Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brandon Heath and Cole Haan

I think the cat's finally out of the bag...my good buddy Brandon Heath sang at Carrie Underwood's wedding. To be exact, he sang his song "Love Never Fails" as their first dance, and it was a surprise from Carrie to Mike. Can we all just say "Awwwwww!" All together now: "AWWWWW!!!" Anywho, if we've been buddies for a while, you might know that Brandon sang in my wedding too. He actually sang as I walked down the aisle. Hmmm, guess Carrie and I have pretty good dang taste in wedding singers.

All this is a long way of saying I helped Brandon get his wedding outfit together because he was so busy recording his newest album, and then we worked on his photo shoot for said album the next week. I found some great stuff while working on both; my favorite and one I'll admonish all you dude readers to look into is the pair of Cole Haan loafers above. They're the perfect warm, antiquey brown and great with grey or navy pants or jeans. Heck, replace the driving loafers in the dude outfit of the month with these. Another fun fact about 'em (besides that they're now ON SALE!!) is that this particular lace-up is a remake of one of the first shoes that Mr. Cole and Mr. Haan ever made. The box even has the original company logo.

I pulled those shoes (but we went with a shoe from Billy Reid) for his wedding suit, but I loved them so much, I had to blog about them. The pic above and the ones below were included on my "mood board" for the Brandon job. I hope they inspire your stylish life today.

Courtesy of GQ.com (clearly)
Another great way to wear a denim shirt. The ways are endless, really.

Also GQ.com
White jeans...would you dare?

From J. Crew
Love the combination of rough jeans with dressy on top.
It's all very sexy school teacher. Grrr.

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