Friday, September 17, 2010

Amber and Ash--Part 4

Welcome to the return of the Amber & Ash Fashion | Home series! We are so excited about this one. Amber is designing an outfit inspired by Serena van der Woodsen, and a super glamorous bedroom! I am going to design a bachelor pad for none other than Zac Efron! For those of you who follow my blog, you have seen my “Not Your Average Bachelor Pad” series. That is a real life bachelor renovation, but for the fictional one, we will look at Zac. I asked Amber to describe his style in a few sentences. Here is what she had to say: “The difference in Zac, and say, Justin Timberlake, is that Justin might wear high-tops with his shirt and tie, whereas Zac would just go straight Old Hollywood with it. Zac's hair might always be the trendiest part about him. He always wears things extremely tailored, his suits really skinny, and he just, in general, always looks GQ. Even on the street, he's very put together and fashionable, but not in an in your face way. And of course, he's just handsome as all get out....” Let’s get on with it!

A. Crate and Barrel - Domino 3 Piece Sectional ($3,999). I think a sectional is a perfect fit for a bachelor pad! It is great for friends crashing at your place, playing Halo (which i know nothing about but have several friends married to Halo enthusiasts!), watching reruns of 30 Rock, or just having cocktails with friends. This color is neutral, yet cool. It is not too light and not too dark, and flexible as all get out.

B. Room and Board - Light Brown Cowhide Rug ($399). Cowhide rugs are one of my favorite things! They infuse a little humor into the space, and just tend to lighten up the mood! I have a dark brown and white one in my living room and love it to death! Room and Board has great ones, and if you are ever out West, you can sometimes find them being sold on the side of the road!

C. Design Within Reach - Arco Floor Lamp ($2,696). I love this floor lamp. Sometimes, rooms can feel like the end tables are taking over. If that is the case, get rid of one, and use a floor lamp! I love how this one would drape over the sofa. If this price is out of your budget (definitely is for me!!), then shop around because there are lots of great resources for cheaper ones.

D. Target - Manhattan Room Divider ($199). I love this divider! Because, in my mind, Zac’s bachelor pad is a studio, then you would need a couple of these to break up the spaces. It is so cheap!!! The look is so simple, though, that you can pull it off next to a really expensive sofa. Love it. If you need bookshelves, you could just push it against the wall.

E. Z Gallerie - Marilyn Monroe Print ($89). Is there anyone more Old Hollywood than Marilyn?? She’s so timeless and beautiful. I imagine that Zac has a special place in his heart for her kind of beauty. This print is great. Always remember Z Gallerie when looking for some stock prints that still have style.

F. ZGallerie - Andy Warhol Print ($39). I love Andy!!! This speaks for itself (literally), and gives a pop of color to a really neutral room.

G. Z Gallerie - Aero Side Chair ($149). Every apartment or flat or studio is going to need a small dining area- even if this is just for 2 people. I selected this chair because of its simplicity. It is perfectly tailored, just like Zac’s suits!

H. Z Gallerie- Ava Dining Table ($269). What a great little table! It is perfect for a simple chair like the Aero! I love glass tops, and once again, Z Gallerie knocks it out of the park with this one!

I. Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker (around $100). This is great for someone who lives alone! I have a friend with one of these, and they are so much fun to use! Shop around, because they vary in price depending on where you buy it. I am such a coffee lover, that I cannot imagine living living without one. (Side story- after Hurricane Katrina, I would plug mine into the generator every morning just because I love it THAT much!)

J. Williams Sonoma - Monogrammed Bar Tool Set ($29). This is such a beautiful set of bar tools for such a great price! I would suggest this as a gift for just about any guy in your life! I got my dad the monogrammed shaker from W.S. one year for Christmas, and the quality is great!

K. Zagat Guides (around $20). If I were designing a space for Zac, I would stock it full of Zagat guides! I would get as many different ones as I could find and stack them in that Manhattan divider! These guides are so useful, and being a Hollywood jet-setter, you’re going to be eating in new cities all the time!

L. Z Gallerie - Alto Bed ($699). This is our bed! I love it so much that I wanted to get one for Zac. Our previous house had a very small bedroom and there was no room for end tables. I always used the little ledge to sit my phone, a book, and a glass of water! This bed is so clean and pretty, and really a great price compared to other platform beds from furniture stores. I highly recommend it!

M. Powermat ($99) - I consulted Jared, one of our bachelor friends, to get his take on cool gadgets that guys love/want. He said that these are great! I do not have one, but Jared has good taste :) It is such a great way to charge stuff without all the annoying cords!

N. Apple TV ($149) - Another Jared suggestion! I really am impressed with all things Apple, and this is no exception. Does anyone have Apple TV? Let us know what you think, if so!

O. Crate and Barrel - Troy Chair ($589). How great is this chair?? Club chairs are always pricier than I am expecting, so just go with one that is neutral and amazing. You can dress it up or add color with a pillow or a throw, but keep the chair simple unless you are ready to commit to a color. They are usually more than the sofa if you get a pair! This one gets great reviews and comes in fabulous “neutrals.” I have a broad range of colors that I call neutral. We will push the limits for Zac, and call this “mango” color a neutral. Why not??

I hope you have enjoyed this! I sure have! Designing for men is just like women in that they have their own styles. Some are picky, some are not. Some like clean and refined, and some could not give a rip! I have really enjoyed working on “Not Your Average Bachelor Pad” as well as Zac’s bachelor pad! Leave a comment if you have questions. And please visit my blog to check out what Amber's written on a glam outfit inspired by another young actor in Hollywood, Blake Lively, aka Serena van der Woodsen!

Until next time...much love! ~Ash

*Seriously guys! I know there are a few of you out there! Ash is really great at responding to questions, so please leave them if you have any at all! Paint colors? Furniture? Whatever! ~Amber


Christine said...

zac efron is totally my celebrity crush. there, i said it.

ashley hawthorne said...

Christine, I have no idea how but awhile back I stumbled on your blog and bookmarked it b/c you and your family are so adorable and seem like so much fun! I guess Amber was our common denominator! Maybe you commented on her blog once and i linked? I never remembered how that happened! So, its nice to meet you! I hope you are enjoying motherhood. I'm getting excited!