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As Seen On AshInteriors.Net!--Room to Outfit 2

Tomorrow is our next room, but like I did last time, in case you missed it, here's the last installment of Amber & Ash found on!

As much as I loved the first room, the second room is much more my style. You'd be much more likely to find this room in my house over the more austere white room from the post below. Ash put it perfectly when she said this room was put-together but still a little rough around the edges. Everything coordinates, but it doesn't match perfectly, which I completely LOVE! I love all the different textures of the pillows, the couch, that rough, raw-looking wood coffee table...this is no cookie-cutter room. It looks like the person who owns this room has collected those pictures over time at flea markets and garage sales, and really cares that their room has character (and they're obviously very fun as they have board games under the coffee table!)

The celebrity who comes to mind is Rachel Bilson. She loves mixing vintage with higher end designer pieces and even those from places like the Gap; her outfits always have plenty of texture, with a slightly eclectic feel. She’s very petite, but with a cute figure that she loves highlighting with waist-accentuating dresses that look like they’re from an earlier era. In some of these pics she’s even wearing more tough shoes with lady-like dresses, kinda like that coffee table. My outfit today is one she might put on to do some shopping around LA…and coincidentally it’s one I would wear in a heartbeat.

A. Winter Kate Ginger Cardigan. $132. The first thing you notice when you look at this room are those screaming red pillows. So the stand-out part of this outfit has to be a fun red pattern. One of my new favorite lines is Winter Kate by Nicole Richie; she’s really gotten it right with this collection. I adore every piece. And while the prices aren’t Wal-Mart prices, they’re not outrageous either. This little cardigan is a nice weight for the summer and would be so completely adorable tied in a knot at the waist.

B. Madewell Bouquet Necklace. $85. I love this necklace. It adds a great touch of fun to this outfit, just like the personality of that couch and those pillows.

C. Essie “Pillow talk” Nail Polish. $6.39. You can’t beat an Essie nail polish for the perfect classy neutral.

D. Peridot and 14K Gold Hammered Band. Another understated piece of gold with the subtle green accent color of the pillows. And my birthstone, the little known peridot.

E. Mbenga Wooden Bangles. $16.99. The mish-mash of paintings and all the wood accents is this stack of bangles you will haphazardly pile on one arm or both.

F. Urban Renewal Cutoff Denim Shorts. $28. I know cutoff denim shorts aren’t for everyone, but just like Alexa Chung in Ash’s last post, you really can wear them with anything if you dare. Red works so great with denim, and I love how the light wash of these shorts really mimics the couch. These could be vintage shorts just like many of those paintings, and they’re destroyed, which goes with our rough-around-the-edges feel. Of course, substitute your own take on denim if cutoffs aren’t your thing.

G. LORAC TANtalizer Body Bronzer. $32. This is one of the must-have products of my lady clients. Before the red carpet, a layer of this adds a very believable bronze glow, and with those shorty-shorts, you may wanna add a little tan of your own.

H. House of Harlow 1960 Tribal Ring. $95. Remember when Don goes to California on ‘Mad Men’? That painting on the upper right might have been in the hotel lobby. And this ring in Nicole Richie’s jewelry collection, House of Harlow, is very reminiscent of that era and adds another piece of eclectic flair. Just like the owner has piled on the paintings, while ingeniously hiding the air vent I might add, we’re piling on the rings.

I. N.Y.L.A. Gwenda Clog. $119.95. That awesome coffee table and those dark wood floors bring a real earthy feel to this room and are a sharp contrast to the pretty pillows. These clogs do the same to this outfit. They add a certain heaviness that offsets the airiness of the floaty cardigan, also helping give that eclectic punch that you wouldn’t get from a predictable sandal or flip-flop. I’ve been loving clogs lately with shorts and dresses…funny, cuz they immediately transport me back to an awkward first date in 1994 when I put them on.

J. Natural Wood Layering Necklace. $34. Ash would know better than me, but is that some sort of wooden wall? I love it. Wallpaper, wood paneling? Who knows? Ash, please do tell! At any rate, who wouldn’t want a gorgeous blonde wood wall instead of boring old paint. Love Free People--so many great pieces. This necklace, in particular, layered with that standout Madewell piece make for an “I dug this out of a bin at the flea market” feel and the natural wood brings in the warmth of the wall to our outfit.

K. Thin Hammered 14k Gold Band. $78. Clearly this room’s owner went crazy with the pictures, but there are few “knick-knacks”, as my mom would call them. There are a couple gold trays on the coffee table, but not a lot of other stuff except for a few books. This ring is a subtle touch of shine, just like the tray. I love a thin gold band on a woman’s pinky. It’s so simple and elegant.

L. Alternative Apparel Runyon Racerback Tank. $35. Just like the beautiful simplicity of the beamed white ceiling is this absolutely perfect tank from my favorite tank-maker Alternative Apparel. (Made in the USA too!)

M. Bonnie Blue Bag. $270. I might put a purse in one of these outfits this summer that’s super-cheap, but I likely won’t. I love a nice, sturdy bag, and this one, like that coffee table, is functional, not showy and gets the job done.

N. Staring at Stars Short Brim Straw Floppy Hat. $28. Again, that wall brings in so much great texture and a hat always does too. How great is a hat, really? Not only are they super-cute with almost any outfit, they hide many a monstrosity of a bad hair day underneath, and people always think you put a little extra work into your outfit. (Psssst. We really didn’t. Our hair’s just super-dirty under here.)

Well, folks, we made it another week! I literally cannot wait for what Ash has up her sleeve for the next room! But, until then please check out my blog today for this week’s celeb, the always adorable Reese Witherspoon! Xoxo-Amber

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