Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dude Outfit of the Month

Have you guys been to Billy Reid yet? Heard of it? Oh, it's so dreamy. I feel transported to retail the way it must have been 30 years ago...and also kinda want a highball glass of bourbon when I walk in. Maybe B. Reid is a little out of your price range to shop there on a regular basis, but it's nothing if not inspiring to walk in and browse. And this little Florence, AL, shop is spreading like wild fire, even starting to sell their wares at Bloomingdale's soon. That's huge! Yay Billy! He even had a jacket on Joe Jonas in last month's Teen Vogue. I'm sure you guys are all big fans. Of Joe Jonas. And Teen Vogue. I'm sure of it. (The whole spread is actually quite cool and Americana. Check it out here.)

This month's dude outfit of the month is inspired by Billy Reid. Buy there or buy at the Gap, either way, it's a great look for summer. Here's fair warning though, my friend and neighbor YMCA Ryan tried a similar look toned down for work the other day, and well, he got jeered at. Going in strong like he did with the red and white gingham invites predictable, lame comments like "You look like a picnic table", so just get ready. You can always fire back with, "Well, so does your mom." Or something....

The formula: Gingham shirt/sleeves rolled up/untucked/no under-shirt + light wash jeans/cuffed at the bottom + slip-on loafers

Short-sleeved gingham shirt, Gap $49.50
Billy Reid red/white gingham shirt


Reverse selvage light-wash jeans and loafers, Billy Reid $195 for both
Budget alternative: Levi's 501 Original Shrink-to-Fit Jeans, $40
and Steve Madden loafer, $59.50

Persol sunglasses, $360
Budget alternative: Charlie sunglasses, $11


andy matthews said...

I like it Amber. Not sure how I feel about the cuffs though...with the light colored jeans the darker cuffs seem to not match as well. But then I'm not a stylist.

Anonymous said...
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erin flett said...

This is so simple but totally hot! e