Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Perfect Party Polish

Let me tell you. It is a major crap shoot when you get married to get yourself some good in-laws. Thankfully, I have GREAT ones and LOTS of them. Well, my mother-in-law outdid herself for Christmas this year by buying me the *BEST* nail polish. One of the colors she got me would literally be the perfect color for your New Year's party. It says, "I'm kinda metallic, so I'm ready to party, but I'm grey too, so I can have a conversation with you that will knock your socks off." Not only is the color rad, but it has excellent staying-power and literally does go on, like, well "Butter." May I present to you, Butter nail polish in Chimney Sweep. You can thank me later.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Point of Grace Christmas

I know I shouldn't pick favorite clients, I shouldn't. It's probably like picking a favorite child. I can't help it though. I LOVE Point of Grace. And it's not because I wore out their CDs in college; I genuinely LOVE them. We have SO much fun when we get together, and they trust me to make them look good, which counts for a lot. Obviously, they like me too because they asked me to go on the road with them next year as the "Fashion Expert" on their Girls of Grace seminar tour. That should be a good time, so stay tuned for more info on that little venture.

I worked with POG on their last two albums, one of which is their Christmas album, "Home for the Holidays". There's still time to go pick it up to play at your family gathering this year! Check out the cover above, and a lil' video of a couple of the songs you'll find on it. Country Weekly loves the album too! I love the outfits we landed on for the girls in the picture in front of the tree. Since this album is a little bit country, we wanted to maintain a relaxed vibe for them with some warmer tones that weren't overtly Christmas-y, but were still festive. Oh, and there was the whole problem of if we wanted them to be wearing full-out Christmas gear, we did this shoot in July, so that would have been a challenge.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"All I Want for Christmas..."

Well, helloooooo! Turns out that Christmas is just more than a week away. How did this happen? I've barely done ANY shopping. I don't know if you're in the same boat, but I put together a little list that might help you if you're short on ideas. They're just a bunch of fun things that I've seen around that I really love. That's the only theme. Things I love. Merry Christmas! (This page is organized from gal stuff on top to gal/guy in the middle and then guy on the bottom.)

A. Groove Pant, Lulu Lemon, $98. I don't personally own a pair of these, but all my girl friends who do SWEAR BY THEM. Supposedly they last forever, they make your butt look fantastic, and they are comfy as all get-out.
B. Faux Fur Coat, Uniqlo, $79.90. This is a great price for a fun coat. I'm drooling over this.
C. Nail Polish 4-pack, Essie for J. Crew, $20. You cannot lose with nail polish for the modern gal. I love the 4-pack too because the more colors, the MERRIER, right?
D. Ceramic White and Rose Gold Watch, Fossil, $195. If you, like me, got a huge gold watch for Christmas last year, maybe it's time for a big white one this year!
E. Shoulder Bag, Alternative Apparel, $98. I've always been a big fan of Alternative Apparel, so I'm super stoked that they are starting to produce accessories like this canvas shoulder bag. I bet I could pack that thing full of all kinds of snacks.
F. Blingy Mouse, BCBG, $18. When I sit down to do invoicing, I'm pretty sure it would be a lot more fun if I had this mouse.
G. Winter Texture Platter, West Elm, $49. How fun would a huge batch of peppermint bark look on this plate? VERY. That's how fun.
H. Lumi Candleholders, CB2, $1.95-$3.95. CB2 is FULL of great gifts. Mom, are you reading this? That's Got it?
I. Rough Crystal Station Ring, Low Luv x Erin Wasson, $53. I am obsessed with Low Luv jewelry. This little guy would be fan-freaking-tastic mixed with a big-as-your-head cocktail ring.
J. Penguin Classic Novels, Amazon, $13. Any of these books, such as Sense and Sensibility or Great Expectations, would look great on any man or woman's shelf. Penguin has re-released them with beautiful, arty spines and covers.
K. Scout Roll-up Travel Kit, Alternative Apparel, $82. This is the kind of thing that a guy is never gonna buy for himself, but he would surely love to get. Again, Alternative Apparel, coming in strong with another item on the list. This would also be great monogrammed, wouldn't it?
L. John Derian Paperweight, J. Crew, $30. This would be a good gift for the business man dad or husband. Or, maybe your cousin who lives in New York.
M. Retro USB Turntable, Urban Outfitters, $128. Even if you don't listen to LPs, this record player has an iPod attachment, so you can still look super cool with it sitting in the cabinet.
N. Watch, Converse, $79. There are not enough words for how cool this watch is. It's gonna take a certain dude to wear it, but watch out if you have one.
O. Highlands Botas, TOMS, $79. These look a little more winter-resistant than the old TOMS-standby, huh?
P. Surf Documentary Scratching The Surface, $29.95. I recently took a trip to Costa Rica to learn to surf. The place I stayed had TVs in the common area running surfing 24/7. The surfing on TV mesmerized the guys who were with us, my husband being one, like NFL football. You really can't turn away because what they are doing is so dang awesome. This doc follows surfer Julian Wilson to such places as Bali, France, and South Africa.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Steel Magnolia "Last Night Again"

Alright people. It's the new video from Steel Magnolia. I love it. I think it is just the cutest thing ever. I did the band's wardrobe, and Carrie did the wardrobe of the extra's, who are all supposed to be in a modern-day version of "Grease." We wanted an "homage" to "Grease" without going all-out period costumes. What do y'all think? I'll put the YouTube clip below the video that the middle-section of "Last Night Again" was based on. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that this video was challenging because, ummm, I've never seen "Grease." Well, I've now seen this YouTube clip about a dozen times. Gotta count for something, right?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Behind-the-Scenes of "Last Night Again"

My first video with Peter Zavadil and my first time to ever watch "Grease"* for my profession culminate on Wednesday with the release of Steel Magnolia's new video. Until then, here's some behind-the-scenes on

*I didn't actually watch the whole movie. Hee, hee.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dude Outfit of the Month: By Justin

I've said this so many times before. When you're a stylist who is self-employed, your "co-workers" and those you discuss random things like the Kardashians with are the people who work at the stores you frequent. With today's guest blogger, Justin Holbrook, the topics can range from the Republican Senate ticket to Justin Bieber. Justin (Holbrook, not Bieber) is one of my faves. He works out at Belk, and is pretty much the only good thing about driving to Cool Springs on many of my days. He kindly wrote today's blog, your Dude Outfit of the Month, chock full of tips that only a dude could provide.

My style can always vacillate between Nantucket Chic and True, Southern Fratastic. Regardless, it's always fun to prep out a bit here and there, and that look never really goes out of style. My wardrobe is pretty basic with many universal pieces and a little strategic fun thrown in. It's true I love to spend the most on items I'm going to reach for more frequently. I feel you should spend your money on good shoes, belts, ties, sunglasses, and watches... by the time you've worn them out, it becomes pennies per wear. Having said that, it's still possible to look good and not break the bank doing so.

A. Non-Iron Ainsley Collar Dress Shirt, Brooks Brothers, 3 for $199. Let's start with a great non-iron dress shirt. I love the Brooks Brothers all-cotton version. The preppy classic brand now offers an updated Extra-Slim Fit which will give you a trimmer silhouette right off the rack. Pull it out of the dryer and go. (Money saved on dry cleaning can go to a few extra brews at your favorite watering hole.) The shirts come in a multitude of colors and three different collar options. I especially love a light blue Ainsley Collar button-up. Right now they're three for $199, too, so stock up!

B. Monogram Dress Pant, Banana Republic, $155. Next, a good wool dress pant that also resists wrinkles. When you want something that lasts wear after wear and is pretty timeless, Banana Republic's Monogram dress pant is what you need. This wool/spandex version is trend-right without being too trendy--the back pocket flaps are an awesome addition. Pair the black/charcoal detailed pant with basically any color Non-Iron, but especially our light blue favorite.

C. McCormack Knit Tie, J. Crew, $69.50. A man's greatest chance to accessorize: the necktie. I've always loved J Crew for a fun variety of neckwear at a terribly reasonable price. Let's face it, they're the best at bowties, too! For our current look, though, let's do an iconic knit tie in a skinny navy cashmere blend. I just ordered this tie last week and it can literally go with at least twelve different shirts in my closet! Besides, knit ties just look cooler!

D. Magnanni "Basilio" Apron Toe Oxford, Nordstrom, $295. Now for footwear. I'm sure we don't have to remind you that your belt must always match your shoes. Guys also need to ditch the clunky square-toed shoes for a more updated slimmer, round-toed version. Nothing is as important as a good pair of dress shoes. The right ones might cost a little more, but with proper care and maintenance, they'll last an age. With our charcoal pants, I love the way these leather oxfords look. The burnished effect makes them look quite rich, and the brand has been producing high-quality leather shoes for years while consistently garnering rave customer reviews.

E. Eleven Eleven Aluminum Watch, Neiman Marcus, $295. You might not think this bright blue patent leather watch really works with our uber-buttoned up look, but that's part of the fun. These watches go from suit and tie to jeans and a T-shirt in seconds flat and they're incredibly comfortable and lightweight. You can also change out the bands if you're so creatively inclined. It's a little unexpected whimsy in just the right spot and sometimes that is exactly what separates the fashionable from the rest of the world.

Put it all together and I guarantee people will notice your new style upgrade. Don't be afraid to reach for a cozy cardigan on a chilly Fall day to take the look to an even higher level of prep!

Thanks for reading, guys! And go visit Justin at Belk! xo-Amber

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

American Country Awards 2010

The inaugural American Country Awards were held last Monday night in Vegas. So for Steel Magnolia's red carpet look, we wanted to go a little more, well, VEGAS BABY. We aimed for a little more glitz and glamour for this more laid-back Awards show.

All photos courtesy of

Meghan is wearing:
Dress by Rachel Gilbert
Earrings by Diana Warner
Clutch by Swarovski
Ring by Swarovski Crystallized
Shoes by L.A.M.B.

Josh is wearing:
Jacket by Versace
Shirt by Theory
Vest by Topman
And everything else is his own

Monday, December 6, 2010

Scarf Ambush Part 2

Marketing genius on our part. Google "Scarf Ambush" (cuz I mean, people are always googling that) and this video comes up. Wow. Somebody was thinking.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Amber Lehman Styling's Fall/Winter Must-Haves for Dudes

It's that time of year again--time for the Dude Fall/Winter Must-haves! Listen up, ladies--these are also great gifts for your boy, so keep reading!

A. fashionABLE Scarf, Etanesh on, $24. If you read this blog at all, you know I spend a lot of time working with Mocha Club on their new venture, fashionABLE. It's hard to pick a favorite scarf, but if I had to pick a "most versatile" scarf in the line, it would be this one. It's stretchy, has great texture, and works really well for guys.
B. Esquire's Big Black Book,, $14.88. This book is a MUST OWN for all men. It has tons of tips for outfits, answers to questions like "What color shoe do I wear with a navy suit?" and "What constitutes black tie attire?"
C. Shawl Collar Cardigan, Topman, $108. A lot of you probably already own cardigans, but I love this more grandpa-ish/Mr. Rogers spin on it with the shawl collar. A grey or black one would be really versatile over all those plaid shirts you probably own, but I think this rust color feels a little more special.
Whiskey Cocktail Book, Barnes and Noble, $5.99. It seems lately that the hot ticket in all the towns I've been visiting are throwback hang-outs like The Patterson House or cool whiskey bars. Wanna have some people over and just stay in for the wintery night? Brush up on your adult-beverage-making skills with a mini-bar book like this one.
Utility Bag, A. Kurtz, $68. If you are a guy in Nashville, there's a higher-than-average chance that you are self-employed or at the least, aren't hanging in a cubicle that often. Thus, you are hauling around your MacBook and making the rounds at a few coffee shops takin' care of bizness. Might as well be carrying your gear in style in a cool utility bag like this one from A. Kurtz. Not in Nashville? You've still got stuff to carry, right? So get a cool man-bag.
F. Wingtip Boot, Urban Outfitters, $78. I think this boot mixes so well with all the American Heritage styles that are re-surfacing. Translation: that old school J. Crew/Ralph Lauren look.
G. Chunky Fisherman Sweater, BDG, $73.50. A chunky sweater is a must for very chilly winter days. Get one or two in neutral colors and just like the cardigan, layer it on top of all your plaid and checked shirts that you wore out earlier in the year.
H. Red and Black Plaid Shirt, Penguin, $79. You could go all out and get the lumberjack plaid that your dad probably has in his closet or you could get a more modern version like this one from Penguin. There are lots of iterations out there and red looks good on everyone.
I. Classic Watch, Timex, $29.99. Every guy needs a good watch and the one that is on my radar this season is one in a classic shape that will literally last for years.
J. Versatile Worn-In-Looking Tee, J. Crew, $36. Put it under the cardigan, jacket, shirt, sweater...couldn't be easier. Your undershirt should also be cool.
K. Fair Isle Accessories, Hat $34 and Gloves $18 both Urban Outfitters. So "Fair Isle" is actually located in an archipelago just north of Scotland. The eponymous sweater originated here and has been around for hundreds of years. Talk about fashion being cyclical, huh? I wouldn't object to any guy getting a sweater or cardigan with this classic pattern, but for most of you, it's probably safer to stick to accessories like these.
L. Tweed Jacket, ASOS, $89.65.
I love mixing patterns and textures in the winter. This tweed jacket would look great over a dark plaid, a black velvet vest, or again, over your easy, versatile tee.
M. Dark Wash Slim Fit Denim, Levi's 511, $98.
I'm a big fan of the Levi's 511. It's not too skinny for the average Joe, it makes almost every guy look slimmer and taller, and the leg opening will still fit over all your boots. Oh, and it's great for cuffing! If you don't have a super-dark wash pair of denim like this, you need to stop reading right now and go buy some.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Scarf Ambush Part 1

I "ambush" Mocha Club staffers and show them that there's a fashionABLE scarf for every outfit. Pretty fun.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amber Lehman Styling's Fall/Winter Must-Haves for Gals

Just in time for your BLACK FRIDAY shopping is the Amber Lehman Styling list of Fall and Winter Must-Haves. These are mine, obviously. Well, what are yours? What is one thing you are determined to get this year?

A. Navajo accessories, bucket bag Topshop $110 and earrings Noir jewelry $51.20. I've written an entire blog post dedicated to Navajo accessories. I love them. Upon finding out we were going to Phoenix for family vacay, my first exclamation was, "There's turquoise there!" And how delightfully 80s is that bag? It'll be perfect with turquoise.
B. Red lipstick, Russian Red by MAC, $14.50. I've only recently gotten brave enough to wear red lipstick. I get way more compliments when I do than when I don't. Who knew? It'll brighten up even the pastiest winter skin, and Russian Red is a makeup artist's fave.
C. Tall socks under boots, Free People, $28. Pretty self-explanatory, huh? Get yourself some thigh-high socks, scrunch 'em up and let 'em hang out of your boots. Wear over tights or leggings with skirts and dresses.
D. Long knuckle ring, House of Harlowe, $65. Horizontal knuckle rings have been very in vogue and now vertical knuckle rings are. Get a wide one and a tall one and double them up for massive impact.
E. Vintagey old-school cardigan, Madewell, $78. Must look as grandpa as possible. Oversized is good too. (This is easily thrifted if you have the time.)
F. FashionABLE scarf, Bezuayhu on, $22. Y'all know I love these, I help design and style them, and we've made SURE they're super soft and comf. Yes, comf. Short for comfy. Know what else? You're helping provide a job for a woman who doesn't have one with your purchase.
G. Chocolate brown nail polish, Little Brown Dress by Essie, $8. I'm predicting chocolate brown is the next "You Don't know Jacques."
H. Oversized boyfriend coat, Topshop, $170. Wanna update your coat selection? Oversized and man-ish is the way to go. You can hide the extra holiday "fluff" underneath.
I. High-rise skinny jeans, Madewell, $98. Tuck your shirt in, belt 'em, and wear with oxfords or tuck into granny boots.
J. Fitted long-sleeve maxi dress, T by Alexander Wang, $145. This is one of my faves! Put a faux fur vest over this, wear with long layered necklaces, lace-up boots and let your socks shine free.
K. Wide-brim fedora, BCBG, $48. An updated version of what has become a staple for many gals, who maybe like me, sometimes neglect to wash our hair regularly.
L. Lace-up granny boots, Aldo, $120. Maybe the most versatile boot you'll buy this year. Wear with short socks and a dress or tuck your jeans into them. Perfect!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guys Wear Scarves Too

I did another video to show that even guys can wear scarves. Chances are, if you read this blog, you already know that guys wear scarves, BBUUUUTTTT some people don't. So that cute little video featuring my friend Jeremy Cowart is below.

More exciting though is that tomorrow on, all the scarves will be BUY ONE GET ONE FREE for 3 hours. Here are the details: From 10AM to 1PM CST Monday, November 22; all scarves are part of the offer; in the shopping bag, click "add coupon" and enter the code "GETONEFREE".

Check them out--I'm telling you, they are the perfect Christmas gift for family members, work colleagues, anyone! And I'm pretty darn excited about the winter line. There's an absolutely AWESOME soft, grey scarf that really does work for GUYS AND GIRLS and a purple one with some interesting stripes and colors that I'm really proud of. These scarves are really beautiful and everyone will love receiving a gift that gives back.

These are the new scarves: the purple-striped, super-soft grey,
and olive green

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FashionABLE Scarves

Here's me and the most stylish girl in Addis

A lot of you probably know this already, but last month, I went to Ethiopia on a fact-finding/scouting/get-it-done trip with Mocha Club, all to help launch their line of scarves, fashionABLE. I don't know exactly what my role is, maybe just fashion mentor is a good word for it. I've been doing styling for quite a few years now, and have my finger on the pulse of what's cool, I guess. That's what they tell me anyway :-).

I'm so excited to be part of this venture. I love Africa, and I've been a big supporter of Mocha Club's work for a few years. Working in fashion and music is hard and draining, and can feel very superficial at times. Serving in a way like this is completely life-giving and gets me out of the tunnel vision that I often have with my job.

Here's the short of fashionABLE: your purchase of a fashionABLE scarf creates sustainable business for women in Africa. The women who are making the scarves, tagging them, ironing them and shipping them to the US are former prostitutes who now have a job and a meaningful way of life, hence the ABLE part of "fashionable." These women are now ABLE to have a choice, to have a new life. I hope all of you will buy at least one for someone for Christmas!! And one for you!! I've done a couple videos for the site, and I've put the first one below. If you're interested in styling your scarf, I'm here to show you how. Live FashionABLE!!!

A stack hot-off-the-presses (or looms)

Please ignore the compulsive blinking and poor non-regional diction :-)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

CMA Awards 2010 Rundown

It's been a BUSY few weeks. Especially last week, CMA Awards Week. It's not quite to the level of Rachel Zoe craziness, but it's about as close as we get here in Nashville. As I'm finally breathing here on Saturday morning post-Awards, I thought I would give you my round-up of who we dressed and what they wore. We worked with several clients for the parties and activities, but Steel Magnolia was my group who walked the carpet. What do you think? You guys like her gown? It's the first time we've done color on her for a big red carpet. I'd love to hear your critiques!

Josh and Meghan on the CMA Awards Black Carpet

Josh: Vest and Pants--Dolce & Gabbana
Shoes--Boss Orange from Posh
Shirt--Diesel Black Gold
Jacket--Ted Baker

Meghan: Gown--Gustavo Cadile
Earrings and Bangles--Everlon

Josh and Meghan on the BMI Awards Red Carpet

Josh: Diesel Black Gold and Ben Sherman

Meghan: Dress--Rachel Gilbert
Shoes--Sam Edelman
Earrings--Kara Ross NYC

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Country Strong"

It's a pretty exciting day when there's a movie shooting in Nashville. It's an even better day when you get the phone call to come style the movie poster with Mark Seliger, one of the most well-known photogs in the world. Granted, my "styling" of the poster amounted to me running back and forth to the movie trailer to get the right outfits, and then, the pics are nowhere to actually be found on the poster. Oh well, I had a really nice convo with Leighton Meester, and somehow managed to remain semi-cool despite how nervous I was. I will say, her hair is in fact that shiny in person. And she is very cool.

Fast forward to last night, and we got to pick a little get-up for Steel Magnolia for the red carpet at the premiere. Meg is wearing a super-cute dress by Ani Lee, and earrings by Madewell.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meghan Linsey--Style Bistro Best Dressed

It's always fun when someone a stylist works with gets recognized for being best the yearbook "superlatives" minus the cattiness and drama of high school :-).

This week, Meghan Linsey of Steel Magnolia, was chosen as one of Style Bistro's top 15 Best Dressed Country Stars. And oh, just wait. Her CMA dress is even better...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nashville Gifts and Accessories Show

Hey Nashvillians! Wanted to put something on your radar that I'm excited about. You all know I love Mocha Club, I went to Ethi0pia last month with them, even. So I'm super-dee-duper excited about a fun event to benefit MC this week. There is a gifts and accessories show being put on by in the 12South area at Two Moon Gallery beside Burger Up on Thursday. It's $5 entrance at the door to take part with all proceeds going to Mocha Club. See the info below. Hope to see ya there!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jewelmint--Mail-Order Jewelry!

Sometimes my lovely assistant Carrie likes to keep good secrets from me, like who's pregnant, what someone's gonna name their baby, how her child is so darn cute. Things like that.

It's not too often though that she keeps fashion secrets from me. Until Friday when she spilled the beans about Kate Bosworth's fab customized jewelry mail-order site, Jewelmint. The scoop is that you take a style quiz, and every month Jewelmint (designed by Kate and her stylist) sends you a few selections that complement your personal preferences. You then choose and it arrives to your mailbox with free shipping for like $29 a month.

Sounds fun, huh? Way better than a jelly of the month club*.

Sidenote: Did Kate Bosworth's acting career peak with Blue Crush?
*National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation joke

Sunday, October 24, 2010

On My Radar: Cute Puffy Coats

Puffy Coat. Puffy. Hmmmm, that couldn't sound much more unflattering, could it? Fat Coat. Maybe that's worse, but that's about it. If the thought of buying a puffy coat immediately makes you think diet, well, I've found you some options that have cute waists, and won't make you look like the Michelin Man. There are some occasions where a coat has to be functional and not just cute, i.e. shoots in the freezing cold outside all day, trips to Chicago in mid-winter, Titans games in get my drift. If you feel the same, check out these cute puffy coats on my radar this month.

Long Meribel puffer, $198.40, J. Crew
And it has a hood!

Long belted puffer coat, $128, Gap
I just bought this one from the Gap with my ungodly amount of store credit. I haven't given it a try in frigid weather, but I'll let ya know how it goes.

We The Free Down Puffer jacket, $298, Free People
The elastic detail at the waist will keep you looking like a girl
underneath all that down.

Puffa Parka, $550, Rebecca Taylor
Not many of us are in the market for a 550-dollar puffy coat, but it's oh-so-dreamy isn't it? I love the print!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dude Outfit of the Month: Maine Man

I just got back from Maine where we shot a Kenny Chesney video that will be released, oh, I'm really not sure. But needless to say, it's set in coastal Maine, and I GOT TO GO (squeal!!) Maine was SO beautiful--the leaves were changing, the temps were brisk, and the sun was shining. It was heavenly minus the 16-hour work days...buuuuuutttt, it was all totally worth it!

While I was there, I was inspired to work on our dude outfit of the month. The outfit is a little bit Maine-outdoorsy with the cords and plaid, and a little bit hipster with the shoes and cardigan. It's a hip Maine-ster.

This is part of a fishing village where we shot.

This lighthouse look familiar? Forrest Gump ended on the East Coast here.

A. Steve Madden Peroni Boot, $59. SUCH a versatile shoe. Is it a boot? Is it a shoe? Who knows. Is it awesome? Yes.
B. Timex watch, $35. Classic watches like this never go out of style.
C. J. Crew vintage flannel shirt, $69.50. I can't get enough of J. Crew right now.
D. BDG corduroys, $39. Cannot beat Urban Outfitters' prices for bottoms with a stick.
E. Nixon Fletcher hat, $40. I love this hat. It goes with our hip outdoorsy combo and transitions to your dirty v-neck and denim jacket easily.
F. L.L. Bean Cashmere shawl-collar Cardigan, $92.50. Look for this cardigan to make an encore appearance in our Fall Must-haves.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Brett Eldredge--"Raymond"

Sorry guys. I'm still alive. I haven't blogged this week because I've been so busy with the artist whose video you're about to see below. His name is Brett Eldredge, and he is handsome, tall, and has a baritone voice that'll make you quake at the knees. I'm gonna give you fair warning abou this video we did a few months ago with Shaun Silva--there's a 50/50 chance you'll cry when you watch the video. You guys have a good weekend! Got lots of exciting blogging coming your way!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Joanna Smith--"Gettin' Married"

I feel so blessed to do what I do...*most* of the time. Like every job, styling has its good days and bad. But I'll tell ya one thing, when I get to work with Joanna Smith, it's ALWAYS a good day. Here's her first video for her single "Gettin' Married". Gals, this will start your Friday off right--this is a hilarious song we can ALL identify with.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Just By Being You" Featured in Country Weekly

It's always fun when you get a magazine mention, so I wanted to share a recent feature in Country Weekly for the Steel Magnolia video for "Just By Being You." Especially exciting is the pic of the front of Meg's "dream dress", which became an obsession. It was a fun one, that's for sure!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Amber and Ash--Part 4

Welcome to the return of the Amber & Ash Fashion | Home series! We are so excited about this one. Amber is designing an outfit inspired by Serena van der Woodsen, and a super glamorous bedroom! I am going to design a bachelor pad for none other than Zac Efron! For those of you who follow my blog, you have seen my “Not Your Average Bachelor Pad” series. That is a real life bachelor renovation, but for the fictional one, we will look at Zac. I asked Amber to describe his style in a few sentences. Here is what she had to say: “The difference in Zac, and say, Justin Timberlake, is that Justin might wear high-tops with his shirt and tie, whereas Zac would just go straight Old Hollywood with it. Zac's hair might always be the trendiest part about him. He always wears things extremely tailored, his suits really skinny, and he just, in general, always looks GQ. Even on the street, he's very put together and fashionable, but not in an in your face way. And of course, he's just handsome as all get out....” Let’s get on with it!

A. Crate and Barrel - Domino 3 Piece Sectional ($3,999). I think a sectional is a perfect fit for a bachelor pad! It is great for friends crashing at your place, playing Halo (which i know nothing about but have several friends married to Halo enthusiasts!), watching reruns of 30 Rock, or just having cocktails with friends. This color is neutral, yet cool. It is not too light and not too dark, and flexible as all get out.

B. Room and Board - Light Brown Cowhide Rug ($399). Cowhide rugs are one of my favorite things! They infuse a little humor into the space, and just tend to lighten up the mood! I have a dark brown and white one in my living room and love it to death! Room and Board has great ones, and if you are ever out West, you can sometimes find them being sold on the side of the road!

C. Design Within Reach - Arco Floor Lamp ($2,696). I love this floor lamp. Sometimes, rooms can feel like the end tables are taking over. If that is the case, get rid of one, and use a floor lamp! I love how this one would drape over the sofa. If this price is out of your budget (definitely is for me!!), then shop around because there are lots of great resources for cheaper ones.

D. Target - Manhattan Room Divider ($199). I love this divider! Because, in my mind, Zac’s bachelor pad is a studio, then you would need a couple of these to break up the spaces. It is so cheap!!! The look is so simple, though, that you can pull it off next to a really expensive sofa. Love it. If you need bookshelves, you could just push it against the wall.

E. Z Gallerie - Marilyn Monroe Print ($89). Is there anyone more Old Hollywood than Marilyn?? She’s so timeless and beautiful. I imagine that Zac has a special place in his heart for her kind of beauty. This print is great. Always remember Z Gallerie when looking for some stock prints that still have style.

F. ZGallerie - Andy Warhol Print ($39). I love Andy!!! This speaks for itself (literally), and gives a pop of color to a really neutral room.

G. Z Gallerie - Aero Side Chair ($149). Every apartment or flat or studio is going to need a small dining area- even if this is just for 2 people. I selected this chair because of its simplicity. It is perfectly tailored, just like Zac’s suits!

H. Z Gallerie- Ava Dining Table ($269). What a great little table! It is perfect for a simple chair like the Aero! I love glass tops, and once again, Z Gallerie knocks it out of the park with this one!

I. Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker (around $100). This is great for someone who lives alone! I have a friend with one of these, and they are so much fun to use! Shop around, because they vary in price depending on where you buy it. I am such a coffee lover, that I cannot imagine living living without one. (Side story- after Hurricane Katrina, I would plug mine into the generator every morning just because I love it THAT much!)

J. Williams Sonoma - Monogrammed Bar Tool Set ($29). This is such a beautiful set of bar tools for such a great price! I would suggest this as a gift for just about any guy in your life! I got my dad the monogrammed shaker from W.S. one year for Christmas, and the quality is great!

K. Zagat Guides (around $20). If I were designing a space for Zac, I would stock it full of Zagat guides! I would get as many different ones as I could find and stack them in that Manhattan divider! These guides are so useful, and being a Hollywood jet-setter, you’re going to be eating in new cities all the time!

L. Z Gallerie - Alto Bed ($699). This is our bed! I love it so much that I wanted to get one for Zac. Our previous house had a very small bedroom and there was no room for end tables. I always used the little ledge to sit my phone, a book, and a glass of water! This bed is so clean and pretty, and really a great price compared to other platform beds from furniture stores. I highly recommend it!

M. Powermat ($99) - I consulted Jared, one of our bachelor friends, to get his take on cool gadgets that guys love/want. He said that these are great! I do not have one, but Jared has good taste :) It is such a great way to charge stuff without all the annoying cords!

N. Apple TV ($149) - Another Jared suggestion! I really am impressed with all things Apple, and this is no exception. Does anyone have Apple TV? Let us know what you think, if so!

O. Crate and Barrel - Troy Chair ($589). How great is this chair?? Club chairs are always pricier than I am expecting, so just go with one that is neutral and amazing. You can dress it up or add color with a pillow or a throw, but keep the chair simple unless you are ready to commit to a color. They are usually more than the sofa if you get a pair! This one gets great reviews and comes in fabulous “neutrals.” I have a broad range of colors that I call neutral. We will push the limits for Zac, and call this “mango” color a neutral. Why not??

I hope you have enjoyed this! I sure have! Designing for men is just like women in that they have their own styles. Some are picky, some are not. Some like clean and refined, and some could not give a rip! I have really enjoyed working on “Not Your Average Bachelor Pad” as well as Zac’s bachelor pad! Leave a comment if you have questions. And please visit my blog to check out what Amber's written on a glam outfit inspired by another young actor in Hollywood, Blake Lively, aka Serena van der Woodsen!

Until next time...much love! ~Ash

*Seriously guys! I know there are a few of you out there! Ash is really great at responding to questions, so please leave them if you have any at all! Paint colors? Furniture? Whatever! ~Amber

Thursday, September 16, 2010

On My Radar: Russian Fur Hats

Rabbit Fur Russian Trapper Hat. LotusvintageNYC on for $32

I'm excited for Fall. I love it. Absolutely cannot get enough of it. One thing I don't love? The impending winter. I'm awful at being cold. And I'm cold a lot. My grandma says I don't have enough "padding" on my bones. (Umm, thanks?) She may be right, but padding or not, one thing that'll keep me warm as the temps continue to drop is a Russian Trapper Hat. Jeer at me if you want, but I'm getting one. Fur is gonna be big for Fall this year. You might go faux fur jacket, well, I'm going big all right. With a huge Russian hat.

Fantasy Fur Cossack Hat, for $30.33

Adrienne Landau Fur Trapper Hat, for $438

Monday, September 13, 2010

As Seen On AshInteriors.Net!--Room to Outfit 3

This week is the fourth installment of the Amber & Ash Fashion | Home Series. Yay! I'm having so much fun working on this with Ash, and I've missed it over the last month. To get you excited for our next post, here's the most recent installment, Outfit 3, as seen on Ash Interiors. It's perfect for the little cool snap outside. I'm so excited about Fall! How 'bout you?!

Doesn’t it feel like in those woodsy brown bowls you should be sitting down to eat some piping hot beef stew? The person who owns this dining room would probably invite us right in. This space just exudes approachability and comfort! Any eat-in area where chairs are replaced by couches is somewhere you could definitely kick back and stay a while. There are tons of natural, earthy elements in this room that make it so cozy and casual—wood trim and beams, those wooden bowls on the table, a very well-loved-looking tablecloth, antique chairs, even daisies!! Daisies have to be the ultimate in unpretentious flowers! Even Kathleen (Meg Ryan) on You’ve Got Mail thinks that daisies are the “friendliest flowers.” I have to agree. This room might be the friendliest dining room ever!

Because this room is so “friendly” and comfortable, I built an outfit you can get cozy in—soft layers, easy jewelry and laid-back elements. This outfit is not trying too hard but still looks put together; it’s an outfit where you can simultaneously look like the coolest girl in the room but also someone people wanna have fun with. I can think of only one celebrity whom these sentences perfectly describe. It’s the All-American girl who we all say would DEFINITELY be our BFF if only she knew us, Jennifer Aniston. Jen manages to always look like a star, while also making you think she’d definitely tell you she liked your shoes if she ran into you at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. She’s into a fairly muted palette, like this dining room, and most likely, she owns a closet full of jeans and belts, all matched up with simple accessories. Jen lives in LA, so she can wear these layers now. But, gosh! I wish it were Fall already here so I could put together this cozy, laid-back, Jen-inspired outfit. Bring on the cooler temperatures and Room-to-Outfit transformation 3!

A. American Eagle Boyfriend Plaid Shirt. $39.50. Something about this room feels like it could be out in the country. Maybe it’s those beams that scream “I’m someone’s country home!” (That’s what we’re gonna pretend, anyway.) Well, if you’re going to you’re country home, then you’re wearing plaid for sure. A plaid shirt is the ultimate in laid-back, weekend chic. American Eagle actually does some nice plaid shirts, and fortunately they put that annoying little eagle logo down at the bottom so no one has to know that you’ve been shopping at teeny-bopper stores.

B. Gap Studded Braided Belt. $29.50. Gap has always been known for its jeans. What’s the ultimate jean accessory? A belt. I’ve recently come back around to the belt-with-jeans world myself. Since starting to tuck things into my jeans after about a 5-year tucking hiatus, I have had to update my outdated belt collection. I’ve found that Gap has a GREAT selection of them in the Jen Aniston range. Translation: nothing too flashy, but very cute and functional. I have a lot of leather in this outfit to sort of play off all that dark wood in this room, and this belt is one piece.

C. American Apparel El Salvador Lace Tee. $38. This room has a palette that remains pretty simple, but it has such wonderful texture. To mimic the tablecloth, I included this lace tee as a layering piece to bring some texture to the outfit. You’ll just leave the plaid shirt open over this little tee and a camisole, since it is sheer after all. American Apparel, for all their seedy advertisements, really has some great basics, this season in particular. I love this lace tee because it so easily stands on its own and is so versatile. Buy it, and I promise, it’ll become your go-to for any occasion.

D. Tocca Solid Perfume in Stella. $30. My absolute favorite candle BY FAR ever, is the Tocca candle in Stella. Stella is a sexy combination of blood orange, sandalwood, musk, and white freesia, and when it is applied from a solid perfume, it is completely warmed up by your body’s temperature. Solid perfumes tend to be less overpowering than sprays, and they’re so easy to throw in your makeup bag and right into your purse! (Oh, and they make it through airport security!) Tocca Stella is the ultimate laid-back perfume.

E. Kyler by Joy O Minimal Hammered Bangle Set. $128. I ran across these bangles in InStyle magazine a couple months back. Here are the words describing this set from the Kyler website: “Handformed and handforged, decidedly easy and effortlessly chic, this bangle bracelet set is organic and harmonious.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, really. They’re kind of like our room, “organic and harmonious.” I just love the motto of the company too, where they make sustainability their #1 priority. For a product that is this beautiful, that is simply amazing. These bracelets are all made of recycled precious metals; they really are something you could pass on for generations.

F. Kettle Black Triple Wrap Bracelet. $60. Leather is to this outfit as all the wood is to this room. This bracelet is the perfect vehicle for bringing in some laid-back bling to our plaid-and-jeans combo.

G. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses. $139. These sunglasses might actually be the ultimate Jen Aniston accessory. Nearly every face shape can wear them, and well, you just look cool wearing aviators. That’s all there is to it.

H. Lucky Brand Happy Trails Solid Messenger Bag. $119. I love Lucky Brand handbags, and this one is so utterly unpretentious. I would throw this baby across my body on my way out to the Farmer’s Market…to buy a bushel full of vegetables for our beef stew, of course. I chose this bag to match the room because a messenger bag is the utmost in functionality while maintaining style.

I. Current/Elliott The Roller Jeans. $216. For the ultimate in laid-back, we gotta do jeans. Is it really even a question? And not skinny, stiff jeans, but these rolled, more relaxed-fit Current/Elliot’s. My most comfortable jeans by far are my Current/Elliott’s; they felt like they had lived an entire life on their own before I ever even bought them. I know they are pricey, but you will literally want to wear them every single day. For a more budget-minded approach to achieve the same look, however, here’s a great pair from J. Crew. You’re gonna wear these with the cuff at the bottom, slightly shorter to show off those amazing boots! Like Jen!

J. All Saints Amarante Boot. $125. These boots ARE those chairs. Are they not? I love how worn-in looking they are already! They look like they might be the best vintage find of your life, but they’re not—they’re from one of my all-time fave stores—All Saints. I first heard about this store from my friend Caroline who knew an Irish gal who loved the store overseas. All Saints began in the UK, and now is beginning to open outposts in the US! There’s one on Lincoln Rd. in Miami and one in Bloomingdale’s in NYC now, with many more to come. They ship for free to the US too, so check it out for some of the most amazing layering pieces and fantastic leathers!

K. Birch Bark Ring by esdesigns. $55. Etsy is the ultimate flea market and artisan craft fair all rolled into one. I swear I could spend all day on Etsy just exploring. In one of my hour-long “exploring” sessions the other day, I ran across this ring, which I thought was perfect for this outfit. It is the perfect translation of the rough wood floors and the silverware and adheres to the modest, laid-back vibe of the outfit. Jennifer is usually into pretty simple pieces of jewelry, so I think she would love this ring as well.

L. Aveda SPF15 Lip Tint in Peaches. $14. If you’re going to your country house, you probably don’t care too much about putting on a full face of makeup to hang around and relax, so reach for a lip tint. It provides the lightweight moisture that your lips need with a tint of color to wake up your face. You also gotta love Aveda’s all-natural approach to beauty products!

M. Plush Cable-Knit Slouchy Pom-Pam Hat. $53. Being cozy in cool temps calls for a slouchy toboggan hat. I love messy hair hanging from underneath it, all unkempt and air-dried—again, we wanna look cute, but we’re not trying too hard. Just like those couches in the dining room.

N. Luv Aj Fool’s Gold Loop Earrings. $65. One thing I almost always do with a laid-back outfit is to wear at least one piece of unique, but understated jewelry. It really takes even a weekend, errand-running outfit to a whole new level. These earrings are so simple and organic, but they’re still so distinct. I’ve recently fallen in love with Luv Aj. You should definitely go to their site and check out more of their cool pieces.

O. OPI nail polish in Barefoot in Barcelona. $2.55. This color in the Espana collection is a really nice peachy taupe. Since it’s not overly orange and slightly darker than most neutrals, it really will work on almost all skin tones.

Are you ready for fall yet?! I am! I absolutely cannot wait to wear all my boots again and start piling on the layers. So, what do you think? Do you think this outfit matches this cool dining room? Which pieces are your fave? Let us know!