my brother in law. would go well with the boots you posted - just a surprise pop of fun :-)

Carrie said...

matthew was happy to see his boots made the list.. :)