Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amber Lehman Styling's Fall/Winter Must-Haves for Gals

Just in time for your BLACK FRIDAY shopping is the Amber Lehman Styling list of Fall and Winter Must-Haves. These are mine, obviously. Well, what are yours? What is one thing you are determined to get this year?

A. Navajo accessories, bucket bag Topshop $110 and earrings Noir jewelry $51.20. I've written an entire blog post dedicated to Navajo accessories. I love them. Upon finding out we were going to Phoenix for family vacay, my first exclamation was, "There's turquoise there!" And how delightfully 80s is that bag? It'll be perfect with turquoise.
B. Red lipstick, Russian Red by MAC, $14.50. I've only recently gotten brave enough to wear red lipstick. I get way more compliments when I do than when I don't. Who knew? It'll brighten up even the pastiest winter skin, and Russian Red is a makeup artist's fave.
C. Tall socks under boots, Free People, $28. Pretty self-explanatory, huh? Get yourself some thigh-high socks, scrunch 'em up and let 'em hang out of your boots. Wear over tights or leggings with skirts and dresses.
D. Long knuckle ring, House of Harlowe, $65. Horizontal knuckle rings have been very in vogue and now vertical knuckle rings are. Get a wide one and a tall one and double them up for massive impact.
E. Vintagey old-school cardigan, Madewell, $78. Must look as grandpa as possible. Oversized is good too. (This is easily thrifted if you have the time.)
F. FashionABLE scarf, Bezuayhu on, $22. Y'all know I love these, I help design and style them, and we've made SURE they're super soft and comf. Yes, comf. Short for comfy. Know what else? You're helping provide a job for a woman who doesn't have one with your purchase.
G. Chocolate brown nail polish, Little Brown Dress by Essie, $8. I'm predicting chocolate brown is the next "You Don't know Jacques."
H. Oversized boyfriend coat, Topshop, $170. Wanna update your coat selection? Oversized and man-ish is the way to go. You can hide the extra holiday "fluff" underneath.
I. High-rise skinny jeans, Madewell, $98. Tuck your shirt in, belt 'em, and wear with oxfords or tuck into granny boots.
J. Fitted long-sleeve maxi dress, T by Alexander Wang, $145. This is one of my faves! Put a faux fur vest over this, wear with long layered necklaces, lace-up boots and let your socks shine free.
K. Wide-brim fedora, BCBG, $48. An updated version of what has become a staple for many gals, who maybe like me, sometimes neglect to wash our hair regularly.
L. Lace-up granny boots, Aldo, $120. Maybe the most versatile boot you'll buy this year. Wear with short socks and a dress or tuck your jeans into them. Perfect!


Hannah W. said...

Love all these ideas Amber! I definitely need to get one of the FashionABLE scarves.

Misty said...

ankle boots. christmas list. check.

Lana Hunt said...

I love that you're featuring Madewell stuff!! If I had to chose one brand to dress me forever it would definitely be in the running.. ;)