Monday, July 12, 2010

On My Radar: All Navajo All The Time

Amanda Valentine, my muse
Note the Navajo necklace.

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Racer Back Dress, for $238
An investment, but so lovely.

That title in itself is probably blasphemous to the Indian nation. I'm not even sure if the things I am picking below are "Navajo" or just "American Indian" or like most "Mexican" food in America...not actually "Mexican." Either way, on my radar this month is everything Native-American-inspired.

I've definitely owned plenty of turquoise in my life, but recently I began seriously courting Native American because of my love for Nashville clothing designer and part-time stylist Amanda Valentine, whom I've rarely seen without two braids in her hair and Minnetonkas (I recently worked on the Steel Magnolia video with her.) If, like her, you'd rather wear moccasins than Nikes, and you wanna take some Navajo or um, Native American, for a spin, here are some of my fave pieces.

Sterling Silver Feather Earrings, for $24.99
So cute and authentic too.

Navajo Beaded Hip Belt, for $38
Perfect for all the tucking-in that you're doing lately.

Two-button Moccasin Boots, for $34.95
Wear with shorts, wear with skirts, wear with jeans.

Tribal Seed-Bead Necklace, for $28
This is dramatic, yet perfect for a t-shirt and cargoes.

Terrifically Turquoise Ring, for $24.99
Soooo cute.

Beaded Chandelier Earring, for $29.50
Handmade on Etsy. Helloooooo.

Navajo-printed sunglasses, for $20.29
'80s Navajo perfection.


Anonymous said...
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Mattie Babb said...

Hi, Amber!
I'm friends with Ashley Hawthorne, although I'm pretty sure I stumbled onto your blog for the first time via Lana Hunt's article in Scene Magazine.
I've been following for a little while now, and love your blog! This post is one of my faves though. LOVE Native American influences.
Also loving the Fashion & Home series you and Ashley are doing. She filled me in a little while ago and I've been chompin' at the bit, waiting for it to start and I'm so glad it has!
Just wanted to let you know you have a fan!

Amber Lehman said...

Oh Thanks so much, Mattie!!! And thanks for commenting! I love commenters :-)

Anonymous said...
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