Friday, May 21, 2010

Eugenia Kim at Target

Eugenia Kim for Target straw fedora, $16.99

I'm a little late to this rodeo, but Eugenia Kim, world-renowned milliner*, now has a hat line at Target. I bought one yesterday, and I'm in love. Hats are so great, we can all agree, but especially after my morning. Pretty soon after a round of hot yoga today, I had an early morning meeting. Not having time to fully wash my hair, my new Eugenia Kim served to not only cover up my hot (mess) yoga hair, but also my still 2-hours-post-workout red face. Yes, I'm that girl, it's not just a very natural-looking blush.

The one I got is at the top, but there are some very fun ones that would be sweet beach hats also. Be sure and check 'em out next time you're in ye old Bullseye.

*I may or may not have written this entire blog post so I could use the word milliner for the first time ever in a sentence.


Terrah Hamilton said...

Props on your milliner!! post... I've always wanted to say and write that word in a real sentence, too! ha!

Kristi said...

It's such a My Fair Lady kind of word!