Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Party Skirt

It's that time of year again. Holiday parties coming at us in rapid-fire fashion until Christmas. Seems like fun, until we realize we have an uphill climb ahead of us to find something to wear for five different events ranging from "smart casual" to "dressy casual" to "cocktail" can get stressful!

I can already foresee how this could potentially play out for me: Very small closet in old house. Packed to the gills with clothes. Blouses falling off the hangers. Realize everything is wrinkled. Trip over shoes that are spilling out from beneath. Get frustrated that everything is so messy. Rue the fact that I don't have a bigger closet. Take a moment to picture myself in one of the closets from MTV Cribs with a chandelier and sofa inside. Come back to reality. Finally find cocktail dress amidst the chaos. Try on. Remember that full-length mirror is broken. Try to stand on toilet to see in bathroom mirror. Slip. Tear dress. Try another dress. Don't feel pretty. Getting hot from trying on stuff. More frustration. Tiny tear in my eye. Throw off next choice. Crumble into a mess on the floor. Resurface from the bedroom wearing Vanderbilt sweatshirt and baggy jeans 30 minutes after cocktail party has begun.

Sound familiar? It's stressful, right? It shouldn't be, but it is. This year, get started early. (Like today!) And try the fun, versatile alternative to the cocktail dress, which I think you'll get a whole lot more use out of in the long run--THE PARTY SKIRT! I've scoured the web for some options that are affordable and easy--all below. I've also got a list of everything else you'll need to complete the look.

Here's your list: 1) A simple black shell (pictured above--or any solid color if you have a black skirt); 2) A great necklace; 3) Some black tights with a subtle pattern for some pizazz; 4) A pair of black booties; and 5) Any of these skirts. Optional: If your skirt is matte, you can top the whole thing off with a jacket like this and be even more perfectly party prepared. Because all of these pieces can be worn over and over more casually, you're gonna save money by not springing for the dress. Check out the Free People skirt below. It's a perfect illustration of how to dress down a fancy skirt. How cute is it with simply a pair of boots and a tee? Perfect for lunch out with the gals or a casual drink at the Patterson House.

Twisted Panel Jersey Skirt, BCBGeneration for $68

Knit Drape Skirt, Silence and Noise for $48

Violet Skirt, BB Dakota for $80

Crosstown Pencil Skirt, Free People for $78

Jewel Belted Skirt, Forever 21 for $36

Sparkle Sequin Skirt, MM Couture by Miss Me for $69


Anonymous said...

I love how descriptive getting dressed is! You're right on the money.

You forgot: "Husband sighing while putting on his 'man uniform' that always looks amazing and saying 'Honey, you look great' but you know full well that he is just saying that to get you to hurry up. How could he possibly think this looks good??"

Elisa Rose said...