Friday, July 2, 2010

Coming Soon! Amber and Ash!

Ashley Sullivan Hawthorne and I were roommates in college. As with any apartment full of girls there are plenty of stories there—oh my goodness are there, but we’ll save those for another blog.

I was a microbiology major at LSU, and Ash was in interior design. I always secretly envied the cool projects she got to do. For example, an average weeknight might find me slaving to memorize the life cycle of a paramyxovirus, while Ash would be happily constructing a Jenga-like craft project consisting of toothpicks and cotton balls. Even though our paths could not have been more divergent at the time, we always identified with each other. Ash and I both loved decorating, and we both loved clothes (still do!) I was a “scientist in training”, but Ash will tell you she never knew what I was gonna walk out of my room wearing. Likewise, I never knew what shade of lipstick she’d be rocking or what wild print she might be loving on any given day.

Fast forward to present day and our careers have become even more similar than either of us could have imagined. She has become a very successful interior designer in Baton Rouge, making homes and offices, even university coffee shops look beautiful, and of course, I’m no longer a microbiologist but a wardrobe stylist, making people look beautiful but also loving to decorate my house on the side ;-).

We thought it would be fun to combine forces and guest write on each other’s blogs this summer with a new feature we’re both calling the Amber & Ash Fashion | Home series. I will be taking a room and making an outfit, and she will be taking an outfit and making a room. We’ll both be giving helpful tips too! And what’s great is that we both have similar styles and believe in spending money on certain pieces while making the rest of the aesthetic, whether outfits or interiors, work with budget items. So if you enjoy this blog, then you will love what she has to say! I hope you’ll bookmark and continue to visit for more great ideas from her about your home. Oh-and Ashley has another really fun blog where she has begun to absolutely TRANSFORM her ranch style home, which I am completely fascinated by. Bookmark it TOO!

Hope you enjoy the Amber & Ash Fashion | Home series this summer. We've scoured the internet for some beyond-awesome stuff, and we're giddily excited about it. We're starting with Week 1 on Monday. Tell your friends. And if you have suggestions, please COMMENT! Have a great weekend, guys!


megan kelly said...

in the least mom-ish way possible, i'm really proud and excited. you guys are two of the most talented women i know. i can't wait to read/see what you create.

Anonymous said...
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Natalie said...

Yay! Cannot wait to see what's coming! Love your blog!