Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vacation with Yumi Kim

Stop the presses. I'm taking a vacation. I am headed to a tropical locale (although it's been feeling quite tropical here in Nashville!) for a week of fun in the sun and maybe some surfing? There's just something about warm sun and sand that makes me wanna buy cute sundresses. And you know who does some prints that are always perfect for every season? Yumi Kim. Maybe you've heard of her? Her prints are vintage-looking, sometimes slightly tropical and ALWAYS fun. I think we would be friends, Yumi and I.

Yumi consistently offers up a bevy of beautiful patterns, and you're sure to be able to identify with at least one. Right now on her site, she's offering free shipping through August and a sale on a lot of her summery prints. If you're headed on vacay like me or still enduring seemingly endless heat where you are, check her out!

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