Sunday, January 31, 2010

Foolproof Dude Outfit of the Month

Salt and Pepper Zip Hoody, American Apparel for $42


Chambray Long-Sleeve Button-up, American Apparel for $54


Fine Jersey Short Sleeve V-Neck, American Apparel for $19


Protege Jean in Morven, AG Jeans for $170
or a more budget-friendly option at


6.0 Zoom Oncore 2 Men's Shoes, Nike for $85

I'm pretending that I have about 1000 readers per day when I tell you that I'm starting a new feature! Hilarious, I know, but I actually think it could be helpful to the 3 guys who follow me on Twitter. So, here's the encore installment of a new ALS feature "Dude Outfit of the Month." And maybe for the other 6 of you readers who are female (thank you, Caroline and Annie), you could always use this feature as fodder for gift-giving or maybe you'll just skip reading this day. Whatevs.

This outfit was completely elicited by my friend Andy Wilson, and inspired by Justin Timberlake. Andy is a local producer who specializes in doing pop music for kids, although he's very talented in lots of other areas. Andy's just getting started being the face of his music, so he "consulted me" about his look. He'll laugh if he ever reads this, because my consultation consisted of a conversation over text and a one minute phone call he made from the Buckle to me a couple weeks ago. At any rate, being a former CPA (as in accounting), he needed a little instruction on getting out of the pull over/zip-up sweater/Banana Republic genre and into the cool/children's music producer/mildly hip-hop genre. I immediately thought Justin Timberlake. J.T. can sort of be a chameleon going from pencil-thin suit to rocking leather jacket and tee, but when you see him out on an everyday basis (i.e. when you consult Google images for paparazzi shots), he's always looking very cool but relaxed. This is the direction I thought Andy should go because it's easy, it doesn't look like you're trying too hard, and JT's look has a slightly hip-hop inspiration, which Andy has a little of as well.

It's our dude outfit of the month because almost every normal guy I know is already wearing relaxed jeans, so it's easy to go out and get the other pieces. (The others are all hanging out at Frothy Monkey looking very vibey with their skinny jeans and suspiciously dirty-looking hair.) So, if you're in the vibey category, you can just swap out the relaxed jeans for skinnies and the Dunks for Chucks. Also, each piece can be racheted up or down according to your fear/trendiness level--brighter hoodie, striped hoodie, bolder Dunks, etc.

Addendum: Love this hat to top it all off (ha!), if you're into hats...and bad puns.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jessica Harp--"A Woman Needs"

You guys know I love Jessica Harp. She's such a great artist, and she wrote this great song "A Woman Needs". Uhhh, it's SO GOOD! And if you're a girl who is in any way nostalgic, you will love this video. (And if you're a guy, you'll love it because JH is a super-hottie.) I dressed Jess for it and the lovely Amanda Valentine took care of all the "friends" in the video. Directed by the way-too-much-fun Kristen by Lorena Lopez and hair by Neil Robison. If you're sitting around with way too much time on your hands, check out this feature on, with some behind-the-scenes footage. It never ceases to amaze me at how utterly ridiculous I always look when I'm on these things. Sheesh.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Looking At Online Today...

Short-sleeve heart sweater, French Connection for $37.99

How cute is this?! Overstock, just stop it, will ya? ", not just for buying sheets anymore, but also for buying cute heart sweaters."

Saints locker room hat, for $27.99

I know it's abnormal for a girl to know more about football than 90% of males. I can't help it. I'm a middle linebacker hidden in a chick's body. And the Saints are going to the Super Bowl for the first. time. ever. (!!) Dear Baby Jesus, if someone should feel so inclined to give me tickets to go to it, please let them. Amen.

Ted Stud Rubber Boots, Pour la Victoire for $285

I know that the price of these is completely outrageous, but, ohmygah. Studded rain boots.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wow, Victoria's Secret has cute clothes? Huh?

I'm gonna be honest. I usually don't even make it past the recycling bin from the mailbox with the Victoria's Secret catalog. Looking at 40 pages of lingerie followed by an immediate sense that I should go to the gym? Yeah, I'll pass. For some reason, I think because the mag was upside-down and the girl on the back cover looked cool, I thumbed through the most recent edition to be delivered. Frankly, I was shocked at how many cute things there were. And they are affordable!! Here are a few of the the ones I loved and some ideas I have about them.

On left: floral dress, $39.50;
On right: floral corset dress, $59.50, slouchy cardigan, $39.50

I really do love both of these little frocks. I even like how the one on the right is styled with the slouchy cardigan. Add a pair of sweater tights and booties or boots to either, and you could wear it now. And of course, in a couple of months you could pair it with some barely there sandals like those two gals. How cute are those floral prints?! I seriously can't believe it's Victoria's Secret.

tie-dye pencil pant, $49.50

These are a really great knock-off of a pair of J Brand jeans that I LOVE! And why pay almost $200 for something this trendy? Don't do it! And also, don't leave the house wearing a bandeau bra under an open jacket.

boyfriend shirt, $48

I'm sure I've told you about my obsession with my Steven Alan plaid boyfriend shirt. Oh, I haven't? Well, I seriously wear it once a week at least. It's just the easiest thing in my closet to put on. With denim shorts, baggy jeans, with leggings under a blazer...if you don't have a plaid shirt, you gotta get one. If you don't wear it at least once I week, I'll take it off your hands because I could seriously use another one.

hoodie cardi, $39.50

I may already own fourteen cardigans, but I don't have one with a hood! I hafta have it? Right?

cargo jacket, $69.50; racerback scoopneck tank, $29.50

This whole outfit is so effortlessly chic. Isn't that what we all aspire to look like? Besides perhaps being about 5'10" and having clothing fit like this girl, but whatever.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ruthie Sayles Hairpieces

Me in my hairpiece, loyal blog-reader and friend Libby,
and longtime buddy Ashley

I'm in hell. Bangs-growing-out-and-look-awkward-all-the-time hell. Don't get me wrong, I loved my straight-across bangs, but it was time for a change. In the meantime though, they just lie there, limply, with no style whatsoever. Bobby pins are a lifesaver, of course, but they're just boring. Therefore, I've been wearing my Ruthie Sayles hairpiece at least four times a week. I mean, it made an appearance at three different Christmas parties (see above.)

Every girl needs a little hair clippie for growing out bangs like me OR for the day when that one side of your hair just doesn't look right or just cuz you like yourself some bling. And Ruthie's are amazing because they're all completely unique! She scours flea markets and antique stores everywhere she goes to unearth the perfect pieces to craft each one. I've included pics of the little bird cage display that she has in stores as well as some of my favorites. She'll custom make 'em also, and she's a lovely person to boot!

In town, you can get 'em at Emmaline and Fruition. In Louisiana, they're at Grandmother's Buttons, and they are soon to be in Brooklyn as well at catbird. Stay tuned for many more great things to come from this gal.

Sunday, January 10, 2010