Thursday, March 25, 2010

Imogene and Willie Goings-On

I am VEH-HHEEERRRYY excited about this garage sale. See below for more fun stuff happening at the coolest little venue in 12South--Imogene + Willie.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On My Radar: The Gap

Anybody who knows me well would probably be shocked to know that I'm recently loving the Gap. If you know me super-well, you also know that I struggle with calling it "The Gap". There's no "the" on the sign and being the rule-follower that I am, I wanna pronounce exactly what's there. But as everyone calls our local grocery "The Kroger", so goes "The Gap" in my mind. And besides, you sound like a dummy when you say, "I'm going to Gap." It's like you just didn't finish your sentence. "You're going to gap
what?" Therefore, I've succumbed.

Anyway, all that personal confession aside, THE Gap is very cute lately. I have recently documented my obsession with Steven Alan plaid shirts, and they have some that rival these in quality and coolness now. There are so many great, GREAT washes of denim in about a million fits. And while in no way can I vouch for their stretch-out-y-ness, they sure look good on paper. If anyone has tried a pair there lately and can give us a heads-up on whether we're gonna be in Saggy-Butt City if we wear them for more than 2 hrs., please DO TELL.

And I CANNOT forget the Boyfriend Cuffed T. Obsessed (and they're $12.99 each!) Want one in every color. Great for covering the muffin top that everyone but Gisele gets with jeans that actually fit in the waist. But also SUPER cool and current under a fitted blazer with skinny jeans, flats or oxfords, and a great scarf. This will most likely be my spring uni.

Thank you Creative Director Patrick Robinson for helping turn this franchise around. We're pumped to see what you're gonna come up with next!

Cuffed Boyfriend T in tomato, $12.99 (on sale!)

Denim Legging in rinse, $69.50

Denim biker jacket in light wash, $69.50. This would be so cute over spring sundresses! Or over that boyfriend T!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking At Online Today...

This might be the perfect work party dress. Plenty of coverage, but such a fun print. Love. Nanette Lepore for $104.40.

I love I love sales. I especially love 70% off sales. So I find myself looking at some 70% off sales this fine afternoon.

I'm thinking about my sis-in-law Beth during my online search today. Beth has a fab new job at The Dotted Line. Well, this job requires her to go to more sassy party events than her old job as...well, we won't talk about the old job. Suffice it to say, The Dotted Line is giving her more opportunities to get out. So today, I am on the hunt for some cheap, cutie lil' party dresses for Bethy to get her mix-and-mingle on. Here are some of the best deals I found on my first stop at Shopbop.

This LBD is begging for a statement necklace like this one. Joie for $109.20. (And they have it in a gorgie magenta.)

Great color. Lose the booties. Dolce Vita for $52.80

Now THIS is a little black dress. For your bootie edification (wait, that sounds bad), umm, this bootie is a much better height than the one above to wear with dresses. That piece of advice is free. The dress, however, Elizabeth and James for $139.50.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

THE Best Layering Tanks

The other day I got a call, or was it a BBM? It was Carrie, my lovely and oh-so-competent, never-lets-me-forget-where-my-keys-are assistant, wanting to know my thoughts on which layering tanks and tees she should buy for this spring. You see, Carrie is trying to make what I call a GUD--grown-up decision. GUD's can range from going to bed early when you have a meeting the next morning instead of staying up drinking wine with your buddies, to decisions like this: spending a little extra on things you're going to wear a lot. She asked me where she should buy basic tanks to wear under cardigans, sheer shirts, etc. I unequivocally said that my favorite ones are from Alternative Apparel.

If you're in the Atlanta area, there's a storefront there, but it's the closest one to Nashville. Otherwise, you gotta go online or there are some basic selections at stores like Dillard's and Macy's. Alternative also has tons of guys' tees and hoodies, and what they do so well are those basic neutral colors that guys and girls love. And they look already lived-in, which means you'll have to keep yourself from automatically reaching for them everyday.

I highly recommend this tank, which I own and wear at least twice a week. Alternative does burnout (which I'm totally obsessed with) in a way that's not so sheer you have to layer another tank underneath so that friends/strangers/randoms don't see your business. That tank would be the perfect layering piece under this wonderfully slouchy tee. I LIVE in tees like this. So comfy!