Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide for Guys

Okay, I'm not a guy. However, I do love sports, red meat, and the Foo Fighters, so I feel like that lends me a bit of credibility in picking good dude presents. I must say though, I do think Megan Fox is a little over-rated, so hopefully that's not a deal-breaker. The first edition of Amber's Holiday Gift Guide for Guys is for that cool guy in your life who's multi-faceted and does more than play video games. So, here....we....go!

Holga starter kit, LOMO for $75

Fancy yourself a photographer? If you're in Nashville, there's a 52% chance that you do. Just kidding, but there are about one zillion photographers here. And any amateur photographer worrth his salt should have a Holga. You know, for those super-artsy shots that are all arbitrarily fuzzy in places but "look really cool." On, where I found this camera, there are tons of other great stocking stuffers (like retro Nintendo controller mints!) and you can get free shipping with the code "reindeer."

Anderson Jacket, D Collection for $128
(Free shipping! Enter "OHJOY" at checkout)

Outerwear this time of year is something I focus on in my styling business. I think it's such a shame to have on a great outfit and then top it off with a real snooze-cruise like a North Face fleece. No offense to North Face's, but outside of The Grove at Ole Miss or scaling a mountain, they should be reserved for grocery runs only. I love this jacket above because it has a bit of military flair, but isn't so trendy that it can't be worn for seasons to come, and lots of dudes can pull this off.

Funnel Neck Shirt, Shades of Greige, $121

Shades of Greige is one of my favorite lines. They make trendy things that are wearable because they add one tiny tweak, like a funnel neck, that make shirts like this one just a tad more special.

Official Match Ball of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Adidas for $150

Ever since traveling to Africa a couple years ago, I've been more aware of the world-wide appeal of, futbol. Now, it's becoming more widespread here in the States as well. I know plenty of guys who are super-into watching games between teams like Arsenal and Manchester United at, like, 2 in the morning. If your guy is one of those, then this football is gonna be the best gift ever. (I guess it better be, since it's gonna set ya back $150, huh?)

Beer Brewing Kit, Brooklyn Brew Shop for $30

Beer Brewing Kit=craft project for guys. And he gets to drink the results. Enough said.

R1G1 watch, Nixon for $170

Any Nixon watch is great. I don't think I've ever seen one I didn't like. And every man should have a nice watch. Even if we all just use our PDA's for the time these days, every guy just looks like he knows WTH is going on when he is wearing a good time piece.

Monogrammed Grill Tools set, Williams Sonoma for $79.95

There's only one Bobby Flay (and P.S. Bobby, if you're reading this, let me help you pick out some shirts that are more flattering. Oh, and I love your restaurants.) If your man is a one-man grilling machine, then he needs some nice tools. You can even have the ones above monogrammed. Awwwww, how sweet. And make it a package deal with this Mad Men apron, that says "I used to be Don Draper, now I'm just an average Dick." Hilarious.

headphones, WeSC for $84.95

There's no better way to liven up a boring ole cubicle than some sweet, multi-colored headphones. There's also nothing that says, "I'm here for a good time on this flight" like multi-colored headphones. Pretty much, there's not a better gift. Unless of course you went all out with the Bose noise-cancellers, which say, "I got bank," cuz those suckers are expensive.

On Rocky Top by Clay Travis, for $21.31

You cringe when you hear the words "Lane" and "Kiffin" in a sentence and UT orange is in your top five list of most obnoxious colors? I get that. So maybe a book about Tennessee football isn't for you. Well, if you're reading this, your man's most likely an SEC fan at least, so how about Clay's other book, which chronicles a season of traveling to SEC football venues--debauchery included--called Dixieland Delight. College football in general, not so much? Maybe this book about the NBA by Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy, is more your speed.

Honorable Mention:
  • This man-purse could not be more handsome. He can take it to work, use it as a carry-on or put his thermos in it to go hunting. Bowery drafting tote from J. Crew.
  • The absolute best faux leather jacket I've ever used on a shoot. (And I've seen a lot of reee-heeeaally crappy ones.)
  • Wiffle ball t-shirt. This site, has so many great, non-cheesy, vintage-inspired t-shirts.
  • Hello, Hurricane by Switchfoot. Enough moody stuff on here to satisfy an emotional guy and enough electric guitar to make him wanna drive really fast.

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