Sunday, December 27, 2009

How-To: Flat Boots for Muscular Legs

Dolce Vita Ella boot, Zappos for $203.68

Yesterday I ventured out into the post-holiday mayhem to do a little shopping with my newest sister-in-law, in town from Boston. She was in need of a few key wardrobe items now that she had a little cash to spend since getting a great engineering job after graduating from Auburn. I thought I would base this how-to on some of the pointers we went over yesterday regarding flat boots.

Pretty much everyone at this point has a pair of them, but if you don't, it may be because you think you can't wear them or are just confused about which ones to get. Sarah Nell hadn't had the time or income to shop, but another of Sarah's challenges is that she is a runner and an athlete, which imparts to her beautiful, muscular legs. What a problem to have, right? There could definitely be worse things than to have gorge, toned legs. If that's your cross to bear, then here are a couple of tips for you.

  1. The best style for you is going to be a sleek, very fitted pair. Probably a good idea to stay away from slouchy boots or bulky styles like motorcycle boots.
  2. No mid-calf styles for you either. With a muscular calf, you want either a bootie that stops at the ankle or a boot that comes all the way up to the knee. A boot that stops half-way will only make your legs look bigger than they are.
  3. A slightly pointed toe is going to be the most flattering. It will provide a more lengthening effect than a round toe and help make your legs look longer and therefore leaner.
  4. If you are going to wear tights, then the most slimming combination is to match the color or keep them in the same tonal family as the boot. In other words, don't wear black tights with grey boots. Not a complete no-no, but also, not the best.
Here are a few of the styles that I bookmarked for Sarah Nell. I really think that the skinny jeans or leggings/flat boot combination is gonna be around for a while longer so, if you haven't bought your pair yet, maybe it's time.

Sweet Life by Dolce Vita Equestrian Boot, Urban Outfitters for $158

Nine West Fiddle Boot, Zappos for $149.60

Corso Como Milan, Zappos for $289


ashley h said...

i appreciate this post b/c even if you have normal sized calves but very small feet (like my size 5 1/2s), this problem is very real! i have found several brands that will fit over my calves but most do not b/c the foot size is so small. i have bought a pair of jessica simpson cowboy-ish ones that work and a pair of seychelles are my every-day shoe.

Kristi said...

Thanks for posting this and for helping your sis in law. I am sure she was thrilled to have you there. This also applies to those of us with naturally hefty calves (and tragically, not so toned) and small feet. PS. Good to see you and M at said shopping trip.