Monday, July 5, 2010

Amber and Ash--Part 1

When Amber asked me about being a guest blogger, I have be honest… I was so excited! I may have even squealed! I absolutely love how fashion and interior design interact, so being given the opportunity to highlight that through this “project” was just really exciting. I’ll give you a little background info on how our fields regularly collide, and then we’ll move on to the Alexa-inspired living room!

Interiors usually follow fashion by one year. What I mean by that is that colors, trends, textures, etc. show up in fashion one year before you will see them show up in interior design. Upon being aware of this, you will certainly see traces of it in your life! Remember when everything in H&M, JCrew, and Gap was yellow and gray? Well, the next year that showed up in home “fashion!” Knowing this gives you a leg-up on beating the trends! You can be a step ahead thanks to Amber and Ash!

Let us move on to Alexa Chung. Has there ever been anyone cooler? Maybe not. She is more than an “it girl.” She has managed to hop across the ocean and take us by storm! Alexa followed in the tracks of Sienna Miller and Sarah Jessica Parker and has created this ridiculous style of her own. She has been known to refer to herself as “schoolgirl meets grandma!” She is casual with a touch of carefully placed glam, unexpected, earthy, quirky, and really does make H&M paired with Chanel seem perfect. The room I have designed reflects this style. It is anchored by a couple more expensive pieces that are intended to last for many years. I’ll go item by item to help you know how to create this look for yourself.

A. Room and Board Reese Sofa. At $4300, this is that piece that you will keep for a looooong time. Think of this classic beautifully warm caramel sofa as the “Chanel” piece that Alexa throws in there so effortlessly! If it is out of your budget you can find similar pieces for less, but plan on paying $1000 for a decent upholstery sofa, and $2500 or more for leather.

B. Coffee Table. This piece is $299, and stands up nicely to the sofa. Because it is round, it works perfectly with the sectional. Black iron and glass will never go out of style.

C. Anthropologie Chest. How great is this? It looks JUST like Alexa! Ringing in at $998, this was one I debated. It is pricey, but it matched her style so well I could not resist. You could also just shop around at vintage stores and thrift stores and see if you can find something a little ratty but quirky like this. I bet you really could!
D. Anthropologie Lobster Rug. Here is the unexpected! It is sort of “granny” in its colors but no granny I know would have a huge ridiculously awesome lobster rug. Retails for $495.
E. ZGallerie Geo Garden Stools. You can snag these for $99 each and use them as either side tables or stools. They are adorable and add a little touch of glam!
F. Urban Outfitters Ludhiana Bench. This is so great. Guests could sit on this and KNOW that you are not pretentious. Only $128.
G. Anthropologie Curtains. A girl like Alexa has got to have her privacy! I love really open windows that allow a ton of light to flood in, but if I thought the paparazzi could snap a pic of me- then I would most certainly invest in some beautiful shabby curtains. $208 per panel.
H. West Elm Coco Mirror. This adds such great texture for $199.
I. Target’s Black Chandelier. This chandelier anchors the space for only $299. Who loves Target? I do! Amber does!
J. Gold Record Wall Clock. This great little accessory is $42. If you have a ton of money, you could just go ahead and buy some real gold and platinium records, but it you are NOT a bazilionaire, these will sub just fine!
K. ZGallerie Wall Art. Did you notice that Alexa’s shorts are giving a nod to every Southern Belle’s favorite cowgirl, Daisy Duke? Because of this, I threw in the cow paintings from ZGallerie. $69.95 each.
L. Succulent Plants. I think every room needs some plants. At LEAST one. If you are a jetsetter and really do not have the time to keep up fancy plants, then just spring for some succulents. They require very little attention. I recently got some for my house and I absolutely love them.
M. Urban Outfitters Bird Hook. $8. Can you just see a beautiful Chanel bag hanging from this? What a fun conundrum!
N. Urban Outfitters Ruffle Stripe Pillow. Romantic and adorable! This pillow is only $28, so why not get 2 in different colors?

This has been a treat! Thanks, Amber for the invite! Hop on over to my blog and check out a role reversal. I provided Amber with a room and she created an outfit. Such fun times! Love--Ash (Note from Amber: Thanks, Ash! Also, we'll figure out how to make Ash's room bigger next time. If you want me to email you a pdf so you can view it bigger, let me know!)


Kat S said...

I love Alexa -- she's such the antidote to the Hilton/Lohans of the world. She is HUGE in London & now lives out in Brooklyn!! I loved seeing her style translated into interiors. Like Top Shop for home. Thanks Ash!

Anonymous said...
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ashley h said...

thanks, Kat! this has been alot of fun. i'm excited about next monday's part 2 edition. make sure to check back :)

and yes- alexa is a great antidote to those cats.