Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jewelmint--Mail-Order Jewelry!

Sometimes my lovely assistant Carrie likes to keep good secrets from me, like who's pregnant, what someone's gonna name their baby, how her child is so darn cute. Things like that.

It's not too often though that she keeps fashion secrets from me. Until Friday when she spilled the beans about Kate Bosworth's fab customized jewelry mail-order site, Jewelmint. The scoop is that you take a style quiz, and every month Jewelmint (designed by Kate and her stylist) sends you a few selections that complement your personal preferences. You then choose and it arrives to your mailbox with free shipping for like $29 a month.

Sounds fun, huh? Way better than a jelly of the month club*.

Sidenote: Did Kate Bosworth's acting career peak with Blue Crush?
*National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation joke

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