Thursday, December 16, 2010

"All I Want for Christmas..."

Well, helloooooo! Turns out that Christmas is just more than a week away. How did this happen? I've barely done ANY shopping. I don't know if you're in the same boat, but I put together a little list that might help you if you're short on ideas. They're just a bunch of fun things that I've seen around that I really love. That's the only theme. Things I love. Merry Christmas! (This page is organized from gal stuff on top to gal/guy in the middle and then guy on the bottom.)

A. Groove Pant, Lulu Lemon, $98. I don't personally own a pair of these, but all my girl friends who do SWEAR BY THEM. Supposedly they last forever, they make your butt look fantastic, and they are comfy as all get-out.
B. Faux Fur Coat, Uniqlo, $79.90. This is a great price for a fun coat. I'm drooling over this.
C. Nail Polish 4-pack, Essie for J. Crew, $20. You cannot lose with nail polish for the modern gal. I love the 4-pack too because the more colors, the MERRIER, right?
D. Ceramic White and Rose Gold Watch, Fossil, $195. If you, like me, got a huge gold watch for Christmas last year, maybe it's time for a big white one this year!
E. Shoulder Bag, Alternative Apparel, $98. I've always been a big fan of Alternative Apparel, so I'm super stoked that they are starting to produce accessories like this canvas shoulder bag. I bet I could pack that thing full of all kinds of snacks.
F. Blingy Mouse, BCBG, $18. When I sit down to do invoicing, I'm pretty sure it would be a lot more fun if I had this mouse.
G. Winter Texture Platter, West Elm, $49. How fun would a huge batch of peppermint bark look on this plate? VERY. That's how fun.
H. Lumi Candleholders, CB2, $1.95-$3.95. CB2 is FULL of great gifts. Mom, are you reading this? That's Got it?
I. Rough Crystal Station Ring, Low Luv x Erin Wasson, $53. I am obsessed with Low Luv jewelry. This little guy would be fan-freaking-tastic mixed with a big-as-your-head cocktail ring.
J. Penguin Classic Novels, Amazon, $13. Any of these books, such as Sense and Sensibility or Great Expectations, would look great on any man or woman's shelf. Penguin has re-released them with beautiful, arty spines and covers.
K. Scout Roll-up Travel Kit, Alternative Apparel, $82. This is the kind of thing that a guy is never gonna buy for himself, but he would surely love to get. Again, Alternative Apparel, coming in strong with another item on the list. This would also be great monogrammed, wouldn't it?
L. John Derian Paperweight, J. Crew, $30. This would be a good gift for the business man dad or husband. Or, maybe your cousin who lives in New York.
M. Retro USB Turntable, Urban Outfitters, $128. Even if you don't listen to LPs, this record player has an iPod attachment, so you can still look super cool with it sitting in the cabinet.
N. Watch, Converse, $79. There are not enough words for how cool this watch is. It's gonna take a certain dude to wear it, but watch out if you have one.
O. Highlands Botas, TOMS, $79. These look a little more winter-resistant than the old TOMS-standby, huh?
P. Surf Documentary Scratching The Surface, $29.95. I recently took a trip to Costa Rica to learn to surf. The place I stayed had TVs in the common area running surfing 24/7. The surfing on TV mesmerized the guys who were with us, my husband being one, like NFL football. You really can't turn away because what they are doing is so dang awesome. This doc follows surfer Julian Wilson to such places as Bali, France, and South Africa.

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