Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amber Lehman Styling's Fall/Winter Must-Haves for Gals

Just in time for your BLACK FRIDAY shopping is the Amber Lehman Styling list of Fall and Winter Must-Haves. These are mine, obviously. Well, what are yours? What is one thing you are determined to get this year?

A. Navajo accessories, bucket bag Topshop $110 and earrings Noir jewelry $51.20. I've written an entire blog post dedicated to Navajo accessories. I love them. Upon finding out we were going to Phoenix for family vacay, my first exclamation was, "There's turquoise there!" And how delightfully 80s is that bag? It'll be perfect with turquoise.
B. Red lipstick, Russian Red by MAC, $14.50. I've only recently gotten brave enough to wear red lipstick. I get way more compliments when I do than when I don't. Who knew? It'll brighten up even the pastiest winter skin, and Russian Red is a makeup artist's fave.
C. Tall socks under boots, Free People, $28. Pretty self-explanatory, huh? Get yourself some thigh-high socks, scrunch 'em up and let 'em hang out of your boots. Wear over tights or leggings with skirts and dresses.
D. Long knuckle ring, House of Harlowe, $65. Horizontal knuckle rings have been very in vogue and now vertical knuckle rings are. Get a wide one and a tall one and double them up for massive impact.
E. Vintagey old-school cardigan, Madewell, $78. Must look as grandpa as possible. Oversized is good too. (This is easily thrifted if you have the time.)
F. FashionABLE scarf, Bezuayhu on, $22. Y'all know I love these, I help design and style them, and we've made SURE they're super soft and comf. Yes, comf. Short for comfy. Know what else? You're helping provide a job for a woman who doesn't have one with your purchase.
G. Chocolate brown nail polish, Little Brown Dress by Essie, $8. I'm predicting chocolate brown is the next "You Don't know Jacques."
H. Oversized boyfriend coat, Topshop, $170. Wanna update your coat selection? Oversized and man-ish is the way to go. You can hide the extra holiday "fluff" underneath.
I. High-rise skinny jeans, Madewell, $98. Tuck your shirt in, belt 'em, and wear with oxfords or tuck into granny boots.
J. Fitted long-sleeve maxi dress, T by Alexander Wang, $145. This is one of my faves! Put a faux fur vest over this, wear with long layered necklaces, lace-up boots and let your socks shine free.
K. Wide-brim fedora, BCBG, $48. An updated version of what has become a staple for many gals, who maybe like me, sometimes neglect to wash our hair regularly.
L. Lace-up granny boots, Aldo, $120. Maybe the most versatile boot you'll buy this year. Wear with short socks and a dress or tuck your jeans into them. Perfect!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guys Wear Scarves Too

I did another video to show that even guys can wear scarves. Chances are, if you read this blog, you already know that guys wear scarves, BBUUUUTTTT some people don't. So that cute little video featuring my friend Jeremy Cowart is below.

More exciting though is that tomorrow on, all the scarves will be BUY ONE GET ONE FREE for 3 hours. Here are the details: From 10AM to 1PM CST Monday, November 22; all scarves are part of the offer; in the shopping bag, click "add coupon" and enter the code "GETONEFREE".

Check them out--I'm telling you, they are the perfect Christmas gift for family members, work colleagues, anyone! And I'm pretty darn excited about the winter line. There's an absolutely AWESOME soft, grey scarf that really does work for GUYS AND GIRLS and a purple one with some interesting stripes and colors that I'm really proud of. These scarves are really beautiful and everyone will love receiving a gift that gives back.

These are the new scarves: the purple-striped, super-soft grey,
and olive green

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FashionABLE Scarves

Here's me and the most stylish girl in Addis

A lot of you probably know this already, but last month, I went to Ethiopia on a fact-finding/scouting/get-it-done trip with Mocha Club, all to help launch their line of scarves, fashionABLE. I don't know exactly what my role is, maybe just fashion mentor is a good word for it. I've been doing styling for quite a few years now, and have my finger on the pulse of what's cool, I guess. That's what they tell me anyway :-).

I'm so excited to be part of this venture. I love Africa, and I've been a big supporter of Mocha Club's work for a few years. Working in fashion and music is hard and draining, and can feel very superficial at times. Serving in a way like this is completely life-giving and gets me out of the tunnel vision that I often have with my job.

Here's the short of fashionABLE: your purchase of a fashionABLE scarf creates sustainable business for women in Africa. The women who are making the scarves, tagging them, ironing them and shipping them to the US are former prostitutes who now have a job and a meaningful way of life, hence the ABLE part of "fashionable." These women are now ABLE to have a choice, to have a new life. I hope all of you will buy at least one for someone for Christmas!! And one for you!! I've done a couple videos for the site, and I've put the first one below. If you're interested in styling your scarf, I'm here to show you how. Live FashionABLE!!!

A stack hot-off-the-presses (or looms)

Please ignore the compulsive blinking and poor non-regional diction :-)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

CMA Awards 2010 Rundown

It's been a BUSY few weeks. Especially last week, CMA Awards Week. It's not quite to the level of Rachel Zoe craziness, but it's about as close as we get here in Nashville. As I'm finally breathing here on Saturday morning post-Awards, I thought I would give you my round-up of who we dressed and what they wore. We worked with several clients for the parties and activities, but Steel Magnolia was my group who walked the carpet. What do you think? You guys like her gown? It's the first time we've done color on her for a big red carpet. I'd love to hear your critiques!

Josh and Meghan on the CMA Awards Black Carpet

Josh: Vest and Pants--Dolce & Gabbana
Shoes--Boss Orange from Posh
Shirt--Diesel Black Gold
Jacket--Ted Baker

Meghan: Gown--Gustavo Cadile
Earrings and Bangles--Everlon

Josh and Meghan on the BMI Awards Red Carpet

Josh: Diesel Black Gold and Ben Sherman

Meghan: Dress--Rachel Gilbert
Shoes--Sam Edelman
Earrings--Kara Ross NYC

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Country Strong"

It's a pretty exciting day when there's a movie shooting in Nashville. It's an even better day when you get the phone call to come style the movie poster with Mark Seliger, one of the most well-known photogs in the world. Granted, my "styling" of the poster amounted to me running back and forth to the movie trailer to get the right outfits, and then, the pics are nowhere to actually be found on the poster. Oh well, I had a really nice convo with Leighton Meester, and somehow managed to remain semi-cool despite how nervous I was. I will say, her hair is in fact that shiny in person. And she is very cool.

Fast forward to last night, and we got to pick a little get-up for Steel Magnolia for the red carpet at the premiere. Meg is wearing a super-cute dress by Ani Lee, and earrings by Madewell.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meghan Linsey--Style Bistro Best Dressed

It's always fun when someone a stylist works with gets recognized for being best the yearbook "superlatives" minus the cattiness and drama of high school :-).

This week, Meghan Linsey of Steel Magnolia, was chosen as one of Style Bistro's top 15 Best Dressed Country Stars. And oh, just wait. Her CMA dress is even better...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nashville Gifts and Accessories Show

Hey Nashvillians! Wanted to put something on your radar that I'm excited about. You all know I love Mocha Club, I went to Ethi0pia last month with them, even. So I'm super-dee-duper excited about a fun event to benefit MC this week. There is a gifts and accessories show being put on by in the 12South area at Two Moon Gallery beside Burger Up on Thursday. It's $5 entrance at the door to take part with all proceeds going to Mocha Club. See the info below. Hope to see ya there!