Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On My Radar: Cut-out Shoulder Tops

Confession: I love "Keeping up with the Kardashians." Like, LOVE. So much so, that when Matt and I were in Miami a few weeks ago, I went several blocks out of my way to take a picture of their boutique. It's not that I think Kim and I could actually be friends. I mean, maybe we would. But it seems that we don't have much in common...except that Reggie Bush is both of our boyfriends. Wow, the confessions just keep coming, don't they? Just kidding, but you know I love the Saints, soooo, I love Reggie. Simply put, I am entertained by them. And it doesn't hurt that they have infinite wardrobe budgets either; so that's just fun to watch. Some people get their fix from the Real Housewives, I get mine from the Kardashians.

This is a long way around saying that I first starting noticing cutout shoulder tops (that I actually liked) on Kim during one of my KUWTK marathons one Saturday. In one episode, she wears one in two or three different colors. I got excited because I liked that she was wearing a t-shirt version instead of a dressy/fake silk/Charlotte Russe/corny version. I can't live without t-shirts and think this is an interesting way to make a t-shirt more fun. Here's Ms. Bush at a Miami Dolphins game a while back wearing one by Elizabeth and James (below.)

This look can easily creep into Wet Seal territory, so you gotta be careful. Keep it simple like Kim does. With the cutouts, you don't need much else.

I recently bought this one from I Heart Ronson, Charlotte Ronson's uber-affordable line at JCPenney. I know. JCPenney's. My mom made me go. I Heart Ronson is worth the trip though. I promise.


liner said...

you're hilarious. and entertaining. I wore my one cut-out shoulder top yesterday. all-saint's chunky, black and white striped - you'd be proud.

Carrie said...

this just made me lol.