Monday, October 18, 2010

Dude Outfit of the Month: Maine Man

I just got back from Maine where we shot a Kenny Chesney video that will be released, oh, I'm really not sure. But needless to say, it's set in coastal Maine, and I GOT TO GO (squeal!!) Maine was SO beautiful--the leaves were changing, the temps were brisk, and the sun was shining. It was heavenly minus the 16-hour work days...buuuuuutttt, it was all totally worth it!

While I was there, I was inspired to work on our dude outfit of the month. The outfit is a little bit Maine-outdoorsy with the cords and plaid, and a little bit hipster with the shoes and cardigan. It's a hip Maine-ster.

This is part of a fishing village where we shot.

This lighthouse look familiar? Forrest Gump ended on the East Coast here.

A. Steve Madden Peroni Boot, $59. SUCH a versatile shoe. Is it a boot? Is it a shoe? Who knows. Is it awesome? Yes.
B. Timex watch, $35. Classic watches like this never go out of style.
C. J. Crew vintage flannel shirt, $69.50. I can't get enough of J. Crew right now.
D. BDG corduroys, $39. Cannot beat Urban Outfitters' prices for bottoms with a stick.
E. Nixon Fletcher hat, $40. I love this hat. It goes with our hip outdoorsy combo and transitions to your dirty v-neck and denim jacket easily.
F. L.L. Bean Cashmere shawl-collar Cardigan, $92.50. Look for this cardigan to make an encore appearance in our Fall Must-haves.

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