Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ruthie Sayles Hairpieces

Me in my hairpiece, loyal blog-reader and friend Libby,
and longtime buddy Ashley

I'm in hell. Bangs-growing-out-and-look-awkward-all-the-time hell. Don't get me wrong, I loved my straight-across bangs, but it was time for a change. In the meantime though, they just lie there, limply, with no style whatsoever. Bobby pins are a lifesaver, of course, but they're just boring. Therefore, I've been wearing my Ruthie Sayles hairpiece at least four times a week. I mean, it made an appearance at three different Christmas parties (see above.)

Every girl needs a little hair clippie for growing out bangs like me OR for the day when that one side of your hair just doesn't look right or just cuz you like yourself some bling. And Ruthie's are amazing because they're all completely unique! She scours flea markets and antique stores everywhere she goes to unearth the perfect pieces to craft each one. I've included pics of the little bird cage display that she has in stores as well as some of my favorites. She'll custom make 'em also, and she's a lovely person to boot!

In town, you can get 'em at Emmaline and Fruition. In Louisiana, they're at Grandmother's Buttons, and they are soon to be in Brooklyn as well at catbird. Stay tuned for many more great things to come from this gal.

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xoxxo said...

Love these! I just got a cute headband a lot like the pieces you showcased at: