Thursday, May 6, 2010

I bought some clogs. So sue me.

Maddox Platform Clog, Lucky Brand $39.99

OMG, I'm such a slave to fashion. I bought some clogs. I told you I was getting clog fever, and just like that, I am a full-blown clog lover. I'm telling you, I slipped my foot in them and was transported back to 1994 (cue nostalgic feeling.) They feel amazing. I can't even hide it. You should really swing on by the Lucky Brand site. They've got LOTS of cute stuff on sale, including the clogs above that I bought. I seriously trotted all over multiple malls, and for reals, my back didn't hurt a bit. There's something to that wooden sole--those Dutch are onto something.


ashley h said...

i love your clogs :) I always think they make my legs look longer and skinnier (which is a good thing) b/c they are so clunky!

ashley h said...

I am most certainly a "I totally look like I should be in St. Barth's wearing this cover-up, don't I?" kinda girl. i got a great one from anthro last year that looks similar and i cant wait to break that thing out this year!