Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide for Gals: My Favorite Things

For all three of the guys that read this blog regularly, I have hand-picked the gifts below, and I would *really* want them all. Therefore, if your significant other is anything like me, and by that I mean has impeccable taste and likes cool stuff (:-), then any of the things below would be GREAT gifts. Now for the 98% of the readers who are girls, hopefully this will help you with ideas for those hard-to-buy-for MIL's, aunts, girl friends, etc. With those disclaimers disclaimed, here goes with part I of the holiday gift guide for people kinda on a budget but also people who have impeccable taste.

Round wooden tray, West Elm for $34.99

I let one of my best friends Ashley, who happens to have "impeccable taste" in interior decorating and design choose this one. Oh, and she's a professional at it. In her words, this tray is "a good modern accent for even a more traditional woman."
UltraHD hand-held camcorder, Flip for $199

Got a future YouTube star on your hands? A mom with kids reciting their alphabet at 16 months that needs proof? This is the perfect gift. Record events, vignettes during travel, 120 minutes of whatever you want with a small, hand-held camera. I would LOVE one of these. I could re-live my days of video-ing myself doing made-up dances to Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation.

Leather jacket, BB Dakota for $209

I don't know a single girl who wouldn't squeal if her hubs or boyfriend got her a leather jacket for Christmas. A leather jacket is something we always want, but we're never gonna buy it for ourselves. This season's version is sleek and tailored like this one by BB Dakota. If you want one that's a little nicer than the above-mentioned budget option, here are two more at a Gold level and Platinum level.

Clean Water for 20 Africans, Mocha Club for $22

I could write an entire blog about how, most likely, none of us really needs another gift. I mean, not like *need*...The twenty Africans who would benefit from this card, now that's *need*. There's tons of other products on the website that also benefit Africans, like this Dave Barnes comedy CD, which I promise is pants-wetting hilarity, and this coffee package. And another quick plea, you should be a member of Mocha Club if you're not already :-).
Three Carats Mini Cheek Stain Set, Tarte for $25

Ooooooh, coooosmeetiiiiiics. Love. I could buy my weight in makeup at Sephora once a week, no lie. But these little cheek stains would be at the very top of the pile. Tarte has an uncanny way of making shades that work on every girl. These stains are perfect on no-makeup days and this size is great to carry in your purse!

Unisex neck warmer, for $39

Okay, I really want one of these. It's the best part of the scarf without all the excess that you really don't know where to wrap. I also like the infinity scarf, which is sorta the same concept, but there are no ends. Here's a good one by my friend Terrah Hamilton and here's another on American Apparel in about one bajillion colors.

Every Occasion Card Kit, Hello! Lucky for $18

Even if your gal isn't a letter-writing kinda lady, at some point or another ALL of us gets in a place where we're running out the door and "forgot the card!" for our gift. This set of multi-occasion cards is perfect to have on hand...and by Hello! Lucky, beautiful crafters of unique, letterpress stationery.
Three-disc necklace, Gorjana for $62

This is one of my new favorite jewelry designers, Gorjana. In Nashville, Emmaline has a lot of their pieces. One of the reasons I love this 18K gold-plated necklace is that it's an everyday necklace that can be layered or worn alone, and it's not gonna change colors. Nobody wants costume jewelry for Christmas that's gonna fall apart after three wears. NOBODY.

Honorable mention:
  • Haven't met a girl who didn't love The Proposal, and the majority of guys like it because they have huge man-crushes on Ryan Reynolds.
  • Classic flannel shirt by Steven Alan that is an absolute MUST for fall fashion. If she's not super-stylish, then she can wear it to work in the yard or to a hot dog roast.
  • I swear to goodness this Jonathan Adler candle smells just like the beach. And who wouldn't want to smell the beach when it's 30 degrees outside and you can't feel your face?
  • Succulents are such an easy plant to keep alive, and they look incredibly architectural and cool on a side table. And it sounds cool--SUCC-U-LENT.
If you are a guy reading this and none of these work for you, I'm happy to take your questions, help you decide or make more suggestions. I'm serious. Leave me a comment or email me, and I'll hook you up. For realz.

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