Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guys Wear Scarves Too

I did another video to show that even guys can wear scarves. Chances are, if you read this blog, you already know that guys wear scarves, BBUUUUTTTT some people don't. So that cute little video featuring my friend Jeremy Cowart is below.

More exciting though is that tomorrow on, all the scarves will be BUY ONE GET ONE FREE for 3 hours. Here are the details: From 10AM to 1PM CST Monday, November 22; all scarves are part of the offer; in the shopping bag, click "add coupon" and enter the code "GETONEFREE".

Check them out--I'm telling you, they are the perfect Christmas gift for family members, work colleagues, anyone! And I'm pretty darn excited about the winter line. There's an absolutely AWESOME soft, grey scarf that really does work for GUYS AND GIRLS and a purple one with some interesting stripes and colors that I'm really proud of. These scarves are really beautiful and everyone will love receiving a gift that gives back.

These are the new scarves: the purple-striped, super-soft grey,
and olive green


The Chic Sheet said...

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Amber Lehman said...

My email address is Thanks!