Sunday, July 18, 2010

As Seen On AshInteriors.Net!--Room to Outfit 1

Here is my very first guest-blog on in case you peeps weren't able to read it. Get excited about tomorrow!! New room. New awesome outfit.

Hi, everyone! If you guys don’t already know me, nice to meet you! Like Ash said, I’m a wardrobe stylist in Nashville, but during the summer, it’s much too hot here to film or shoot outside, not to mention that most of the artists are on summer tours. So, we slow waaaay down; I sorta feel like a schoolteacher with these summer breaks I experience in my job. With that said, I am beyond excited to devote some of my free time to doing another thing I love—talking about fashion and interiors—and my first “guest blogging” experience! Ash and I hope you have as much fun reading along as we have had putting it all together for you. Now onto our first room-to-outfit transformation!

I love the palette of our first room. It feels very intentional in that the designer has made the walls, trim and floors stark white, really allowing the accessories to pop off this blank canvas. That gilded clock, those lovely mirrors and frames, the old books, and the vintage-looking side chairs all really stand out. Likewise in fashion, one of the best parts of this time of year is the simplicity of a lot of our wardrobe pieces—khaki boyfriend shorts, white sundresses, barely-there sandles. When it’s hot, we’re likely only wearing one layer any way. So why not take a nod from this room and make it a solid color (even white!), and add a great necklace or classic watch. People will notice your sun-kissed, glowy skin and jewelry for sure.

This room is classic with a little bit of modern thrown in—you don’t get much more classic than those mid-century white chairs--but the clean lines of the coffee table and the brightness of the room keep it very modern. Maybe I’ve been watching too much of The City, but the first person I thought of whose style corresponds to this room is Olivia Palermo. If you think about it, Olivia is most well-known for her accessories. I mean, she’s an accessories editor at Elle. Besides that, she tends to wear a catalog of very few colors, mostly earth tones and black, completely opposite the protagonist Whitney Port, who is fearless with color and patterns. Also, you’ll really never see Miss Palermo without a classic bag or shoe--even her hair is timeless! She’s also touted her love of vintage timepieces as well. Somehow, despite wearing mostly subdued wardrobe items like in these pictures, she manages to be simultaneously cutting-edge and modern.

Here are the pieces that make up our room, tagline: inspired by Olivia Palermo.

  1. French Connection Bella Jersey Dress. $168. French Connection is one of my favorite lines for “grown-ups.” The pieces are well-made, on-trend, and easy on the pocket book. The room as a blank canvas inspired this dress. Anytime you wear all white, your accessories will tell the story. I love how this dress, like our room, is classic and modern at the same time. Gosh, those shoulder pads have spanned generations.
  2. Nixon Kensington Watch. $120. One of the first things I noticed in our room is that bright gold clock. Olivia wears Cartier, and well, we wear Nixon. All the same, an oversized gold watch is a must-have right now. If you can get your hands on a vintage men’s one, even better.
  3. Gorjana Peyton Leather Bali Studded Bracelet. $55. I have a tendency to want to add a bit of toughness to every outfit, but the diminutive size of these studs keeps them lady-like. The black books in the foreground are a real statement, so I chose black bracelets like this one to mimic that. They bring in the shoe nicely as well.
  4. Sephora Maniac Long-wearing Lipstick in Rich Chocolate Shimmer. $12. Echoing some of the color in the artwork frames is this classic brown lipstick. Oh, and it’s coming back--the bold late-‘80s lip (think old school Cindy Crawford.) Ease into it with something a little more sheer like this one from Sephora.
  5. Ann Taylor Swarovski Stud Earrings. $40. When listing women’s retailers that appeal to a more timeless style of dressing, Ann Taylor is one of the first. And every girl needs a pair of “diamond” stud earrings. When all else fails in choosing an earring, these ALWAYS work. If you’re wearing a statement necklace, for example, these beauties are all your ear lobe needs.
  6. We the Free Piano Trench Jacket. $49.95. Another one of those items that every girl needs—a classic trench coat. This one is perfect for a windy night on a patio and matches the spirit of the room.
  7. Hayden-Harnett Lorca Bag. $269.10. Ringing in at over $250, this purse is one of our “investment” pieces. If you wag your purse around as much as I do, you really do need one built to last. This bag adds that pop of burgundy to the outfit that the artwork on the right-hand wall does to the room.
  8. Rosegold Suede Wedges. $168. If you’re on your feet as much as I am, you realize that it really does pay to invest in good shoes. Rosegold is one of my new favorite lines. Adored by celebrities and the sister shoe of Modern Vintage (like the room!), these wedges are European-crafted of the softest leather. The front gladiator-style panel is really on-trend and adds a cool twist to our white shift dress.
  9. Gorjana Leather Skinny-Studded Bracelet. $55. Add this Gorjana bracelet to either wrist, either mixed with the other leather bracelet or wear both on the same side as your watch.
  10. Anthropologie Petaled Remains Scarf. $48. I love how the pattern and color of this scarf perfectly mimic the side chairs in this living space.
  11. OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques” nail polish. $5.99. This grey nail polish, I swear, is our generation’s answer to our grandma’s classic bright. It’s no longer even trendy to wear it so much as it’s just your every day nail color. “You Don’t Know Jacques” matches the palette and the classic modern feel of the room.
  12. Target Oversized Sunglasses. $16.99. Jackie O sunglasses will never go out of style. Olivia Palermo would probably wear the Chanel version of these of course, and would never be caught dead in glasses as faddish as Wayfarers.
  13. Oval Bead Hinge Bracelet. $5.90. I needed something in this outfit that would bring in the more ornate, vintage-inspired flair of the frames and the curvier shape of the side chairs in the room. I think this bracelet does just that. And at $6 from Forever 21, you can buy a headband to match.

Whew! That’s our first outfit! Hope you had as much fun as I did! There is lots more to come from Amber and Ash, so stay tuned! Please visit my blog at to see how Ash was able to transfer Alexa Chung’s style into a room and let us know if you like it. Questions or comments are welcome! Til next time—Amber.


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