Thursday, September 16, 2010

On My Radar: Russian Fur Hats

Rabbit Fur Russian Trapper Hat. LotusvintageNYC on for $32

I'm excited for Fall. I love it. Absolutely cannot get enough of it. One thing I don't love? The impending winter. I'm awful at being cold. And I'm cold a lot. My grandma says I don't have enough "padding" on my bones. (Umm, thanks?) She may be right, but padding or not, one thing that'll keep me warm as the temps continue to drop is a Russian Trapper Hat. Jeer at me if you want, but I'm getting one. Fur is gonna be big for Fall this year. You might go faux fur jacket, well, I'm going big all right. With a huge Russian hat.

Fantasy Fur Cossack Hat, for $30.33

Adrienne Landau Fur Trapper Hat, for $438


Elise / Pennyweight said...

I looooove fur hats as well! I'm totally with you... a big russian fur hat it is! :) I've been looking for the perfect vintage one.

ashley h said...

So have you gotten your Russian hat yet? You must post a pic when you do!

Amber Lehman said...

How did you know??!! I got it yesterday at H & M. Pic coming soon!