Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BCBGeneration Sale

Hi! I was at Dillard's yesterday and noticed that the already well-priced BCBGeneration was an extra 30% off. Thought I would share!

BCBGeneration might be the perfect line for where I am in life. I want to look mature, but still fun. I want quality fabrics, but I don't wanna pay a zillion dollars. BCBGeneration is great for both these, especially since Joyce Azria took over as creative director for the line a little while back. She's brought a much-needed spunk to this younger sister of BCBG without compromising quality. They have a massive inventory of it at Dillard's, like I said above, that you can see in person, but the deals can be found online as well until June 1st! I've picked a few of my must-have pieces below. Happy Shopping!

Printed v-neck tank, BCBGeneration for $58 (add 30% off!)

Smocked Short, BCBGeneration for $58.00 (add 30% off!)

Studded cross-body satchel, BCBGeneration for $78
(add 30% off!)

Zipper-front Romper, BCBGeneration for $88 (add 30% off!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

On My Radar: Peach Nail Polish

So right now: Safari. Think army green twill pants, wild prints, outdoorsy, muted palettes, and a big floppy hat...super-exciting, right? I'm not quite there on the prints, but I love myself some army green, and my closet could certainly use a little punch.

I'm thinking with all this wildness going on, that it might be time to take it down a notch on the nail polish. After a winter of screaming jades and purples, I wanna blend in a little more. But not too much! The remedy: A perfect peach. Make no mistake. I don't mean the sheer, you-can-hardly-tell-I-have-on-nail-polish peach. But a yummy, orangey, reminds-me-of-a-creamsicle peach--the color peach that will perfectly work with any safari print you throw at it and complement any shade of olive.

The one on the left is Shades by Barielle in Blossom and below are some others that I just adore. If anyone's tried any of these or has a peachy suggestion of your own--let me know!

Revlon Nail Enamel in Peach Nectar, Drugstore.com for $4.79

Nail Polish in Palm Springs, American Apparel for $6.00

OPI Cosmo-not Tonight Honey, Cosmetic Market for $8.50

Friday, May 21, 2010

Eugenia Kim at Target

Eugenia Kim for Target straw fedora, $16.99

I'm a little late to this rodeo, but Eugenia Kim, world-renowned milliner*, now has a hat line at Target. I bought one yesterday, and I'm in love. Hats are so great, we can all agree, but especially after my morning. Pretty soon after a round of hot yoga today, I had an early morning meeting. Not having time to fully wash my hair, my new Eugenia Kim served to not only cover up my hot (mess) yoga hair, but also my still 2-hours-post-workout red face. Yes, I'm that girl, it's not just a very natural-looking blush.

The one I got is at the top, but there are some very fun ones that would be sweet beach hats also. Be sure and check 'em out next time you're in ye old Bullseye.

*I may or may not have written this entire blog post so I could use the word milliner for the first time ever in a sentence.

Friday, May 14, 2010

5 Gals::5 Swimsuit Cover-ups

So, I'm at the beach. I know you hate me right now, but I've been working more-or-less non-stop since The Band Perry video we shot back on January 12th. I desperately need this downtime to re-fuel and catch up on my backlog of magazines or it is a guarantee that the next job I'm on, I'll barely have the inspiration left to put together a t-shirt-and-jeans outfit. So while I've been catching up on Elle, NYLON, and tons of others, I've been thinking about upgrading my swimsuit cover-up. Here are Five Beach Cover-ups for Five Different Gals. I can identify with any of these on any given beach trip--which one are you?

The "I totally look like I should be in St. Barth's
wearing this cover-up, don't I?" cover-up.
Debbie Katz embroidered tunic, Victoria's Secret for $114

The "I'm a fashionista even in Panama City" cover-up.
Striped linen cover-up sweater, Victoria's Secret for $58

The "You'd better believe I'll go to cocktails
in this cover-up" cover-up.
Brette Sandler 'Alexis' tunic, Bluefly.com for $126

The "I can also play volleyball
in this cover-up, bee-otch" cover-up.

Racerback Hooded Terry Dress, Old Navy for $19.50

The "Maybe I'm actually brave enough to not wear this as just
a swimsuit cover-up..." cover-up.

Tri-Blend Halter Romper, American Apparel for $28.00

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I bought some clogs. So sue me.

Maddox Platform Clog, Lucky Brand $39.99

OMG, I'm such a slave to fashion. I bought some clogs. I told you I was getting clog fever, and just like that, I am a full-blown clog lover. I'm telling you, I slipped my foot in them and was transported back to 1994 (cue nostalgic feeling.) They feel amazing. I can't even hide it. You should really swing on by the Lucky Brand site. They've got LOTS of cute stuff on sale, including the clogs above that I bought. I seriously trotted all over multiple malls, and for reals, my back didn't hurt a bit. There's something to that wooden sole--those Dutch are onto something.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Foolproof Dude Outfit of the Month

Dudes love sports. It's a known fact. And while today is one of the biggest sporting events of the entire year, The Kentucky Derby, it may also be the preppiest one of them all. Where else are mint juleps served in glasses sold at the concession stand? Wait, I'm sure it's not called a "concession stand" at Churchill Downs, right? Concession stands are at dirt tracks selling corn dogs and chicken-on-a-stick, not in the infield of the Derby.

So today's dude outfit of the month takes its inspiration from the high-society side--slightly faded gingham shirt, cardigan, khaki shorts, and Top-Siders. You wouldn't be caught dead in this at the actual Derby of course, but maybe at a Derby party or another outdoor BBQ this summer. Any plaid or patterned shirt will work, or you could mix it up with a solid shirt like this on top and plaid shorts on the bottom. Hope the Top-Siders don't scare you. Happy Derby Day, guys!

Secret Wash gingham shirt, J. Crew $59.50


Sun-faded Stanton short, J. Crew for $59.50


Koto Roadster Cardigan, Urban Outfitters for $48


Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Lace, Zappos for $59.95


Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster sunglasses, Amazon.com for $108.75